Vidjagame Apocalypse 200 – Our 20 Best Games Ever

We’ve finally made it to 200 episodes of Vidjagame Apocalypse! Celebrate with us as we throw out our usual format and instead try to debate, cajole, and vote our way to a highly subjective list of the 20 best games of all time, starting from the 10 respective favorites of Mikel Reparaz, Chris Antista, Dave Rudden, and Brett Elston; and ending with a vague sense that democracy is just the worst.

Question of the Week
(This episode went long, so we’re repeating last week’s question and getting to the answers in VGA 201.)
What are your five favorite games of all time? (We encourage you to elaborate, but please keep it to no more than a sentence or two per game, or just focus on your #1.)



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

87 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 200 – Our 20 Best Games Ever

  1. As Lasertime’s Designated-asshole-for-the-week(trademark pending), I’d like to say that your opinions are both wrong and stupid, and that my opinions are correct and smart.

    But as the only guy in nebraska still listening to this, great job on reachimg 200! And thank you for all the hard work you put into making this show great. (Especually Reparaz, who hosts the show despite having a full time job)!

  2. Congratulations! You guys are the absolute best! I may not have been around during the Talk Radar days, but as soon as I discovered Laser Time, I completely binged on all of them! My brother and I still quote the Xbox 360 Vs PS3 “battle of the dozens.” I know I’m not alone when I say you guys bring hours and hours of joy and laughs into peoples lives, and we all hope to hear many more exquisite podcasts for as long as possible in the future!

  3. You guys can BURN IN HELL for not appreciating the masterpiece that is Suikoden 2.

    It’s on PSN. I outright DEMAND you go buy it and play it. RIGHT NOW.

    Also, Dave – you did a TERRIBLE job defending this game. Luca Blight is a fantastic villain and easily one of the most deranged and evil out there. The relationship between the main character and Jowy really feels genuine. It is EASILY in the top three RPG stories OF ALL TIME.

    Yes, even more than the piece of garbage side story that is Mass Effect 2.

    Especially more than a fucking generic Mario clone like FUCK TALES.


  4. Amazing work guys! I remember when TalkRadar didn’t make it to 200 and was bummed about it ending but thank the lord ofr VGA! Let’s hope it makes it for another 200!

    Also, I was worried without Henry that there wouldn’t be a ridiculous, hilariously shrill argument a la Chris shitting on Yoshi’s Island for comedic effect when you guys did that 100 best games at GamesRadar but wow the initial outburst against one of Mikel’s later choices was perfect and incredible. Funniest thing I heard all week.

  5. Just started listening and had a brainstorm. What if you guys have a videogame Hall of Fame where every year, you guys vote on some contenders, discuss them as part of a podcast, and vote whether they will join the Hall of Fame for that year’s class (can limit to 1, 5, 10, etc per year). You can also make a rule where a game that came out within the past year isn’t eligible until the next year (avoid recency bias).

    And you could start out with a big class that factors in several classics in an inaugural class then do a yearly class.

    Anybody else like this?

    1. To add, you could even have an ‘included for historical importance’ wing to account for classic games (like original Mario bros) that aren’t the best versions of that series but of historical importance.

  6. I love you guys but man this is almost unlistenable. I’m 35 mins in and you’ve only mentioned 3 games and haven’t even decided on the third. I’m all for arbitrarily ranking the greatest games ever, but it would have been better as a published list in an article or if you had to do this in a podcast, at least agree on them first.

      1. I agree with you, I’ve enjoyed the debate. It’s nice to hear you guys discuss games you are clearly passionate about, even if I haven’t been interested in any of the games (except Super Mario 64) in the first hour.

      2. This is Trump’s America. You’re not allowed to disagree anymore! /s

        For real though, I didn’t mean to be overly negative. I’ve been with you guys since the early TalkRadar days and I love everything you guys do. Congrats on 200!

      1. Yeah I listened to the rest of it and regret my earlier comment. The podcast was easily worth it for Bret’s commentary on the frog fetch quest.

    1. Yeah, I had to turn it off at about the same point. I’m fine with them putting out whatever they want to, but I would much rather have had a post-debate list where they presented to us their final list and had mini-rehashes of the arguments they had behind the scenes. 10 minutes on whether MGS3 or 5 should be on the list was too much

  7. I seeing double, 400 episodes! You finally made it to another the double 0!

    I would say “this is going to be a fun listen”, but to be fair they’ve all been fun. Great work to all you!

  8. It makes me a tiny bit sad is that so many people love Contra 3 and may have never seen Hard Corps on Genesis. That game is better than 3 in every way and the music is amazing (one of those rare Gen games that used the sound chip right), branching parts, secret endings, the only thing bad about it is it was on Genesis after SNES had become more popular and the characters you play as are forgettable even though their weapons are amazing and unique.

    And FF6 is that game that I can’t stand but never played and don’t want to because so many people swear it’s the holy grail of FF and typically shit on the others (ironically 7 has this problem but I played it before it was popular).

  9. h̫̮O͖̲̥̭͍̪W̤͚̗̩̮ ̯͚̞͙C̳͇o̻̤̪U̪͉̜̱͕ͅL͓d̠̗͖͙̪ ̼̰̳͈̪̹ͅY̮͉͓̪o͍̫͇̰̤͔̮u ̭̻̯̞̠͎NoȚ̙ ̙iN̯C͖̠͔lu̖̠̤͙d̞͉͚͓̦̩E͓̳͉̰̖̭ͅ S̙͎̣̩̮A̮̥͔̼̱̣ͅb͍̪̩̭R̫̳̣̺̳̩e̝̹̦̥̭̬͙ ͇̹̪̘w͇͓͇̖̤̦͖U͎̳͙͉̝͙L̙̲͖f̝͔̥̗̱ On̬ ̘̮̼̭y͎O̞̱̬̘̟ͅU̱̝r̮̘̱ ̳̹l̩̺̥̙̠͎̖I̖̫̤̬͖̪͇s̳̭̰̯ͅT̲̭̝͈̖?̺͓ͅ!̯̥͉̘͓

    Anyway, I’d vote MGS3 over MGS5 if only because MGS5 is incomplete. MGS3 makes no compromises, and I felt like that’s the game they wanted to make. MGS5, while large and stuffed with content. While I loved some of the smaller, in-game moments, the lack of really great bosses and really disjointed narratives really dampened MGS5’s impact on me. It felt like I was waiting for that special *something* that never came. I still put a lot of time into it, and I love it despite it being a hot mess, but MGS3 is a tightly designed experience, and I feel like it speaks more about the importance of smart game design vs. dumping a bunch of toys in a sandbox and telling the player to make their own fun. I’d also argue that MGS5’s story is half-baked, while MGS3 felt not only complete. but subversive, particularly in its ability to build up Snake as The Ultimate Manly Badass, only to knock him down lower and lower.

    Also, shoutout to Chris repping the underrated Donkey Kong (though you seem to have forgotten that the first half of Mario Vs Donkey Kong was basically DK ’94), and Brett’s Monster Hunter speech that sounds like it came out of an Oscar-Winning court drama. If I ever need a lawyer, I’m calling Brelston.

    ANYWAY, great episode, guys. Most I’ve laughed at VGA in a long time.

  10. Great stuff, guys. “Dear prince, with your entire family line destroyed, could you go find some frogs!?” References the exact moment I put FFXV up on ebay.

  11. I started listening at Talkradar 1, got a bit read on 13, then 113. Since listening to the show I’ve got married and had a daughter. You guys have provided entertainment on a weekly basis throughout. Thank you.

  12. I can honestly say that may have been the most entertaining and passionate Castlevania vs Ducktales argument I’ve ever heard.

  13. Still listening. Very glad that Donkey Kong 94 and Retrogame Challenge got mentioned! Great gems that don’t always make these kinds of lists.

  14. I really wish I could join in on Chris’ and Elston’s enjoyment of Monster Hunter.

    I have MH4U and have played some of it, and it’s really fun! Mechanics ar esolid, tracking down big beasts is enjoyable and satisfying, and making bigger and badder stuff form the hides of your slain foes is a great way to feel you’re progressing and getting better.

    But I feel like I’m missing a pretty big aspect of this game by not having anyone else to play it with. I live in Las Vegas, which the most gamer activity it gets at any given time is EVO every year. Aside from that, there’s little in the way of social gaming so I have never gone on a hunt with other players. I have no choice but to play it solo, which is fine, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t the same with two other people hunting with you. Also I have catcher’s mitts for hands, and I own a 3DS XL. So no 2nd analog stick, and plenty of cramped fingers if I play for more than two hours at a time. So while I can’t have the same enthusiasm as they do, I also can’t consider it a lesser/worse game just because I don’t have anyone to play with because the mechanics are really good and fun to learn, as are the big hunts with the more powerful and dangerous monsters.

  15. Real talk and I truly mean this.

    Brett Elston’s feelings are games is quickly becoming mine at age 30.

    I don’t DO NOT PERIOD END OF STORY play games to mark a checklist or fill time. I got into this medium because it pushed me to get better and learn from my mistakes. It’s why Nioh is gonna be what I play all year, it’s why Bloodborne is the best game I’ve played this generation and why I’m glad games have stopped holding your hand and streamlining you down a tube.

    I watch TV to fill time.
    I read books to fill time.

    I play games because they give me a sense of accomplishment. And I find zero accomplishment playing MGS 5, Ass Creed, Just Cause, GTA, Sleeping Dog, Watch_Dog, Witcher, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Batman Arkham, WoW, I can keep going.

    I play games to lose and get better. If it wasn’t for Demon’s Souls coming out when it did, I might have quit games- I was already close to it to begin with.

    1. I’m tempted to pick up Bloodborne based on the Brett’s and some of the other LT crew’s passion for it. The only “souls” game I’ve tried was Dark Souls 1, which I played for about 2 hours and just decided it wasn’t for me. The way they talk about the world and the lore and the rewarding gameplay in Bloodborne though, it really makes me want to give it a try.

      1. Strangely enough I’m the other way round, Dark Souls 1 was incredible and while I will not doubt anything about Bloodborne and why people love it (I loved a good portion of it), I just did not enjoy grinding for supplies when it came to boss fights, something you didn’t have to do in DS. I didn’t feel challenged by doing it, just busy work.

    2. Agreed re: all those games. I put 60+ hrs into Skyrim but can can barely remember it and basically regret doing so. Now I mainly play Souls games…..personally I think Dark Souls was robbed on this list!

    3. You got no accomplishment playing each Mass Effect game? Importing in your previous decisions and seeing it through with said game? Are you a robot… We know Brett’s a robot, interestingly you’d think he’d like going through checklists since that’s kinda what robots like to do.

      If you hold this mannerism towards games then I’d assume you didn’t play Borderlands 2 -abother snub imo. If so, wow you missed a gem. The hilarious characters, locale and even the meta game, after I beat that game was going through the checklist of optional challenges while listening to podcasts such as VGA. Adam Sessler talked about it when he still did his gaming soap box segments on, sometimes after a long day of work grinding in a game feels cathartic.
      Open-world games have become the next “platformers”, as the genre that’s pretty much infused into every game atm.

  16. One of my favorite VGA episodes to date! After the Out-of-Touch quiz and Oakley interview, this week has been such a blast to listen to, thanks for the quality content. I listened to you guys since T’dar 10, so to listen to VGA 200 and have it be such a fun listen is a treat.
    Great list too, but I’d make the case that Fallout: New Vegas is a better “Bethesda” RPG than Skyrim. I loved Skyrim, but New Vegas just had a more reactive and interesting world, fascinating characters, and a better role-playing experience overall. And, Dawn of Sorrow is my favorite Castlevania too. Also, Dark Souls is my 2nd favorite game of all time, but I haven’t played Bloodborne. After hearing you guys talk about it, I might need to pick me up a PS4 slim.
    Thanks again guys, from laughing during my walk home from my high school in California, to laughing on the subway commutes in South Korea. Y’all are the best, cheers to another 200.

  17. I love the show and have been listening to you guys since 2012. I always enjoy this show but for the love of GOD, please have Chris on this show less!!! Too much Chris makes me go insane and I love Chris but he just does not make sense most times and this episode proves that he is really fucking annoying when he is drunk/high/whatever. He is fine on the other Lasertime podcasts and I love him on the streams but keep him off of this show please.

    1. I think the gang is the funniest when they are drunk, to loose some logic and coherence in that process is plenty the norm so in a sense I agree with you. The beginning and middle of the podcast was full of logical and thoughtful discussion. On the other half I laughed out loud multiple times, heartily and with glee. 200 episodes? I like it, another!

      1. Not to gang up on you BSJ but Chris is the beating heart of the Lasertime network. I mean, it’s his baby and I doubt many of us can comprehend just how hard he and the guys work behind the scenes, 7 days a week to entertain us so much. Plus if we cant handle four grown men arguing about video games then what exactly are we doing here? 🙂

        1. I don’t want him on less, I do agree it would be nice if he took it just a touch more seriously and wasn’t drunk and high to the point it noticeably affects him when listening. He tends to derail by making jokes that sound funny to you when your drunk and making the joke but land flat to everyone else and tries and force in stories about how much he gets laid. Love the podcast, not saying it he has to change, just saying I’d enjoy it more if he did a bit, but will still listen regardless. We wouldn’t have the podcast without him so I’d rather just deal with the annoyance’s he brings when he consumes too much of a substance than not have the rest of really good content that comes with the podcast.

  18. Great episode guys, loved every drunken minute of it. This felt like a real synthesis of everything you guys have been doing since 2008, and I found it immensely satisfying to listen to.

  19. Your lack of PC RTS titles on your list is disturbing albeit doesn’t change the fact that I laughed heartily all throughout this episode. Oh man that Anne Lewis and Tyler Wilde part made me choke up a bit. Man I miss those two! My top five still hold true from last week. Congrats on hitting the big 2, 0, 0 btw.

  20. I think Ass Creed 2 is better, 4 feels just like an entirely different pirate game and I dont like the micro managing extra garbage

    1. Agreed, and thus the no-more-than-one-of-a-franchise is flawed, as heard from even with the Castlevania and Zelda discussion. Personally I’d put down C&C: Red Alert & C&C: Tiberian Sun, both vastly different yet deserve the nod (heeey). They should just put up 20 slots and multiples of a franchise just share the same slot.

    1. That was something I questioned a bit too, but it is their list. I’ve played about half of earthbound (maybe more) and a bit of Chrono Trigger and small amount of FFVI and Chrono just seems like the best of the bunch to me. It avoids the some of the annoyance a lot of people have with random battle’s in RPGs. It has a bit more of a story and more thought out characters. I really like Earthbound and the charm is undendiable, I just don’t think the charm alone outweighes the rest of what Chrono Trigger does.
      If it were my list, I’d have Chrono Trigger and then it would be a coin flip whether Earthbound or FFVI made the list. I guess FFVI has more historical importance due to the series being so massive, but I prefer Chrono Trigger to it and think the case they made for Earthbound would give FVI a run for its money.

    2. FF6 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chrono Trigger, no contest.

      CT has an amazing soundtrack and arguably better combat, but character development is paper thin for the majority of the game. (Only by the end do they provide sidequests that make the characters any kind of interesting, and by then it was too late for me to care.)

      But most importantly, the story fucking sucks. Sure, the conceit of time travel is pretty neat but they ultimately don’t do anything interesting with it in the main plot. And unlike FF6, this game’s biggest concequences get conveniently and magically fixed.

      I will forever mantain that people who think this game is the best RPG ever made is talking purely from nostalgia. There is no way that looking at it objectively could anyone think this has the best story or characters, which is what matters most in an RPG.

  21. Guys this format really should carry over to GOTY talks. Not to bite Giant Bomb’s thing (if they were even the first to openly discuss) but it works so well. Gives you a chance to pre-record an episode or two and take a deserved break in December. Make it real cut throat and have VGA’s Top 5 whittled from your personal lists of games in 2017. Get a 5th body in there so no stalemates it’ll be great.

  22. I’m probably way too late to the party but I’ll throw down my faves so that it’s recorded for the ages. Douchbrag incoming but I’m a concept artist in the industry, so this list is also influenced by games that influenced my style. Enough talk, have at you!

    5. Monster Hunter 4 U – Without hyperbole Monster Hunter brought me closer to my friends, closer to my wife and was a light in the darkness during tough times. Not having this on a Lasertime games list makes me sad.
    4. Street Fighter 2 – It’s not the best or most refined but to me it’s still the best. The art style changed how I draw and when it was released I was obsessed over it.
    3. Super Mario 64 – I was in high school, I just got jaw surgery that kept me at home and on the couch and my mom bought me an N64, SM64 and Pilotwings (which I also love). What more can be said about SM64?
    2. Gradius 3 – I’m such a big fan of the Gradius that I wear officially licensed Gradius 30th anniversary fucking shoes! The weird thing is that as individual games they aren’t necessarily strong. Regardless 3 still has music I hum to this day.
    1. Castlevania SOTN – It was between this and IV. I understand Bretts argument for Dawn but SOTN changed my life. Beautiful, bazaar, silly and dramatic and my friends and I still ask “What is a man?” whenever we see each other. There is some blasphemy about not picking a game with a Belmont though but since I just played through this again a few weeks ago it’s too legendary to pass.

  23. First off Congrats on 200 great show! Now how the hell does crap ass fetch quest skyrim make the damn list and not the flawless masterpiece that is Chrono Trigger. Also i double down on the other comment of dark souls getting robbed over bloodborne. Bloodborne is probably a great game but the farming supplies and going to the hunters dream for shit turned me off after 4 bosses. Other than that it’s actually a pretty damn good list

  24. I have a list more so than just one favortite game of all time, and its mostly narrowed by just time spent playing and how often Ive played it again excluding bethesda games, because having to download mods so youre not getting stuck in a pile of random trash and then freezing mid save and corrupting your save file does not a greatest game of all time make

    almost any Platinum game pre-Kids TV show era, tie between Metal Gear Revengeance and Vanquish with MGR with an edge seeing as how Senator Armstrong is the IRL president now

    best racing game is a 3-way tie between Midnight club 2 and 2 other games Ill mention later, to explain why I say Midnight club 2 we go back to mid 1990s racing games, (California speed, Rush san francisco, Need for speed and other EA race games) they were tracks with 8 opponents closed course, and then the “innovation” of adding shortcuts and set pieces, then came the miracle that was Angel Studios with their game Midtown Madness and simultaneously GT Interactive’s Driver, they both developed an “open world” racing game with multiple ways to reach a next checkpoint in a race, against time, or other players, Driver was on the hardware limited Playstation console with aesthetics of 1970s car chase scenes, while midtown madness 1 and 2 were on PC, Angel studios then made the foray into consoles with Midnight Club, the first one is a boring version of midtown madness, the second entry is perfect, almost every car in the game has a use, there are not 200 useless licensed cars for you to choose 20 that you actual use from and then spend 20 hours in a fucking menu upgrading them, there are just the 15/20 cars needed, pick one and drive, you cant just use 1 car to beat the whole game, different races have totally different experiences from one another and they all exist with in the same 3 “open worlds” with which you can drive anywhere at any given time, one race your driving through small paris alley ways, the next race you drive clear across the entire city of paris as fast as possible to a roundabout in each corner in any order you so chose, the next your driving through the paris catacombs, running from police, then your fucking jumping over the seine river at a 150 mph, the game brings back memories of watching illegal street racing videos like “mischief 3000” and Video Option with “smokey” Nagata (a former member of the real life Mid night club) I still play this game about once a year or every other year, the game is from a perfect time when AI doesnt completely suck ass and spends its time ramming you into a pole or wall, the game works, a game that takes shitty AI that runs you off the road and makes it one of the strongest points of gameplay is Burnout 3, one of the greatest games of all time despite not being able to beat it with that impossible F1 race thats in there with Burnout paradise right behind, but what if you dont give a shit about opponents or tracks and stuff like executing turns? well then theres the original Crazy Taxi, pretty much the greatest game ever, I will never play gran turismo or forza 2 again in my life despite spending hours playing (Id play auto modelista again If i felt like finding another actual copy)

    Deus Ex is probably the only FPS Ive played after 2013 (excluding fallout new vegas), I dont think Im ever gonna play one again until a Quake 2 clone comes out, most fun I had with the genre multiplayer wise, was Halo 3 waaay back when on xbox 360, and left 4 dead 1/2 and Bad Company 2 on PC, I remember some of the community from counterstrike like Xanatos, and crackbone, but I dont think Im gong back

    Souls/Bloodborne because of all the other reasons the million other people who like it have said, If add a mod of Link from LoZ, then that would be the best zelda game next to majoras mask and a link between worlds

    MGS3 is the best metal gear solid game, I cant even get into a letsplay video of MGS5, I already played portable ops and peace walker, anything vaguely resembling that Im not going to play, and im not plaiying either of those games again, I still play MGS3 to this day, both on PS2 and 3ds most of MGS2s boss battles cant compare to 3 or 4 ,MGS3 is special because I spent years dicking around, doing speed runs of the game trying to figure out paths, etc etc just to find out like five years ago or so through a damn youtube video that you can kill The Fear in like 10 seconds flat, shooting him when hes hit with a stun grenade drains his stamina, not health

    Its not the “best” game ever, but Ive been playing Grand theft Auto san andreas for almost 15 years, almost once every month at the least, I dont play saints row more than once, I dont play red dead, GTA 4 or 5 more than once or even own them on PC, I play GTA san andreas (im too young for being nolstagic about the 80s with vice city) what better game setting is there than satirical versions of america? they’re all awesome, not just rockstar’s version. but what other version has parodies of Coast to Coast AM with Art bell, conservative radio and crappy radio personalities like tom leykis, the newer gtas pretty much just expand on what was already done, with an entire mission string making fun of scientology instead of a radio interview and satitrical beer commercials sung by Anthony cumia from opie and anthony, but i dont have any drive to replay GTA 5 again, or buy watch dogs “but in the new watchdogs you can like, do wheelies on the golden gate bridge and it has easter eggs and stuff like this car that sorta looks like the jeep from jurassic park” I did that 8 years ago, and the car actually said jurassic park on it, yeah mods dont really count, however the majority of mods for GTA are just models and textures, they dont inherently change gameplay, instead of driving around “san fierro” when the city was affordable in an approximation of a BMW listening to stone temple pilots, its now an actual BMW E30 and the shadows are prettier, I still have fun with this game

    I remember Earthbound being a great game, trying to play it now is a slog and with the pain in the ass inventory system, I dont think Im ever booting up a rom ever again, playing it isnt all that fun, remembering it is, If we start doing that then we might as well include every game played ever

    minecraft, because its the Un-game, the VW bug of video games

  25. also, gotta add the token “shadow of the collosus” mention
    perfect boss rush game, was really pretty (12 years ago) and its the only game where the Horse actually feels like a horse instead of a awkward tank with legs that neighs instead of trying to kill solid snake and start a nuclear holocaust


    1. Yea I don’t see how it made the cut. Duck tales is good but damn top 20 all time no way in hell its not even top 10 nes imo.

      1. Seriously. I’m a life-long Disney Duck fan, from the Disney shorts, to the Ducktales series, to Barks and Rosa comics, but I have never enjoyed the NES Ducktales game. I’ve also always loved game music, but the nostalgia people have for this game (especially the Moon level) just baffles me.

        1. Yea, I feel for Disney NES games I could actually argue Rescue Rangers being the better experience with the option of co op gameplay and with OST that’s just as good.

    When Brelston brought up the Monster Hunter community, I started getting hives.
    I used to write for a smaller game blog – no GamesRadar, but we did alright. One day, my editor sent me an email saying that Joystiq was looking for someone to write a review for Monster Hunter Tri, since none of their writers had any experience with the series. I sent in some samples of articles I had written about MHFU, and got a call from Justin McElroy that night telling me that I got the job. I thought “awesome! This is my big break!”
    I played through the game, wrote my article, got feedback, made changes – the whole nine yards. There was a lot of game there, and I had a strict word count, so I had to cram a lot into a couple thousand words. If you boiled down my review to a sentence, it would be “this is a good Monster Hunter game, but it’s not going to be the game that converts all of your friends.” When the deadline rolled around, Justin called me to ask for a brief bio, and let me know that the review would go up that night. He went out of his way to let me know that he thought the review was entertaining, insightful and fun to read (if you didn’t already know, Justin McElroy is a super nice guy). I was STOKED!
    The next morning, I get another email from Justin: “Just wanted to let you know, I still think that you nailed it. You sounded authoritative and funny and likable. Great stuff.” So now I’m thinking “that’s a nice thing for him to send, apropos of nothing. I think I’ll check the article to see how it’s doing!”
    IT WAS ON FIRE! Poor Justin was in the trenches, responding to every blisteringly negative post – I was either too harsh or not harsh enough. I was unqualified. I was a Capcom plant, or maybe I was just trying to kill Monster Hunter outright. Didn’t matter, the point was that Joystiq offered their sizable audience the opportunity to get published and they were going to lash out at whomever got picked. I was always told not to read the comments, so I closed the window and took a deep breath.
    Next I get a call from my editor: our site was quickly becoming a 4chan parody. Every article I had ever written – every review, every editorial, every podcast episode – went from 5 or so comments from our regular readers to dozens from angry Monster Hunter fans, picking apart everything I had ever done. They attacked my voice, my tastes, my writing style, our site – all in some attempt to disqualify my GENERALLY POSITIVE review on a major site.
    And honestly, if it had stopped there, I probably would have gotten over it.
    Instead, I get a call from my wife asking if she had gotten “hacked.” Complete strangers were @ing her and sharing pictures of us from Facebook, calling her ugly and, of course, calling me gay. She was terrified and angry. I was embarrassed and disheartened.
    All this, again, because I said nice things about a game that they like. The Monster Hunter community is just great.
    It took a few weeks to die down. The whole experience wasn’t really worth the $100 I got for writing the article. I still wrote for our blog for a few more months, but eventually, the little jabs I would see every time a Monster Hunter game was announced or released got to me. Honestly, I’m not thick-skinned enough to deal with that kind of abuse. As it stands, I haven’t written anything in almost 5 years. I’ll still boot up MHFU from time to time, but I haven’t touched a new game since Tri. I have no interest in interacting with anyone from that community ever again.

    1. Dude, I am so sorry for you and your wife. Unfortunately, the world is full of people that suck and you had an experience that involved them harassing you and your family. I hope you do change your mind about writing and get back on that horse. People need to grow up and realize that not every opinion needs to be the most popular or agreeable and if you do start to write again, I hope you are not bullied again.

  28. I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time, but I know that mocking the friends of your heroes is never a great idea. However all this talk about getting further than Tdar really upset me. I fully accept that Chris will probably delete this or berate me about it, and that’s fair.

    I hate VGA

    Back when everyone left Radar they were committed to new opportunities that kept them from hosting a new video games show. Chris had moved on to producing something new (Laser Time) after making just short of a thousand hours of content on the subject of video games. Without any of it’s original members in prominent roles Micheal started VGA immediately trying to bottle the lightening of Tdar, a show that Micheal rarely paid attention to and regularly devalued with his poor enthusiasm. The new list segment was used 100% of the time to talk about whatever Micheal had been playing at the time, and other segments were presented without humour or deviation.

    VGA does it’s best when it’s just being bonus time. I hope you continue to improve and surpass your beginnings, leave your legacy behind and be like David S Pumkins: your own thing.

    Love you guys

  29. Congratulations on 200! I discovered Vidjagame Apocalypse around this time last year and powered through the entire backlog by November, so you can say that I like the show. I’m glad to see it’s got legs!

    I have to admit, though, that as a PC gamer I was a bit sad at everyone’s lists. No Warcraft III? No Mechwarrior II? No Baldur’s Gate II? No Doom (1993)? No Homeworld? No Deux Ex? No Planescape: Torment?

    They were great lists, though, I can’t deny. Looking forward to listening to the Bonus Time!

  30. Ugh, you guys Jill Stein’d Castlevania so hard. It’s patently obvious that Symphony of the Night would have beaten IV, had it come down to that. And I think most of us would agree that the Metroidvania titles are better than the originals, if we remove the nostalgia factor. A refusal to pull back the Dawn of Sorrow submission…which was fairly clearly going to go down…and instead switch to Symphony…which looked to have consensus…was a mistake. It’s that refusal to compromise that leads to suboptimal outcomes constantly in all walks of life. We almost didn’t have a Street Fighter on the list (or any fighting game) for the same reason!

  31. Super late to the party, but congrats on the 200 milestone dudes! 😀

    Loved the episode too. I might not agree with all your picks but that was never gonna happen,and I’m glad you guys instead just went with your personal favorites. It made for an excellent discussion and hilarious reactions.

    All that being said, fuck you for choosing Ducktales over Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. And Brett was totally right on picking it over SotN.

  32. Top 5 games of all time?

    Skies of Arcadia – Fantastic game on the Dreamcast and remade on the Gamecube. Sky pirates? Need I say anything else?

    Chrono Trigger – Arguably the best RPG of all time. Amazing music.

    999 (9 persons 9 hours 9 doors) – The game that got me into visual novels/action games.

    Streets of Rage – Amazing music, kicking ass side scrolling style.

    Super Smash Bros – This game was amazing. My dorm room always had people in it playing Smash. It’s synonymous with my college experience.

  33. (Bonus Time sent me here)

    This was the most fun I’ve had with a podcast this year (so far!) and one of my favorite podcast episodes on the LT network. My god, the yelling was epic, and I’m going to remember the line “Are you mad because I got laid in 1994?” for a long time.

  34. Can you guys make it through one fucking episode without a stupid political/trump comment. My God can I listen to a video game podcast without hearing this bullshit? Who fucking cares what a bunch of out of shape middle aged dudes think about politics on a video game podcast! I don’t want to hear how Trump makes you wet your depends.

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