Animation nerds rejoice! A new, weekly celebration of cartoons is coming to Laser Time…

When I first found Laser Time it was like coming home for the very first time. I had never experienced a network and a community of people who loved all the same things I did as much as I loved them. The first Laser Time podcast I ever listened to was the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, a topic very near and dear to me because it’s my favorite show of all time. On that episode Chris says something that I had never heard someone say outside of my own head; Bill Corbett is the superior Crow. From then on I knew Laser Time was the place for me.

The History of Robin Williams as the Genie – Why He Quit and How They Got Him Back

That being said, all these years later I am very proud to announce that my Youtube show Cartoons 101 is officially a part of the Laser Time family! It’s a Youtube channel of video essays and mini-documentaries about the history of the medium of animation and has been featured on The AV Club and mentioned on various Laser Time podcasts. Animation is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing so I hope you enjoy the show as I post something here on every Friday. Most of the time it will be a brand new episode of Cartoons 101, but sometimes I’ll just be writing a blog post about some corner of animation that fascinates me. You’ll find them on the front page, occasionally in the rotation on Laser Time TV, but please also subscribe, share, and smash that like button!

Here’s a quick primer on some of my favorite episodes to get you acquainted with the show:

Steven Spielberg’s Influence On Animation

The Best Animated Films and TV of 2016

DuckTales 2017 – The New Cast’s Animated Credits And Everything We Know So Far

Why Goofy Is Disney’s Most Relatable Character And The Majesty Of A Goofy Movie

The Time Ren & Stimpy Creator John K Anonymously Slandered Animaniacs

I’m always looking for topics, so if you know an animator, director, writer, story, topic, movie, show, or anything cartoon related you’d like to see featured on Cartoons 101, please let me know in a comment here on the site, under a video, or you can tweet at me @MrMattJay. If it’s a human generated image that creates the illusion of time, I would like to cover it.

And since you’re on the Laser Time site, I figure you’re at least a little familiar with Patreon. I happen to also have my own Patreon! Give it a look and if you can find it in your heart to donate I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate that. If the donation reward tiers don’t tickle your fancy, let me know what would and I might even consider adding it.

Like I said earlier, cartoons are my favorite, favorite, favorite thing and I love talking about them. Please join me.


  1. Welcome to the Lasertime family! I look forward to checking out your content as I too (and probably most visitors here) am an avid animation fan. I’m presently trying to get my two-year old to watch something other than the Disney Junior CG shows by showing him stuff like DuckTales, classic Disney shorts, and Looney Tunes, all to varying degrees of success.

  2. Awesome, I’m a huge animation fan and love learning all the small intricacies of a really interesting business. Teach me mofo

  3. This is cool man, animation is a big part of my life so I’m glad this is here. Hopefully I can give a few bucks on the Patreon

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