The Critic – All-Day Marathon on Laser Time TV

If you can think of a better cartoon series to program against the Oscars than this, we’d like to hear it! Today only, we’re streaming every episode of The Critic EVER!

If you’re caught up on the latest Laser Time news, A) The 2017 Edition of our annual Oscar Time is now available, and B) We just launched a little experiment Laser Time TV, a  free 24/7 streaming channel, with oodles of fun shows, movies, game streams and more. And if you’re a Talking Simpsons fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard us sing the praises of The Critic, a short-lived movie-centric toon from Simpsons pioneers Al Jean and Mike Reiss. It skews a little 90s, but we figured Oscar day would be the best possible time to enjoy a marathon of each and every Jon Lovitz-starrin’ episode of The Critic ever made, along with some trailers for Academy Award winning movies, and some celebratory Oscar shorts for context. IT SHOULDN’T STINK, SERIOUSLY!

You can watch this on your TV via Roku, PS4, and Xbox internet browsers. 
-Time Zones are specific to you. No math required! 
-Yes, we’ve even opted to include the mercifully short “Season 3” of The Critic. Find out why nobody talks about this forgotten Atom Films exclusive!
-Chat below with people live, just know that folks will be seeing different episodes in different time zones. Yes, we know, we’re working on it.
-If you’re reading this Monday or later, you done fucked up! But don’t worry, we’re currently running The Critic every weekday at 7:30 PM. After Duckman!

2 thoughts on “The Critic – All-Day Marathon on Laser Time TV

  1. i watched for about 3 straight hrs today, and it mellowed me out in a way i desperately needed. thanks! don’t bail on this experiment too quick .

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