Cartoons 101 – DuckTales 2017 Trailer Breakdown!

How much does the new DuckTales trailer reference the original comics? How did Huey, Dewey, and Louie meet Scrooge McDuck? Who’s the biggest Donald Duck fan in the world (besides me)? Find out here!

I was working on a completely different video for this week’s Cartoons 101 and had to reroute last second for an EMERGENCY DuckTales 2017 trailer breakdown! I could not be more excited for this movie, so of course I want to analyze and pick apart every little bit of information released about it.

The trailer

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10 thoughts on “Cartoons 101 – DuckTales 2017 Trailer Breakdown!

  1. I’m a big enough Donald Duck fan to know immediately what cartoon that was in the lead-in on this latest video. I’m cautiously optimistic about the new DuckTales, though I wish Disney had just utilized John Kassir for this series as I really enjoyed his work on “Duck the Halls.” My guess is he was passed over because he sounded too much like Alan Young and they want this series to feel all new.

  2. Oh thanks for reminding me of Duck The Halls, I liked that short, it had some fun personality to it.

    I like the comic-book colours and scene layouts on display here, but I can’t stand the animation style on this, it seems so limited, the way that computer-assisted, puppeteering Flash-animation used to look.
    Duck The Halls was computer-assisted too, but the characters there felt a lot less static. here we’ve got scenes where characters stand still when they should be emoting, tweening from stock-pose-A to stock-pose-B and squeezing isolated pieces up and down instead of actually animating a full-bodied character. Feels to me like nobody stretched an animation muscle in these scenes.

    I know I’m watching this with the Merry Melodies shorts and the original Duck Tales in the back of my mind, and maybe that’s unfair, but they’re revisiting the same characters in the same situations so the elephant’s in the room.
    Other 2016 shows look a lot less awkward than this, I don’t wanna chalk it up to a sign of the times.

    I do like the choices they made in regards to it looking like the Donald comics, that’s still a cool idea.

    1. it’s not Flash, they used ToonBoom Harmony Pro which is why it looks weird in places. They probably used the bone deformer tools but beyond that its frame by frame animation just done on a tv budget. Flash honestly isn’t even called Flash anymore to try and distance itself from the bad reputation it got from people using it to make cheap cut out puppet tweened cartoons in the early 2000s on the internet. But i get what you mean.

      1. Ha yeah you’re right, I’m still calling it “Flash animation” like an old-timer.
        I used to work in Flash all the time, and I would defend it because you can totally draw frame-by-frame Fleischer animation with it. If you were a good animator, then Flash was just another medium to show 24 of your drawings in a second, it’s a great tool.
        I guess now I’m the jerk giving it a bad name, woah!

        Speaking of this, recently I’ve been catching up on Samurai Jack, and I think that animation style suits those stories really well. It’s so still and slow-paced that it actually feels like a good choice on that project.

  3. So far i love what im seeing. I was a little shocked to see as a reboot, but I’m okay with that if its following the original comic’s storylines. I’ll have to get used to the voices because the 80s/90s voices are so burned into my brain. I like webby being straight up Otaku. I mean she was hyper in the old one but in a way like “oh no a crumby girl, always messin up stuff” or something like that. she’s not just a tag along this time she’s a proper and needed peice of the puzzle.
    I like the style, it’s fun and energetic.

  4. The worst part about this is the obvious Flash animation being used. There’s little fluidity in the animation. Very little squash and stretch, because, Flash. Otherwise it seems ok.

    1. it’s not flash, it’s made using ToonBoom Harmony Pro. Most disney shows (and animated series in general) are made using this. Also, it’s frame by frame animation, and saying there’s no squash and stretch is a silly argument. It’s an old technique that not every series would use and if they do it’s sparingly. I’m sure it’s in this series but only at certain parts to emphasize something overly cartoony. Otherwise they’re going about this in a very Disney way with tight weighty animation. And it’s plenty fluid for a tv budget series. also, Flash hasnt been called Flash in a while now. it’s not 2006.

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