Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Barbershop Quartet

Season 5 is upon us (kinda) and we hope you like The Beatles! The season 5 broadcast premiere sees Homer form a barbershop quartet with no previous experience, become famous for a few weeks, and then lose it all, just like The Beatles (kinda). Listen up! It’s better than winning a Grammy…


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21 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Barbershop Quartet

  1. RE: The “Mother” thing with Reagan.

    My grandfather, who was also of the WW2 generation that Reagan was a part of, used to refer to my grandmother as “mother” from time to time.

    I think it’s an affectation of that generation, though I’m not entirely positive.

    I don’t know about Mike Pence though.

  2. Speaking of the rodent invasion of the early 60’s, and in case you’ve never heard of it, this is great…

    Also, Bioshock Infinite came up in an episode of Videogame Apocalypse I checked out recently, so I was thinking about the Barbershop Quartet when listening today. The quartet was based on one that appears in The Music Man (which as I learned inspired Marge Vs the Monorail, from your good selves) but also, apparently the poster behind the quartet presented them as ‘The Bee Sharps’ in a pre-release version of the game.

  3. I could rant about bloody Paul Harvey for hours. My dad was a huge fan. The “good DAY!” thing was from his lunchtime News and Comment show, and then Rest of the Story was on (at least here) later in the day. He also had a TV news “drop in” a la Mr Food, but it didn’t last long.

  4. Please please please don’t worry about length of episodes. I’d listen to 8hr episodes of TS if you guys ever wanted to go that long. Wonderful show.

  5. I still see “Baby on board” things stuck in windows around Honolulu (sometimes “surfer on board”) and wonder why I should care, I’m not going to keep from crashing into them any more than anyone else.

    Paul Harvey reminds me of riding in the car with my dad in the Iowa winter as he went to play basketball. These were the same drives we’d hear instrumental music like the Young and the Restless theme. Henry’s clip didn’t get anywhere near the right cadence of “And now you know, the rest of, the story…Good day.” It’s strangely hard to find Paul Harvey on line, I mentioned that line to my girlfriend, and she’d never heard of Paul Harvey, and couldn’t find a version that sounded like I remember, but the version from this episode is pretty good, even without the “Good day.”

    1. I see “Baby on Board” signs on a regular basis in my part of California, so I’m guessing that the guys see them less because they aren’t actually driving around!

  6. You guys never need to apologize for going too long. Make the podcast as long as you want and I’ll happily listen.

    I also used to listen to Paul Harvey whenever he was on. Mostly because I was always more a talk radio fan (NPR, not Rush) and the local NPR station would switch to classical music during the day. So Paul Harvey was a welcome respite from music programming. Then iPods and podcasts came along and I pretty much stopped listening to the radio and Harvey from 2006 on.

  7. I too will gladly endure three hours of an episode of Talking Simpsons. Heck even if you break format with some strange experimental episodes. Good luck with the podcast fluid guys.

  8. The “Baby on Board” song and “Number 8 *burp* Number 8 *burp*” are some of my top quoted Simpsons references of all time. I love this episode so, so much, and learning about the references I never understood through you guys was a blast. In general, this trilogy of flashback episodes are some of the best work the show put out if you ask me.

  9. Dame Edna facts – he/she is the alter ego of Australian (not British) comedian Barry Humphries, whose most high profile work in recent years would probably be playing/voicing the goblin king in the first Hobbit movie.

  10. Sorry to pinprick, but the “single plum” art piece wasn’t by Yoko herself, but an Icelandic artist in a show dedicated to her:

    I work as a barista, and I sometimes pull that gag on regulars who I see enter, but take their time before placing their order: make their fancy latte real quick, place it under the cash register, and reveal it when they order it. “Here ya go.” Hey, I gotta amuse myself somehow on slow days.

    (This is my first comment here, it’s been a month or so since I discovered TS, just started patronizing last week. Thank you guys for all the content, it’s been a blast to revisit eps I used to watch once a month as a kid in syndication, then have barely seen in the last decade of being a non-TV-owning, dastardly millennial. I, for one, welcome the 1.5 hour-long episodes.)

  11. Still listening to the episode but I might be your only fan FROM Liverpool. Just wanted to let you know it’s a lovely city now! I love this episode for it’s Liverpool references. Anyone from this city grew up around Beatles history. I’m impressed with your knowledge!

  12. I have no one in my life who ever listened to The Beatles–not my parents, not my aunts or uncles, not my older coworkers, not my hipster friends–nobody. No one was ever around to explain the references in this episode, so thank you guys for this enlightening podcast. I really had no clue what was going on with this quirky, unfunny episode when I was a kid, and now it almost makes sense.

  13. I made sure to continue the 24601 tradition while animating on Breadwinners. In the pilot, one of main characters is having a dream sequence and I changed the number to 24601 on his prison uniform. Somehow it passed cert, odd since they’re so picky about the smallest detail, and is in the final cut for tv series that nobody likes.
    Thanks guys for a great episode!

  14. My interpretation of the conversation between Barney and David Crosby was that they were making a joke about Crosby’s alcoholism. I mean, Barney considers him one of his heroes, and doesn’t know he’s a musician?

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