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Have you visited the ol’ VGMpire site lately? Well, ya should, cuz we’re damn near back on track for an every-other-week posting schedule!

The Last Guardian is FINALLY out, and its PS2 predecessors have cast a decade-long shadow over its development. Odds are LG will turn out fine, but as you’ll see from this selection of tunes from ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, it has some big shoes to fill!


While there was plenty to dislike about 2016, at least we got several top-notch game soundtracks! Let’s listen to numerous examples of modern VGM excellence, from Doom to Furi to Watch Dogs 2.


The Soul Calibur series kicked off 20 years ago with Soul Blade, the PS1 home conversion of arcade hit Soul Edge. This episode we look at Edge and Blade, which have no fewer than THREE official soundtracks to explore.


Before he was made of yarn or a stylus-guided sphere, Kirby ruled the original Game Boy and starred in several console classics. This week we examine Kirby’s pre-2000 era, which includes bubbly tunes from Adventure, Super Star and all three Dream Land titles.

This show continues to roll on thanks to your word of mouth and, of course, donations on Patreon. Here’s to regularly posting shows all year!

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