Bart’s Nightmare – Chris vs Dave Head-To-Head Race!

With Brett away, we’re taking a week off of our sequential Super Mario Bros. 3 races by going with a more unorthodox competition; Chris vs Dave in a Bart’s Nightmare race to see who scores a homework page first! Watch the insanity as we try to overcome the weird rules and near-impossible minigames in the weirdest head-to-head race yet!

Sorry to interrupt your regularly-scheduled Mario 3 race, but since Brett is on vacation in Giant World (or Hawaii, we weren’t listening), Chris and Dave are doing a much different race. With so much fun Simpsons stuff this week (check out Bill Oakley on Talking Simpsons and our Patreon-exclusive Talking Simpsons Season 4 wrap-up), we’re going to counteract that with the dreadfully obtuse Bart’s Nightmare, and a race wherein your LT hosts scamper to be the first to score a homework page! It could take minutes, it could take hours (it really depends on who finds the Joe Fission game first), but we’ll be suffering head-to-head LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

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