Talking Simpsons – The Bill Oakley Interview Spectacular

We’re breaking format, but for the best reason of all! Simpsons veteran, writer, executive producer, and awesome guy, Bill Oakley talked with us for an entire hour this week! He tells us about the switch between seasons 4 and 5, his philosophy for writing the characters, episodes he wish they’d made and so much more! We’re more excited than Al Gore to present this one to y’all…


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17 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Bill Oakley Interview Spectacular

  1. HOLY SHIT this is a big get for you guys! Awesome to see Mr. Oakley pop up on the LT network for some Simpsons talk. No complains about a format shit from me.

  2. Fantastic episode you guys! Y’all asked some great questions and I think I speak for every listener when I say REALLY SUPER APPRECIATE Bill taking the time to come on the podcast.

  3. This was great. I didn’t mind the format break at all. It’s a nice change of pace for the podcast. I hope Bill can come back and/or get other writers to appear on the show. Great interview guys.

  4. Friends wasn’t about a family, it was a group of some sort, though, I forget what sort of group. Seinfeld doesn’t have too much family in it, either.

      1. I don’t remember him specifying cartoons, it seems like he talked about sitcoms in general, and most of the big sitcoms I can think of are family based, too. Narrowing it to cartoons it seems like there are fewer family based cartoons than sitcoms, though.

  5. Loved it. I was laughing while he was talking about the Jeep episode. I could picture the Mad Max scenario so well. Keep up the great work guys!

  6. Holy fuck, this was a hell of a get. Great episode, and I love that Bill is so proud of the “steamed hams” scene. That’s in my top 10 Simpsons moments, and I think “At this time of day, in this part of the country, localized ENTIRELY within your kitchen” whenever I hear something that’s clearly a stupid lie.

  7. This was great guys. Thanks for this and well done getting to the stage where you are at where you can do this. I thought it was great knowing that they see all the Simpsons shitposting floating around the web. Some of it is so good and I always wondered if the writers knew about it and how good it was.

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