Spuds MacKenzie debuts, Star Wars gets remastered and Sarah Silverman’s Waiting for Guffman – Jan 27-Feb 2

Can you believe the remastered “special edition” of Star Wars is two decades old? Well, it is! Time to drone on about that, plus talk other notable moments from this week in 1987, 1997 and 2007, such as MST3K moving to sci-fi and the debut of the Sarah Silverman Program.


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22 thoughts on “Spuds MacKenzie debuts, Star Wars gets remastered and Sarah Silverman’s Waiting for Guffman – Jan 27-Feb 2

  1. Pal’s “The War of the Worlds” was sort-of sequelised in a bizarre TV show beginning in 1988, where they dropped the “The”, the fantastic original aliens for the most part (switching to budget-friendly bodysnatchers-style stuff), and the budget. It is bad, boring and poorly made. It also has a cameo from Ann Robinson, who played Sylvia in the ’53 film. It’s sort of fascinating.

  2. My parents took me and my brother to see the Star Wars remastered editions in the cinema. Got to see all three and it was great as I was an 8 year old at the time. This has confused me for years and years because I knew i saw them on TV before I saw them on the big screen and didn’t know how how old they were at the time. Thankfully the older I got and more advanced the Internet became I was happily confirmed to find out that it was a remastered re-release. even though they were pretty much my first real Star Wars experiences, I find the remastered really hard to watch and will always defend the original original trilogy. Han Shoots First.

  3. I got into the Star Wars Trilogy via a friend down the street from me. We both ended up getting the “Half Face” VHS boxsets. And we both ended up seeing the trilogy in the theater the weeks they came out. I had been playing Shadows of the Empire on PC and I owned the Outrider and Dash Rendar toys. It was rumored that the Outrider would appear in the Special Editions, and sure enough you see it leaving Mos Eisley as Kenobi and Luke ride into the town. It’s only for a few seconds but it was cool for the film to acknowledge a videogame (and comic, and novel) on screen in 1997. You guys focused all on the bad elements of the SE. The new Jawa Sandcrawler looks better, and we finally get to see Luke and Biggs reunite on Yavin IV before the battle. If you haven’t recorded the Empire or Jedi episodes yet, please try to mention some positive changes as well. We all agree the ’97 CGI looks like trash.

    1. My brother had those half face VHS sets too, and while those boxes are probably some of my oldest memories (period), I don’t have a specific memory of the first time I actually watched them, but I know it was via those tapes.

  4. I also have great memories of the Star Wars Special Editions. My aunt and uncle took me to a luxury theater to see A New Hope when it released, as the theater was hosting the premiere as a special event. Staff even dressed up as Storm Troopers and other assorted characters from the movie. And I distinctly remember walking out into the lobby after the movie had ended, right in time to see Darth Vader descending a flight of stairs next to the concessions stand. It was quite a formative experience for me, and my aunt still brings that moment up to this day.

  5. My mom won tickets to a premiere screening of each of the Special Editions (she was good at winning radio call-in contests at work). At one of them, I got an exclusive set of Micro-Machines that were supposedly only given away at the premiere and a few other special events. I still have it in the FULL GEM MINT condition; they aren’t that high value on the collectors market, but a lot more than what I would have gotten from playing with the Micro-Machines (which I never cared for as toys or collectibles – they’re just too small).

  6. When Star Wars finally came out on DVD, there were originals released (albeit you had to purchase them separately – not in a trilogy pack), and they are widescreen. I still have them, unopened.

    1. I believe I have the same editions, but just in case, I remember exactly when mine came from.

      Circa 2005 to tie in with Revenge of the Sith, the DVDs I purchased have both the original theatrical and special editions (one per disc), and a demo for Lego Star Wars II if you put the DVD into an original Xbox. They say “limited edition” on them, so who knows how quickly they were gone. I went on with just those versions so I could watch the original films without any extra crap. In 2015 I did finally pick up the original trilogy on blu-ray because it was finally on sale for $30, but I still keep those DVDs on the shelf with it.

  7. I got stuff to say about books again, y’all—this time, in video form! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AdN8XeSlQ8

    Count me also among those who first saw Star Wars when the special editions came out in theaters. My parents took my brother and I to see them. I was 12 at the time. They got me really into Star Wars for about five years, but the prequels squashed my fandom flat and it hasn’t recovered. I still haven’t seen Force Awakens or Rogue One and I’ve never seen the original cuts, and at this point I don’t especially care.

    My favorite Guest mockumentary will always be Best in Show. It was my first and, I think, still the funniest. It was one of the first movies where I had an awareness of, like, this is not a widespread thing, this is something you have to dig for, and it felt like a very personal discovery. To this day when someone brings up nuts I’ll start naming nuts like Harlan Pepper. “Peanut. Hazelnut. Cashew nut. Macadamia nut, that was the one that would send her into, heh heh, goin’ crazy.”

  8. I have never seen the original trilogy on the big screen, much less seen those prequels (ugh). I first watched Star Wars on tv, as the station WPIX would advertise them alot. My family watched it, thought it was neat, but didn’t feel like seeking the VHS tapes. Yeah, the Fox special did ruin my idea of the movies as I wondered why did they bother putting the CGI Monsters.

    I really want to watch Broken Vows. Lana Lang and Tommy Lee Jones. Yows!

  9. My oldest brother (born in ’82) was big into Star Wars, Marvel, and all that good stuff, so we had the VHS tapes of the original movies and I watched them at such an early age that it’s one of those things I don’t have a distinct memory of seeing the first time. As far as my brain can tell me, I have never not seen the originals. I ain’t complaining.

  10. I think I’m the same age as Diana, which means I remember living in a world in which there were only two Star Wars movies, and we never called it “A New Hope” – we called in Star Wars.

    That said, I am not a Star Wars fan. The movies never really spoke to me. But my older brother was a HUGE fan, so perhaps my lack of enthusiasm was a backlash against his love of it. I don’t know. I would have made that decision as a five year old, and we all know that five year olds are terrible at making life decisions. I did get plenty of Star Wars toys as a kid that I liked, because what kid doesn’t like new toys.

    So the one day we were visiting by grandparents in Topeka when out of the blue, my brother and I get dropped off at a movie theater to see the brand new Return of the Jedi. And holy shit did we love it. To this day, Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, and that’s most likely due to that surprise screening. But I don’t really think of it as a Star Wars movie – I think of it as an 80s sci-fi movie, along the lines of Dune, Krull, The Last Starfighter, etc.

    I vividly remember the Special Editions, and they frustrated me to no end. And remember: I AM NOT A STAR WARS FAN, but the disappearance of the original trilogy is truly annoying to me, because I believe in the concept of movies being a historical document. I’m totally okay with the existence of Special Editions or Director’s Cuts, etc., so long as the original is also preserved and available. Blade Runner is a perfect example. You may not like the theatrical cut with voice over, but that is the version I remember growing up with, and I like watching THAT version (to be fair: I think the Final Cut is better, but that’s not the point.)

    PS – I can’t believe you got through all of that Spuds Mackenzie talk without ever mentioning that he was actually a she – they used female dogs exclusively to avoid any pics of dog wang.

  11. There’s an episode of Antiques Roadshow I’ll never forget, where a family brought in this old dresser that looked gorgeous, and they mentioned that when they’d gotten it, it had this horrible coat of ugly (and sticky) red paint, which they’d had removed! And the appraiser promptly informed them that it would’ve been worth upwards of $10,000 if they’d left that paint, and now it was worth a few hundred or something like that. I usually prefer the happy Roadshow stories, but that one was amazing.

  12. Just like Diana, my family had VHS bootleg copies of the original Star Wars Trilogy so that’s how i grew up watching them. When the Special Edition of ‘A New Hope’ was released in theaters my mom took me and my sisters out of school to watch it.

  13. I was a HS senior in ’97 and fondly remember the remastered Star Wars. We had no school on opening day b/c of a teacher work day so my good friend Tony who was a huge SW fan stayed at my house the night before. He brought his Sega 32X and we played Star Wars Arcade for hours. The next morning we jumped in my piece of shit ’86 Camaro and hauled ass to the neighboring county for the first showing. It had been my friends lifelong dream to sit in a theater and watch the opening crawl while eating popcorn from a giant bucket. Listening to that segment really took me back to one of my favorite times in life when I had no responsibilities and no bills and just had fun. Thank you so much

  14. Screw you.
    Dangerfield did other good stuff.
    Ladybugs, for example… Jonathan Brandis in drag actually got me hot as a damn kid.

    Yay. Now i’m bisexual.

  15. Oh, to Brett…

    On Carnage Heart: I distinctly remember reading a review in Game Informer back when that was new… the author said something very close to “It should’ve been called Carnage Brain.”

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