Turok Turns Twenty – 90 minutes of N64 tunes

It’s a new VGMpire! And whyyyyy, of all games on Earth, are we doing a Turok episode? Because the 1997 original is about to turn 20 years old… and because there’s plenty of great music to discover.

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The Nintendo 64 didn’t have the third party support of the PlayStation, but Iguana’s Turok series ruled the FPS roost for the platform’s entire life cycle. The 1997 original turns 20 this month, so let’s examine the booming, epic scores of the four N64 hits.

And yes, this double-decade milestone means we’ll discuss this game on an upcoming Thirty Twenty Ten. That said. we obviously spend more time on the topic in this VGMpire, but hey, at least it’ll be within a fully 1997 context.

3 thoughts on “Turok Turns Twenty – 90 minutes of N64 tunes

  1. I’ll stick up for Turok Rage Wars being a great multiplayer game, Monkey Tag brought tons of laughs whenever my brother and friends would play it! Though I can’t deny it being lacking as a full fledged Turok game, I found it intellectually stimulating so I’m sad to hear you found it a Cerebral Bore. I loved the title theme of the original Turok so much I even put it in one of my College Films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYjmfzR5obk&feature=youtu.be&t=3m16s

  2. Man this brings me back. I remember playing the original Turok on my N64 and there was so much fog I assumed the entire game took place in London, England.

    I never expected to see the Turok Series on VGMPire but I was pleasantly surprised. Another great episode. Thanks Brett.

  3. Turok used the R button to jump, Goldeneye’s default control scheme used R as a precision aim button which let you use the stick to move and then aim, leaving you standing in place. I’m sure Turok’s control scheme is the way to go, despite me being used to “Browneye.”

    I’m not the biggest fan, but the opening song was instantly recognisable to me. It was kinda weird to see this pop up when just days before I was watching AGDQ 2017 Turok run and the runner (bawkbasoup) was talking about why he decided to run this game; music being mentioned several times. It really has a unique sound, thanks for bringing it forward to the masses. (Here’s the speed run I mentioned: https://youtu.be/1Z5omlBpDqQ)

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