Logan live reaction stream – join us on YouTube at 230 Pacific!

Bright and early on Switchmas Morning we’re gonna watch Hugh Jackman wrap up 17 years of snikt… and then gab about our feelings LIVE on YouTube! Join us Friday 3/3 230pm Pacific (that’s 530pm on the East Coast) and chat with us!

The glowing reviews and high praise warm my heart, as I truly love Jackman in this role and he really deserves a proper sendoff. And it’s also nice to see Fox somewhat rebound after Origins with things like The Wolverine (mostly fine!) and Deadpool (mostly fine!), proving the X-Movies aren’t a total wasteland. I mean Apocalypse was OK and all but it mayyyy be time to scale things back a tad…

Anyway, hope you’ve seen it by then cuz we’re gonna talk ALLLL about it!

One thought on “Logan live reaction stream – join us on YouTube at 230 Pacific!

  1. My wife and I caught a late night showing and once again hated an X-Men movie, not only do I HATE Wolverine and his fans I middle fingered “old man & daughter surrogate” plots about 1/3 through the Last of Us and this is all that is. Also spoilers the X-Men are mostly dead because Xavier had an accident so much for the “happy ending” of DotFP but of course James lived. IDK Rogue was incompetent for 4 movies and only shined in the Special Edition blu ray of DotFP, Kitty should’ve been the star but just steals Ice-Man and sits on a chair in two movies, Ice-Man who’s funny and Godly powerful never makes jokes and graduates above IceSlides and Cyclops is made to be a bad guy for hating a man trying to fuck his wife and they’re all likely randomly dead off screen but ole Knife Hands gets ANOTHER movie! Fuck the X-Men series it’s just been written so shittly from the jump and this was no better also the idea of this continuing with a literal clone of knife hands is hella grim.

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