Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer is indeed cinematic

After surrvral teasers and gameplay demos, it’s today’s fluffed-up cinematic trailer that finally has me buzzing for ME:A. Yes it’s full of Zimmer-esque musical swells and carefully crafted CG footage, but unlike most other games where I want gameplay footage to sell me on the experience, Mass Effect lives & dies by its characters and the trials they face. So, throwing a Hollywood-sized barrage of quick cuts, one liners and impossible scenarios my way is precisely what I want to see from a Mass Effect trailer.

We’ve known this team is far removed from the events of the prior three games for quite some time now. But for whatever reason, this trailer chooses some lines that stuck out to me & really highlighted what “removed” really means – they have no army, no backup, no council, no known alien allies. They’re truly on their own, which is something Shepard & Co never really were.

I’m sure they’ll make numerous allies through the course of the game, but it’s fun to at least begin this adventure as lost, confused space pals. It’s possible other trailers and/or gameplay made this all clear, but I’ve kinda tried to limit my exposure…

Oh, and this trailer also reminds me how much I loved the ME trilogy, and how the first one (2007) really blended Star Wars & Trek together. By 2009, Abrams’ new Trek film would sorta do the same thing. Today, with three of those Treks and three Effects behind us, Andromeda’s mix of character interaction, development, conversation + high intensity action feels like that Trek/Wars mashup I’ve missed. Intro Darkness & Beyond didn’t quite do it for me.

Aaaanyway – y’all down?

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4 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer is indeed cinematic

  1. I am so down for this! The one thing you can depend on is Bioware creating a great cast of characters. Can’t wait!

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