Talking Simpsons – Homer Goes To College

It’s a new era in The Simpsons and thus for our podcast as well! We enter the David Mirkin seasons, we describe the new writers and directors, as Homer heads to college for the first time in the hopes of keeping his job. Plus, we all learn how we’re the exact nerds from this episode…


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24 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Goes To College

  1. I wanted to just complain about the jrpg-like lore bukake, 28 minutes. Plus more lazy repetitive Trump jokes/whines.

    However, this episode is the great combination of an amazing simpsons episode and a great talking simpsons. Neeeerrrrrrrrrrrrd (that rolling r )

    Also, love The Pretenders as well ^_^

  2. Among all of the great jokes in this episode, I love how Homer’s expectations for college are based on common media portrayals that are pretty much entirely dated and false. It reminds me a lot of the 21 & 22 Jump Street movies in that way, but with more Conan.

  3. Berserk actually has something like 15 phrases that mix and match, and the Nerds’ quote definitely can come up verbatim but doesn’t that often.

    And “unless movies and TV have lied to me…” is maybe my most used Simpsons quote.

  4. At 35:50 Hank says “So as far as I know there’s never been an episode where Homer becomes a barber…” but there has been one, because of course there has been (Simpsons did it!). Specifically he discovered his hidden talent for cutting women’s hair and became a hairdresser.

    It was Season 22 Episode 20 “Homer Scissorhands”. But I know that he has stated that he really only knows or acknowledges seasons 1-10, so it’s completely understandable to not know about such a recent episode.

    1. Even the best seasons have some terrible titles, but god damn “Homer Scissorhands” is lazy and stupid. And its not even excusable because of liking something recent or being in a fad, the episode was 20 years after the movie its title spoofs. Jeez.

  5. On Monty Python – in my experience as a Brit roughly the same age as you guys, I would say that though Python is obviously a respected institution in the UK, references to it – specifically in connection to stereotypical nerds and the trope of nerds referencing/quoting it – is something I associate purely with US pop culture. Also, for my generation at least, Fawlty Towers is infinitely more beloved and widely quoted/referenced.

    1. This is one of the subjects that show Americans how much bigger and non-homogeneous the UK is, or at least how it is portray in the media. Personally I have actually had a completely different experience, more than Fawlty Towers even.

      I’m not sure who this person Chris referenced but Monty Python (especially the films) are very much commonly referenced, even the show is brought up and since this country is sadly run by the very very old, anything that many old generations enjoy with the younger one can hardly be considered niche and nerdy in this country.

  6. I agree that the showrunner changeovers are important and should be talked about. But I don’t know if a half hour of talking about Mirkin’s career was really necessary. I love this podcast and look forward to it every Wednesday but I’m starting to think the fat needs to be trimmed a little.

    1. Same. I think part of it was being burnt-out on the topic. The whole change of writers/showrunner/Mirkin thing was talked about SO MUCH on so many episodes. Off the top of my head:
      Krusty gets Kanceled – It was the season 4 finale, but not production-wise, so I think this is the first mention.
      Homer’s Barbershop Quartet – Season 5 premier, but again, since it was still production season 4, some time was spent on it.
      Cape Feare – Being the production season 4 finale, again, lots of time spent on the topic.
      And, of course, this week’s episode “Homer Goes to College” being the first production season 5 episode has the most time dedicated, specifically to Mirkin.
      Oh, and don’t forgot that trhe season 4 wrap-up had some time dedicated to it, too.

      All in all, waaaaaay too much time…I think the vast majority should have been only done in the wrap-up episodes, with maybe 5 minute or so blurbs in the other eps about it.

      But all in all I still love the show, please never stop (or at least never stop until season…oh, let’s say, 12.)

  7. Some random connections for you, Not Necessarily the News was actually an american version of a UK show called Not The Nine O’clock News, which was sort of seen as the net big sketch show after Python, and perhaps most notably brought Rowan Atkinson to fame.

    That show was created and produced by John Lloyd, and would later co-write a book with genre giant Douglas Adams called The Meaning of Liff, which re-purposed obscure place names as words for every day concepts that dont have a word for them, basically Sniglets!

    Lloyd would much later create and produce comedy panel show QI, which Rich Hall frequently guests on, bringing it full, probably because he knew him through the American adaption of NTNON

    1. Also in a random Simpsons connection, Rich Hall has claimed in the past that he served as inspiration for Moe since he used to work with George Meyer. I can definitely see (and to an extent, hear) the resemblance.

  8. At the risk of sounding like one of the nerds from this episode, Matthew Broderick hacked his grades for the first time in War Games. That movie pretty much invented every hacker cliche used in other movies for the rest of the 80s, and sadly some have survived since then. It was fairly realistic for the time, but it’s hard to believe most teachers back then wouldn’t have just written grades down in a book.

  9. When talking about ‘Get a Life’, it is mentioned that it ran in 1990. I was 7 years old. I remember watching that show in its original run. I doubt FOX ever re ran it. So if that is true, at 7, my parents let me watch ‘Get a Life’

  10. Gonna push back a wee bit against of the negative comments above, but I was way into the Mirkin episodes! The peek-behind-the-curtains is one of the best things you folks do and devoting more time to that would be always really appreciated!!

  11. When i was in Jr. High (Canadian grades 7-9) I “hacked” my grades by going to a friends house and using his scanner to scan my report card, changing the grade, then printing it to fool my parents so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

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