John Wick – Monday Night Movie!

Lock and load and look out for your dog; we’re gonna be watching (and commentating over) John Wick LIVE at 6PM PST!

We’re ending February with a bang in terms of Monday Night Movies as we watch John Wick LIVE with y’all! Even if it didn’t win any Oscars in 2014, we still have much love for this recently-sequelized Keanu-led action movie. Don’t have it? You can rent it easily from Amazon, which kicks back a few cents to Laser Time!

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2 thoughts on “John Wick – Monday Night Movie!

  1. Saw it last night. I don’t think Keanu is a good actor but I always root for him to do well. He seems like a great person, from what I’ve heard and read. But I thought it was pretty bad, I’m sorry to say. The “shoot guy in chest and then in head” got quite old by the 12th victim. (You’d think the chest shot would have been enough). It just went on and on and had nothing new, stylish or unique to add to the revenge genre. And I am sorry to say that I thought Keanu wasn’t very good, though I saw him trying to be committed to what was going on in each moment. These are just opinions, obviously. I don’t think you are dumb if you liked it.

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