Talking Simpsons – Krusty Gets Kancelled

We wrap up the fourth broadcast season with the arrival of Gabbo, the fall of Krusty, a cavalcade of guest stars, and even the sweetest plum, a special surprise in this week’s podcast…


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23 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Krusty Gets Kancelled

  1. The riddle Krusty asks Alphonse “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” is the same one the Mad Hatter asks in Alice in Wonderland, which has no given answer in the book, and Alphonse falls apart before Krusty can give an answer.

  2. I still say “Worder and Parasite” is the funniest 90 seconds of the Simpsons, ever. The build-up, the actual cartoon, and Krusty’s horrified “What the HELL was that?!” all add up to my laughing myself into brain damage every time.

  3. I can’t believe I never realized that “Krudler” is a combination of “Krusty” and “Midler.” I just always considered it one of those sublimely crummy names that they did so well. But what do I know, I didn’t go to Gudger College.

  4. Bob, come on, Youngstown isn’t all bad. Great food, cheap housing, and you’re halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, both underrated cities. Growing up there was awesome. To totally undermine what I’m saying, I moved out at 18, but I love going back there.

  5. Shel Silverstein is pretty damn sleezy. I’m pretty sure he wrote every song on the Dr. Hook album “Sloppy Seconds”. Including songs like “Lookin for Pussy”, “Freaker’s Ball”, and mostly known for the hit “Cover of the Rolling Stone”.

    1. Well that kinda sucks to hear… I read his poems a lot in elementary school. One of my favourite teachers there was a big fan of him and got me into his work. Oh well.

  6. I watched ET a few nights ago, and wondered how long it would take to get through any kind of story like the Buck Rogers comic strip ET got the idea to phone home from, with only three frames a day.

  7. “_____ are all SOBs” is one of those phrases I came to use in everyday life, but like many other Simpsons phrases, I should really be more careful using it. The whole hype up to Gabbo, Bart’s “now he just needs a catchphrase” leading to “I’m a bad widdle boy,” and Krusty’s replacement for Itchy and Scratchy are all damn good bits. Great finisher to season 4, I’m excited to hear the LT crew dissect it, and for SEASON 5 BABY!

  8. Secretly recording politicians still works just fine. Hillary’s speeches to Wall Street certainly didn’t do her any favors.

  9. Fun fact about horse names since it was mentioned on the show. Race horses aren’t allowed to share a name with any previous race horse, so names have had to get stupider and stupider as normal names get used up. It’s like how Space Jam forced Michael B. Jordan to use his initial, but with way more drunken gamblers.

  10. If you want to see something crudely awesome, watch Gene Deitch’s The Hobbit. The rights were purchased by Rembrandt Studios’ owner in the 60s but they were going to lapse if they didn’t produce something. So Deitch whips up this 12 minute “animated film” of still images and made up narration. I wouldn’t be surprised if they based the story entirely on Tolkein’s art like a Japanese studio producing a video game based on an English cartoon in the 80s or something.

  11. Hi guys. Really late to the party with this episode, but a couple of things of note.

    1. When Gabbo impersonates Vin Scully he says “Farmy Dan’s Pure Pork Sausage”. This is in reference to Scully always advertising Farmer John’s Sausage. Farmer John’s Sausage ads were a mainstay of his Dodger broadcasts. As someone born and raised (and still living in) LA, I had never heard the Lucky Strike ad, but the Farmer John ones went on for as long as I can remember.

    2. George Takei’s last name is pronounced “tuh-kay”, not “tuh-kai”. Normally I wouldn’t care that much, but you guys mention his name a lot. As someone who gets his last name mispronounced all the time it was starting to bug me.

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