Vidjagame Apocalypse 202 – Weird Spinoffs

The release of Halo Wars 2 this week set us a-ponderin’ about other huge franchises that have wandered outside their comfortable genres, usually in strange and beautiful ways — so we begin this week by focusing on five of the strangest departures ever to come out of a major game series. Then it’s on to Halo Wars 2 and Night in the Woods, after which we talk about Switch download sizes, Fallout 4 in VR, and the game characters you think should like each other… that way.

Question of the Week
What’s the oldest system you have that still works, and which ones (if any) have broken down on you?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Reach Out to the Truth by Shoji Meguro. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

24 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 202 – Weird Spinoffs

  1. I still have a functional battery operated blue colored black white game boy with Pokémon red and blue cartridges.
    I like the fucking cat mouse game you had to play with the red light indicating how out of battery you were.

  2. I’ve got an NES, super NES and Gameboy color that still all work well. I bought one of those retro NES toploaders 2 Christmases ago but I’ve never opened the box…This was in anticipation for my NES dying….Which still hasn’t happened….30 years later. Fuck you modern consoles!

  3. I’ve been through about 5 360’s, my first dying the launch day of Bioshock. I also experienced a repaired console being DOA, that was my fourth one. I am on my last one, when it’s dead I’m going to convince my son to let us just use my brand new PS4 as our gaming console of choice.

    I was a massive Xbox 360 fan, and I think I currently own close to a hundred physical and digital games still to this day. While I’ve moved on to the PS4, I have a decade of memories that when that last RROD occurs I’m gonna pour a cup of premium coffee out for.

    1. I had a 360 since first release and it would red ring all the time but would always recover, lasted until the end of the cycle but I bought a 360 elite when they came out

  4. I’ve got a yellow Gameboy Pocket that still works like it’s brand new. Slap some AAA batteries in that brick of plastic and it’ll play Pokémon Silver like a grayscale dream.

    As for broken systems I’ve had the right trigger on every Gameboy Advance, DS, and 3DS I’ve owned fail after long long hours of use. My current New 3DS hasn’t fallen apart yet thankfully.

    1. Yeah thats what Ive got (highFivuh)
      With concoles I usualy sell them, except my N64 w/ Smash Bros, thats….somewhere.
      The only console I regret selling was my gamecube+all my games for money to buy the Wii, which I am still resentful of to this day.
      Im glad the fuckin Wii U failed, fuck you Wii!

  5. My original NES still works and is still hooked up to a television to this day. My only console to shit the bed was my original model Playstation. While it still plays games, it has to be turned upside down and the player 1 controller port doesn’t work. All of my older systems are still going strong though: Genesis, SNES, Sega CD.

  6. Qotw: As a Nintendo collector, I have many old working consoles. Including a working Famicom and a Sharp Famicom Twin. My one and only console breaking experience was my GameCube’s laser reading thing went out, but I shipped it to Nintendo and they fixed for free. I believe a lot of people had that same problem back in the early days of the GameCube.

  7. The oldest system I have is an NES which I got from work. The pin connector was a pain, but with a can of contact cleaner and some q-tips, I got it working. I do have two Famicoms, and I had to modify them for composite output. I don’t play those systems too much, though I like to collect FC carts.

    The oldest system that I own is a GB Pocket that was fixed by Nintendo. I played so much Pokemon with it, and it still works. I’m not doing a backlit mod on that, even if it looks cool.

  8. Hey guys! Long time listener First time commenter.

    I still have a working NES, Original Game Boy, and a prized possession, a working Virtual Boy, which I do say it is still fun to play. Wario Land is a very enjoyable game and Techno Boxer is still a challenge to master.

    My N64 seemed to shit the bed a few years back but with a little noodling around, it works just as well as it did when my parents brought it home from the Pawn Shop.

  9. The Top Five immediately makes me think about the Metal Gear Acid games, which took a 3D stealth series (formerly 2D) and turned it into a card playing RPG. As a result of this, I never played the two Acid entries.

  10. My gamecube has withstood so much.
    One night I hadn’t done my homework due to my progress in tony hawk pro skater 4. This infuriated my father who after yelling at me held my console above his head and two-hand slammed It into our tile floor. I remember tears flying from my face as I ran to cradle my sweet cube. I quickly plugged it back in and… It still worked! After surviving my fathers power bomb and many other trials it continues to rule my life to this day.

  11. The PSOne I played as a wee four year old in 1998 is still ticking. I haven’t pulled it out in a while, but that’s mainly because I can’t think of any games in the system’s library that’s still worth playing in 2017.

    In this Friday’s edition of let’s correct Chris: the PS4 very much DOES have an HBO Go app. Not only that, but it also has HBO Now. The streaming app options are basically equivalent across both consoles at this point. The app lineups aren’t identical, but they are functionally the same.

  12. My Sega genesis is packed up right now in a sesame Street duffel bag up at my parents cottage and it booted up 6 Pak first try last summer.

  13. Brett: I totally get diarrhea from any seafood, dairy, or any combo there of and I’m totally white. Never thought I’d say that…

  14. QOTW:
    System still working: Atari 2600, although the controllers are shot. Not a big deal considering I have played those games to death and well a few I have on modern systems to scratch that itch whenever.

    First System to die on me: Xbox 360, didn’t RRoD on me but gave me error e84. Fried video card basically so I sent it in for repair and counted down all the days it was at the Texas service center. God, time went by slow. Finally got it back “fixed” and within 6 days I got the RRoD… Sent it back with a letter explaining how for however long I waited for the system you prob just sent it back to me unworked on so please fix this one. Received a new, not refurbished, but a new Xbox 360 and it lasted me until I traded it in for a Xbox S. That really sucked and will be forever burned into my memory banks.

    Oh man I used to play that Metroid Pinball all the time at my summer job – was a lot of waiting during the show -, even brought my old DS Phat to work for my friends to play with the local “spawn” session you could do.

  15. First time commenter. Not because i’ve never had answers but because I usually forget to comment.

    I’ve got a ton of old working systems, so i’m not going to detail the whole of them. It sounds like you guys just don’t take care of your shit though. Growing up I was very poor so when I got a console I cherished it. Hell, in about 2012 I sold my original Xbox 360 that I had done what I remember was called the ‘towel trick’ to make work after a few red rings. The thing sounded like a lawnmower but it still played Dead Rising just fine.

    Anyways, the real thing I wanted to bring up is old Nintendo handhelds. Before i’d say maybe the DS Lite, I would have never expected a Nintendo Handheld to EVER break. Me and my friends described these as being made of ‘Nintendium.’ Just before I moved out to my own place in 2014 I decided to search through my family’s old worn down garage and discovered my original Gameboy Color and copy of Pokemon Red from September of 1998 that had been in the bottom of an old bag buried under furniture and probably fucked with by rats and tons of bugs.

    Popped in some batteries, booted up like it was brand new. No buttons stuck. Everything works. Nintendo used to be MAGIC.

  16. QOTW: I still have my Genesis from before I was born. My parents got it in 1991 with Sonic 1 as a baby shower gift for when my older sister was born and it still mostly works to this day, despite my best efforts as a young child. I still use it here and there, and just beat Shining Force on it this past summer with no issues. The original controller somehow still works too, although the buttons feel mushy and jello-like at this point.

  17. My Commodore Amiga A500+ system has survived 25 years so far. The computer works perfectly, although the pristine grey exterior now resembles the kind of brownish-yellow hue that you’d usually only see on a heavy smoker’s fingers after they’d spent a week stuck up his ass.

    It came in a bundle with Bart vs. the Space Mutants AND the Captain Planet game, so it’s surprising that I hold games in any kind of regard nowadays. I still wiped every single disk that came with that computer to store my shitty homemade happy hardcore .MODs and I don’t regret it.

    At least the opening of Bart vs. the Space Mutants is still somewhat impressive for the time (

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