Monday Night Movie: March 2017 Schedule!

March is coming in like a tornado and out like a stolen baby! Check out the pair of classics that’ll get live commentary treatment for this month’s Monday Night Movies!

As the year marches on, so does Laser Time’s Monday Night Movie! In case you’re not a subscriber to Laser Time’s Patreon (where you also get a bonus weekly podcasts, tons of video commentaries, and much more), the Monday Night Movie is the wonderful event where a batch of Laser Time hosts do LIVE commentary with a running chat so that we can interact with y’all while we make with the snark! March has a great pair of movies; one celebrating the life of the recently-departed Bill Paxton, and the other a thirty-year anniversary of a classic comedy. You can join us LIVEΒ on the dates or at any time by being a Patron, where you’ll receive an audio and video commentary at no extra charge, or any time a la cart via Bandcamp. Without any further ado, here’s our Monday Night Movie schedule for Feb!

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Just as 2016 did before, 2017 is hitting us pretty hard with celebrity deaths. Bill Paxton’s sudden passing caught us all by surprise, so when we put together a vote for the first March Monday Night Movie between Paxton’s tournado-de-force performance in Twister or the just-turning-30 Raising Arizona, our Patrons picked Paxton. Twister, which turned twenty last year (check out its Thirty Twenty Ten episode) is one of the biggest action-packed special-effects spectacles of the mid-90s, with a stellar cast that stands up to the Jurassic Parks and Independence Days of the era. Come join us as we marvel at the action and pay homage to Paxton, LIVE on March 6!

Raising Arizona
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It may have been the runner-up during the Monday Night Movie Patreon vote, but we’re still giving Raising Arizona some love. Fresh off of gushing about the classic madcap comedy on Thirty Twenty Ten, we’re going to watch Nick Cage and Holly Hunter steal a baby and we’re doing it LIVE on March 27!

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Again, thank you Patrons for all of your suggestions and votes. And of course, we strongly encourage you to become a Laser Time Patron, use our Amazon links whenever possible, or maybe even check out a couple of our commentaries on our Bandcamp page.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie: March 2017 Schedule!

  1. Guys i might have a curveball to throw your way. the march 22 release date is for the japanese bluray. funimation wont release it in the us until the latter half of 2017. you might have to sub Raising Arizona back in. Or i can send you my copy of Hobo with a Shotgun. πŸ™‚
    (i’d send you a lot of stuff if only chris would answer me about your p.o. box)

  2. Damn, on one hand, I want to play Zelda tonight, on the other hand, Twister with the Lasertime crew… well maybe I can squeeze in a little Zelda before show πŸ™‚

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