Laser Time – Silly Super Bowl Commercials

From old ladies looking for beef, to basketball players shilling burgers and shoes, to the dozens of ways we’ve been sold piss-water beer, we explore the deep history of the best part of the Super Bowl; the commercials!


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27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Silly Super Bowl Commercials

  1. It’s interesting to have a Canadian view on Super Bowl ads, because while we get some, the Superbowl is not nearly as huge a deal here (obviously), and the majority of commercials I see are via youtube the next day because people are still talking about them.

    1. Yep. Baffled the hell out of me at first. Now it’s just like, “I hope you enjoy your 30 Canadian Tire commercials”.

      1. Yuuup. Then you have a few crazy people who go the extra mile to get the American broadcast feed so they can see the American ads as they happen.

  2. For Dave’s benefit: the “here lizard lizard” ad was the Taco Bell chihuahua with a comically small box-and-stick trap trying to catch Godzilla during their tie-in for the execrable 98 movie.

  3. being outside of the US the campaigns that stuck with me were the Budweiser Chameleons and the WAZZAAA which became a very irritating thing to hear from that dork in school who still think it was funny 3 years after it aired. Quoting beer commercials is whiter than white guys quoting Borat. MAH WHIIFE

    1. I didn’t even know where WAZAAAA originated at the time but I heard it for years and it was annoying as all hell

  4. Always love these episodes. They fill in so many gaps from my childhood. I wasn’t white trash and my parents weren’t drinkers but for some reason, I had and wore a Beer Wolf shirt.

  5. One of my favorite Supper Bowl commercials is the often overlooked Tide “Talking Stain” ad, where a guy is at a job interview and every time he tries to talk, a stain on his shirt starts talking gibberish. It’s just so simple and silly that it always makes me laugh.

  6. How powerful are those super bowl commercials? Well i’m a Britto, I don’t care for American Football, it’s a cheap for a rugby (for girls) but with padding and protection. But, I will watch the adverts on YouTube because some of those are hilarious, the Doritos one about making your own and making gold. And the fat dog trying to loose weight, which i think was a Volkswagen ad. That’s how entertaining these Ad’s are 🙂

    1. I despise watching football as it’s 90% commercials, but I’m cool with watching people play in the park. People like football because it’s the excesses of American life on screen, not cheap at all just very expensive!

  7. Did I hear you guys say no one streams the Super Bowl online? As one of the people directly involved in the first Super Bowl live stream in 2012, it’s really disappointing to hear that. It’s been streamed every year since, by all three of the networks that rotate the broadcast. Though admittedly I don’t believe anyone has ever streamed all of the commercials with the game, due to how ads work. But still, come on guys.

  8. Great stuff, LT crew!

    My wife and I began to dive into a black hole of 90’s videos and I was reminded of another commercial mascot that shared some Super Bowl screen time. Do any of you remember Li’l Penny?! He was a marionette version of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, who played for the Orlando Magic through the 90’s. Nike used him in a series of ads then, and he was voiced by Chris Rock. He was always trying to get with Tyra Banks. Remember when there were regular shoe company commercials???

    Anyway, I thought he’d fit right in with some of the other characters you guys brought up. Enjoy!

    1. Most definitely remember Lil Penny. I actually watched the Orlando Magic 30 for 30 and apparently Shaq knocking over a Lil Penny lookalike in his Reebok ad actually brought their IRL rivalry to a head, which is too ridiculous not to love.

  9. You guys dredged up a long-thought-lost memory from the abyss that is my brain…

    It was sometime before 4th grade (i’m 34 now)… I remember having played a “Where’s the Beef?” BOARD GAME.

    1. I really hope it was a mystery game akin to CLUE! but instead of solving a murder, you find the goddamn beef.

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