Resident Evil Royal Rumble Biohazard Battle – Fantasy Fight

With the release of Resident Evil 7, we’re diving into Biohazard’s rich history and pitting the franchise’s heroes, villains, and undead creatures in an insane Royal Rumble match!

As Laser Time becomes more infected with excitement for both the Royal Rumble and Resident Evil, you knew the two biggest non-political events of January were going to converge, and boy howdy did they! We pit a crazy mix of undead foes, STARS members, and Umbrella corporation villains against each other in WWE’s flagship Royal Rumble match. Check it out below!

Looking for more video-based insanity? Check out our ultimate Royal Rumble match, which pits every one of the match’s 30 winners against each other, our recent two-hour Resident Evil 7 excursion, as well as our continuing playthrough of Resident Evil 4!

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