Michael J Rocks, Chris Rock & Poochie debut, Norbit takes off and tonelico teases – Feb 3-9

This week in 1987 brought us Michael J Fox as a serious rocker and Ray Charles in TWO sitcoms. Then in 1997, the Chris Rock Show debuts as Poochie’s home planet needs him. 2007 saw the debut of Norbit, the end of MXC and bizarre innuendo in crystal-sex-RPG Ar tonelico.

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Liberace dies, age 67, second big celebrity to die of AIDS



Black Widow – Deborah Winger, Theresa Winger w Dennis Hopper

Dead of Winter – Mary Steenburgen, Roddy McDowell

From the Hip – Judd Nelson, John Hurt

Light of Day – Michael J Fox trying to not be a goofy comedy act, or for laughs



2/3/87 – Ray Charles guest stars on Who’s The Boss, as a new client of Angeler

2/4/87 – St. Elsewhere – Ray Charles guests as a blind homeless man. Episode is titled “Jose Can You See?”

2/7/87 – Final episode of Too Close for Comfort airs, the show ended due to Ted Knight’s death and aired remaining original episodes he had filmed. Great intro that was eventually recreated via “The Greatest Event in Television History”

2/9/87 – Alf clip show where he shocks himself in the bathtub and needs to be reminded about his past. Later airings edited out the electrocution after complaints from viewers.

2/3/87 – Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story airs, the true story of a black man tried and convicted for a crime he didn’t commit

2/3/87 – Moonlighting – “Blonde on Blonde” David follows Maddie, thinks she’s committed murder, decides to tell her he loves her, but (gasp!)

2/8/87 – NBC airs the miniseries The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, which includes the final on-screen role for Claudette Colbert, who would go back to stage acting for the next nine years before her death



Sometime in 87, SMS version of the Ghostbusters game, comes to NES later. David Crane crammed to get it done in 84 but three years later there’s ports coming to newly viable consoles. Shooting at ghosts an driving in ECTO-1, initially was a car combat game.



Open Your Heart is #1, from album True Blue that we talked about last year. Huge hit, big change from loud squeaky Madonna into international hitmaker. Peepshow video




Earthling – Bowie’s 20th album, first self-produced since Diamond Dogs. Drum and Bass, trying to be very of the era, recorded their own samples and loops. Coming in with Little Wonder, a song filled with snow white references. Most popular song was I’m Afraid of Americans, though mostly due to the Trent Reznor remix later this year.

Unbreak my Heart, nearing the end of its 11-week atop the charts
C’est pour vivre – Celine Dion French Canadian compilation album
Silverchair and Texas have new albums



OJ civil trial ends: He is found liable for deaths of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, ordered to pay $25 million.

Clinton’s approval rating is 61%, 55% average, higher than Reagan, GWB but HW had 60???



Beautician and the Beast – Fran Drescher, Timothy Dalton

The Pest – John Leguizamo

Dante’s Peak – Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton



Chris Rock Show debuts

Two simpsons episodes air this week. First, on Friday 2/7/97, Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) airs, with Shari Bobbins becoming the Simpsons’ new nanny

Then on Sunday, 2/9/97, The Simpsons hits its 167th episode with the episode “The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show”, making it the longest running cartoon in prime time history.







The Way I Are – Timbaland’s second album and one that infects the entire sound of 2007-2008. Shock Value album goes 2x platinum, collabs w JT, Nelly Furtado, Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliot, Dr Dre… tons of influence here. Producer since Ginuwine days, worked on Cry Me a River, Sexyback, and now had his own big album


A Weekend in the City – Bloc Party’s 2nd album, I Still Remember was a single in late 06. Was suuuuper into Silent Alarm and bought this on day one. Band that helped me get through that first year in CA, along w Killers, Postal Service, Arcade Fire etc. Different, more produced sound.

Headstrong – Ashley Tisdale debut album, post High School Musical / Disney days.

Infinity on High – Fall Out Boy third album, This Ain’t a Scene it’s an arms race, thnks fr th mmrs



Obama officially declares he’s running for president – he wins!

Actor Omar Sharif is ordered to attend anger management classes and serve two years probation after pleading no contest to hitting a Beverly Hills parking valet.

Astronaut love-triangle attempted kidnapping: Astronaut Lisa Nowack, 1 year since her trip to the International Space Station, tries to abduct the current girlfriend of her ex, another astronaut. She drove overnight from Houston to Orlando – 900 miles – carrying: latex gloves, a black wig, a BB gun and ammunition, pepper spray, a trench coat, a drilling hammer, black gloves, rubber tubing, plastic garbage bags, unidentified orange pills, $585 in cash, and an 8-inch folding knife. The new girlfriend heard her coming in the airport parking lot, made it to her car and summoned police. Nowack pled guilty to some of the lesser charges and received a year probation.



Hannibal Rising




2/5/2007 – First episode of Rules of Engagement airs; a Patrick Warburton and David Spade-led sitcom about two couples and a single friend navigating the dating world. It somehow held on to air 100 episodes over 7 seasons up to 2013

2/7/2007 – Lost returns from a three month hiatus with the episode “Not in Portland,” which features a cameo from an unexpected actor

2/9/07 – Last MXC airs, College Sports vs. The Mall of Baghdad

2/4/2007 – Super Bowl 41: Indianapolis Colts defeat Chicago Bears. The lead-out program this year is a Criminal Minds episode guest-starring James Van Der Beek because CBS gotta CBS

Feb 8 07 Grey’s Anatomy tap out episode

Sci-Fi channel says it order 13 more “Battlestar Galactica” episodes – for its fourth season.



Final Fantasy VI Advance – last of the “Finest Fantasy for Advance” series, FFV was out last fall and FFIV was late 05.

Diddy Kong Racing DS – reviewed this and was really hard on it. Adds so much touch screen, collecting nonsense bogging down the core game. Wasn’t a fan in general of putting N64 games on DS… lightly improved in some aspects but tapping balloons and re-racing the same courses to collect shit is maddening. Banjo and Conker are replaced with Tiny and Dixie Kong. It’s a bad review!

Lunar Knights – Kojima production, part of the Boktai series that had solar sensors built in, but now all kinds of in-game weather effects would affect gameplay. You could plug in GBA cart to take advantage of the real world sun. Isometric RPG / adventure game

Micro Machines V4 – fun series, console version, definitely pre or reviewed this DS

Ar tonelico – really solid RPG with great music and sprites, genuinely fun. But it’s about these magical singers that have to have crystals inserted into their backs so they can be whole or whatever… and it’s suuuuper obvious to the point of this is not innuendo.








19 thoughts on “Michael J Rocks, Chris Rock & Poochie debut, Norbit takes off and tonelico teases – Feb 3-9

  1. A little while back I had two tickets to see Kraftwerk play in Portland and could not get anyone to go with me. I even put it out to hundreds of people on social media that I had an extra ticket, free of charge. I ended up taking a stranger from the bar, that I met only a couple hours before the show. I ended up having a really good time regardless, and the stranger bought me a bunch of drinks.

  2. I recently watched that movie Light of Day. Man, that was just slow, and kinda weird. Joan Jett was definitely good in it – probably could have had a solid acting career.

    I haven’t seen From the Hip in years (but I remember liking it). Back in the 80s, I used to spend a week during the summer with my aunt, who had a ton of movies on VHS. While she was working her day job, I was either hanging out with my cousin, or watching movies. I watched so many movies that I wouldn’t normally have seen, just because they were there. Stuff like From the Hip, A Chorus Line, April Fool’s Day, Terms of Endearment, etc., along with the usual action and comedy stuff. That’s how I saw what I consider to be the 80s Whoopi Trilogy: Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Burglar, and Fatal Beauty. My aunt LOVED her some Whoopi.

  3. I remember the verdict in the OJ civil trial happened during the State of the Union address, and I don’t know if all networks did this but whichever one I was watching had a split screen of the announcement. There weren’t any cameras allowed in the courtroom so they had a guy running in and out relaying the results to the reporters outside. If cameras had been allowed I seriously think some of the networks would have just cut away from Clinton entirely. Weird bit of symmetry with NBC having to do the same thing during the OJ chase and the NBA Finals when the whole thing started.

  4. Brett, if you need any music for the 2007 segment during the week of Feb 14, it looks like the song “What What (In the Butt)” was uploaded to YouTube on that day. A true cultural touchstone.

    1. That brings back some memories of playing Halo 3 on xbox live circa 2007/ 2007 and being introduced to that song, and it stuck with me ever since.

  5. HANNIBAL RISING is so fucking bad. Entirely unnecessary prequel that makes Hannibal’s story too sympathetic and removes the mystery entirely. Although to be fair, I believe the backstory originated from the Hannibal (sequel to Silence) book, but still. Fuck that movie, it’s so boring and useless, I’d rather watch the Hannibal movie. Red Dragon is unremarkable but it’s *fine,* and Hannibal at least has the “THIS IS SO BAD I CAN’T STOP WATCHING” thing going for it. I’m so glad the show didn’t bother addressing a lot of his backstory beyond some hints and suggestions.

  6. I did some digging about Dead Man Walking. It was on The Saint soundtrack which was kind of like those Mortal Kombat movie soundtracks whereas it was an awesome source to learn about new(to me) techno music.

  7. All that talk about Norbit and Academy Awards and no one mentions that Norbit was actually ALSO NOMINATED! I worked at Wal Mart when the DVD came out and it even had a big sticker on the front that said OSCAR NOMINATED. It was for makeup effects that were done by RICK BAKER! What a weird movie.

  8. I was born during this week in 87. Shame there wasn’t more going on!

    Didn’t realise the Sherry Bobbins episode aired on my 10th birthday. Weird thinking that 20 years later I’m still watching it.

    The 07 music reminds me so much of uni though. Ah youth…

  9. I watched Behind the Candelabra this weekend, it was absolutely standard biopic, with characters introduced and shown for ten seconds, then it shifts several years and at some point the character who never mattered much dies, and the current gay lover seeing the main character getting into the new boy, and being bitchy. I’d heard good things about it, but it irritated me the way biopic almost always do.

    I never liked Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie, it fell into that third of season 8 that I thought was pointing the way to the crap to come from season 9 on.

  10. Ar Tonelico:
    I honestly liked the game… of course it’s got weird pervy stuff as its claim to fame, but damn, that was a neat setup for the combat mechanics.

    Elston knows, but it felt great to battle with a bunch of chumps while your singing magical girl charged up a fucking spirit bomb to drop on your poor enemies.

    My personal favorite song summoned a man in a wifebeater sitting at a table in front of dinner (obviously representing a father waiting for his daughter to come home). As turns pass and the power gauge increases, he gets increasingly pissed, develops an Akuma-like aura, and more and more foot appears on the table… when the song is finally unleashed, “pops” snaps and flips the shit out of the table, sending it and everything on it into the sky to come crashing down on enemies.

    There’s a lot to love about about Ar Tonelico.

  11. Got such a good kick out of Brett and Diana commenting on their Grey’s Anatomy “tap-out” episodes. I don’t know if you all missed it last year around this time, but the bomb episode premiered following the Superbowl in 2006. I remember watching it with a group of guy friends (average college dudes, liked 24, etc.), none of us having seen an episode before, and just losing our minds. We loved it. We were hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. So imagine our disappointment when we reconvened next week to watch the next episode and it had 0 bombs and 5 love triangles in it. That was our tap-out episode.

  12. MXC never made it over to the UK, instead we had a chopped up version of Takeshi’s Castle that had commentary from Craig Charles aka Lister from Red Dwarf.

    Also, the worst Timbaland collab is “Part of Me” with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. https://youtu.be/_pcWbnQDMD0

  13. Dave briefly mentioned Super Bowl 41 this week, and that was the last time I got emotional over sports. I wept halfway into the game because I knew Peyton Manning and his Bud Light-sipping ass would beat the Chicago Bears. Eyes red and salty, it was then I reexamined my love of sports. I began to disengage from it for nerdier pastures despite joining my High School football team Freshman year later to quit it my Senior year. Great timing.

  14. You’ve been to PAX, you’ve probably seen the ferry from that terrible Gray’s Anatomy episode. For what it’s worth ferry accidents can be ridiculously bad, and the water in Puget Sound is definitely cold enough to be an issue.

    That episode is still garbage, and was my tap-out episode too. Still think about it occasionally when I ride that boat though.

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