Laser Time’s All-Week Oscar Celebration!

We’ve got a week-long Oscar bash going down here at Laser time, including a way for you to watch some classic Oscar nominated films at no cost and commercial free!

[NOTE: If you hear audio, that’s Laser Time TV running LIVE at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to mute it, or better still: WATCH!]

It’s Oscar Time this week, ladies and Gentlemen! And as always, we’re celebrating with another annual edition of Laser Time’s Oscar Time (It’s huge, it’s late, it’s coming!) You know, our thorough breakdown of all the Best Picture nominees, with accompanying sketches for all eight films? Apologies if this isn’t your thing, and hey, thanks for indulging us! But in terms of scope and effort, it’s kinda the closest thing we have to a Super Bowl. Check out some past episode of Oscar Time if you’re so inclined:

Oscar Time 2012
Oscar Time 2013
Oscar Time 2014
Oscar Time 2015
Oscar Time 2016

And in case you missed the announcement about Laser Time TV, we’ve started a 24/7 streaming channel you can watch on desktops, phones and even your consoles (via the web browser). In addition to daily episodes of MST3K, Duckman, Tales From the Crypt, MXC, etc., we will also be airing an Oscar-nominated movie every weeknight at 8PM (that’s 8PM wherever you are, no need to adjust your clock or do math). No, seriously! This Monday night we’ll air the once outlandishly satirical, now incredibly predictive, NETWORK, and you should seriously consider watching it if you’ve never seen it. I don’t want to give away any surprises, but I will say Thursday will bring you a chance to watch the one and only CITIZEN KANE with your pals at Laser Time.

Better still, we’ve got a slam bangin’ weekend planned for you on LT TV. All day Saturday we’ll be playing Oscar movie, classic movie clips and stupid movie game streams. And Sunday, we’re going to be running an all-day marathon of THE CRITIC, along with some Best Picture trailers to help you get half the jokes in the short-lived, Jon Lovitz starring show from the people who brought you The Simpsons. The show’s a bit of a 90s relic, but if you’re that kind of (Talking) Simpsons fan that only like the first five to ten seasons, The Critic shares a lot in common with that heyday. Happy watching, ya’ll

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