Evil Dead and God of War sequel up, Buffy slays on TV and Jedi returns to theaters – Mar 10-16

This week in 1987, Bruce Campbell defends a cabin and a very special episode of Family Ties tugs at our hearts. 1997 marks 20 years of the remastered Return of the Jedi and the debut of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 10 years ago Kratos returned to the PS2 and slayed even more Greek gods in God of War II as Stargate SG1 ends its run.


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42 thoughts on “Evil Dead and God of War sequel up, Buffy slays on TV and Jedi returns to theaters – Mar 10-16

  1. Evil Dead and Buffy are two of my favourite franchises of all time so this episode should be great. Honestly, I’d kinda like to see them cross over somehow – maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar shows up on Ash vs?

    I didn’t get into Evil Dead until pretty late, the summer after I graduated from high school. But when I did, I got in huge. My friend and I watched all the movies numerous times that summer, and both ended up reading Bruce Campbell’s book IF CHINS COULD KILL. When ASH VS was announced we were exstatic, and have loved every episode. We hope Bruce comes to a local comic con sometime so we can meet him.

    My sister got me into BUFFY probably just after it had ended its run, so I missed episodes as they aired, but I’ve watched all the way through the series multiple times and even got my friend into it when we watched it together last year – the same friend I got into Evil Dead with.

    1. I got to watch that Prohibition Simpsons episode in high school history when we were discussing post-WW1 era and ny teacher had set up a speakeasy foe the class as a fun Friday. I had the fortune of having that teacher in sophmore and senior years and he was easily my favourite.

  2. re: Buffy stuck in 380p…..there are some reasonably well done 720p upscales of Buffy floating around the internet,,, which I recently watched and enjoyed. late 90s nostalgia as fuck

  3. I probably wouldn’t watch it again, but I remember Stargate sg1 being pretty good. My family had every season on dvd. My dad was a huge fan. We may have liked it because we were big MacGyver fans.

    1. In Canada our equivalent to the syfy channel is a network called space, which for years showed reruns of stargate sg1 multiple times a day. Having seen every episode of every stargate show at least five time each I can say it’s perfectly adequate. There are villain of the week episodes, and throughline of lore that carries through all three of the stargate series. Within the show humanity is at a real world level of technology and over the years becomes a galaxy spanning civilization. The characters are well written and the tone is hopeful and fun . As a Simpsons fan I thought it was a great touch that Richard Dean Andersons character make regular references to the Simpsons. I don’t expect anyone to love it as much as I do, but it’s definitly worth a chance.

  4. I loved Misfits of Science as a kid, it had very early Courtney Cox, and Max Wright, right before he became Willy on ALF. I don’t think it was ever mentioned on the 86 show, it ended around this time in 86, only one season, but one of those things I remember really well from the time I was only 8 or 9, especially the theme song. Class dismissed!

    I’ve been into Eddie Izzard for a long time, the Riches was pretty good, but I think he did play English, with Minnie Driver playing American, and the first time I realized Jared Harris was Richard Harris’ son, he looked and sounded a lot like his dad in this show. And I just went to see Eddie Izzard’s standup last night in Honolulu!

    They would play the Meco version of the Ewok song on the radio a lot in 83, so I was very sad to see it go away in the special edition of Jedi, and that RPG ending revisiting planets feels terrible, especially now we know that the First Order was just going to come in and do the same thing again. Rogue One showed us that Storm Trooper armor is completely useless, if they get shot, or hit with a stick, or punched, they fall over dead, it’s not just Ewoks who have the power.

  5. Wow, New Evil Dead is 2013! 🙁 And Evil Dead 2 is a little older than I am. :bwah!:
    Love both movies, and it’s okay to love them differently.

    1. I really like Evil Dead 2013 for how it treats the elements of the franchise in a super disgusting and creepy manner as opposed to the comedy route that the other ones take. It makes it stand out and better than just a generic “remake”.

      Minor spoilers for Evil Dead 2013, but I’m hoping Ash vs Evil Dead acknowledges it by having Mia (the protagonist) show up at some point, because it is definitely intended to be canon with the other entries.

      1. Evil Dead 2013 really surprised me. a great time if you love shocks and gore. i’ve gone back to it a few times since it came out and it holds up.

  6. Ya know, I quite liked SG1 in my teenage years. It was one of those shows that was always on when I got home from school. It was a decent planet of the week show. I don’t remember too much from it, dont’ think it had an ongoing arc, it felt more like Star Trek lite, or Murika saves the universe. I don’t think I’d ever revisit it but it was a good light hearted show that you needed after you got home from a long day at school.

  7. I really don’t like this recent trend among Star Wars fans to bash Return of the Jedi. Yeah, it’s the weakest of the original movies. Yeah, Ewoks….

    But it’s still packed full of enduring and iconic imagery and memorable character moments, and it’s still an infinitely better crafted (and more original) film than any of the prequels (joyless trainwrecks) or either of the modern-era SW movies (serviceable quasi fan-films).

  8. ‘eeeeey, let me tell y’all about Type O Negative’s Dead Again. that record is a blast front to back. just about every track starts with some wicked guitar hook, then you’ve got Peter Steele, the one man druid choir, laying down some angelic melodies, then you’re back to catchy guitar riffs. it came about during an important time for me, and i played that record front to back countless times.

    such a shame Steele died young, which for the record, no one believed at first, because he’s pranked his fans by faking his death once or twice before. what a great band, they never took themselves seriously, that goth image they’re associated with is actually quite misplaced. big fan, every album is so, so good.

  9. I’ve never watched a Stargate movie or series, but my friend in high school was obsessed with it. They’d draw stargates in all their text books and in art class, it was way too weird.

  10. I always thought Evil Dead was older. Like 81 & 83-ish for part 1 and 2.

    I used to be a HUGE Type O Negative fan. That band hit me pretty hard in high school. Bloody Kisses was an outstanding gothic-metal masterpiece. I saw them in concert twice, both times as opening acts. They were a lot of fun. Sadly, each album afterwards was a steady decline. I honestly don’t even remember Dead Again.

  11. For the last few episodes I’ve had a weird blank space in my pop culture memory for 2007, not being super familiar with anything that was coming out at the time. But thanks to this show, I just recalled that ten years ago was the release of the only feature film I ever wrote and directed, called Innocent Idiots. It’s on some streaming services, but, honestly, it’s awful and don’t bother. What strikes me about the time difference is that, when I was filming the movie, there were still no prosumer-level HD digital cameras. So the whole movie is shot on an SD camera that cost me $3000 at the time. Who knew if I had just waited a year or two I could have shot better video with the camera attached to my iPhone?

  12. Shout out to the commentor who mentioned Degrassi Junior High. Australian kids growing up in the 1990s all have warm memories about this show. Btw, it gets a mention in Kevin Smith’s ‘Chasing Amy’ too.

  13. Huge Stargate fan over here. I got picked on mercilessly in school because of my love of Stargate, but fuck what the haters say that shit was the bomb. Unending wasn’t what I’d hoped for a finale, it felt too much like one of those episodes where everything goes back to normal at the end. It starts off with one of SG-1’s oldest alien allies giving them the complete database of their knowledge and they soon find out that they can’t use the database because the bad guys can track the energy signature that it gives off, so they find themselves cornered and as a last resort active a time dilation field around their ship. The rest of the episode is basically a “what would happen to these people 50 years down the road” with various team members hooking up, etc. In the end they figure out a way to escape and turn back time for everybody except one member who has to stay behind (convinently Teal’c the alien team member who has a lifespan of hundreds of years so 50 years is nothing to him). The episode ends with the team back to normal, (except Teal’c who now has a grey streak in his hair) and the alien database that they can no longer use until the bad guys are defeated, setting up the premise for one of the 2 straight to DVD movies

  14. Thought there was going to be a Romie-0 & Julie-8 from Nelvana reference about the Simpsons Rome-Old & Julie-Eh title bit.

  15. Great to have Type O Negative highlighted for once, and I see we have a couple of fans here too. Brett, I’d say every album from and including Bloody Kisses (the others being October Rust, World Coming Down, Life Is Kililng Me, Dead Again) is definitely worth a listen. Their first two are pretty rough, and the second, the tastefully-named “The Origin of the Feces,” is mostly just a remix of the first, “Slow, Deep and Hard,” so I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re curious. And if this is too much to absorb, you can’t go wrong with “The Least Worst Of Type O Negative,” their greatest hits album which sizes down most of their bigger songs and includes four original tracks into a neatly-trimmed eighty-minute package. And, of course, RIP Peter.

    Now if we’re talking about the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, I can give you the straight poop about Fear Factory too if you’d like. Just lemme know.

    1. Hmm. Allow me to respectfully disagree. I honestly think Slow Deep and Hard, and the “live” album Origin of Feces are both better than all the albums that came after bloody kisses. Yes, they are much more raw and edgy than the more polished sound that came later, but they are distinctly Type O Negative in style, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The cover of Origin of Feces was a photo of Peter Steele’s asshole. And it wasn’t actually a live album – they faked it. They just recorded themselves performing in a big room with their friends acting like the live crowd.

      Song highlights from their first album include:
      “Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity” – Guy finds out his girl is cheating, sings “I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else”
      “Xero Tolerance” – Guy decides to kill his cheating girl and her boyfriend
      “Glass Walls of Limbo (Dance Mix)” – Nothing but chants, weird grunts and sound effects. It’s also seven minutes long.
      “Gravitational Constant” – The misery of life is as consistent as gravity, so might as well kill myself
      “The Misinterpretation of Silence and it’s disastrous Consequences” – One minute of silence

      Now, October Rust is certainly a very solid album, but just not as consistent as Bloody Kisses.

      World Coming Down is just plain awful.

      Life is Killing Me has some fun tracks. “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” if an upbeat, catchy tune. “I Like Goils” is a parody of gay panic (I think), and they do a cover “Angry Inch” from the play.

      The Least Worst of is definitely a good place for beginners.

      1. And just to be clear: I think pretty much everyone agrees that Bloody Kisses is their best album. If you can only get one Type O Negative album, make it Bloody Kisses. BUT – there are actually TWO versions of the album that feature drastically different track orders, as well as completely different tracks all together.

        The first version contains several musical/audio interludes, as well as the songs “We Hate Everyone” and “Kill All the White People”
        The second version dropped those tracks and added the song “Suspended in Dusk.”

        The first version is the better album. But both contain their classics, such as “Christian Woman,” “Black No. 1,” and “Summer Breeze”

  16. So, there’s an absolute madman on the /r/Music subreddit that’s compiling a playlist of every song that ever made the Top 40, starting in 1940. I don’t think he’s gotten up to 1987/97/2007 yet, but it might be useful for the music segments or if you’re just the kind of weirdo like me that this kind of thing appeals to. Check it out if you have 200 hours or so to spare:


  17. Speaking of Spalding Gray, his next movie releases in the next week in 1997, Gray’s Anatomy. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Gray’s Anatomy is about Spalding’s ordeal with curing his macular pucker (his eye is fucked) as he does everything he can besides getting the necessary surgery. It’s surprisingly interesting as Gray is a great monologist and story teller.

  18. I was one of those jerks who hated the Ewoks. As a kid (watching Star Wars in the theater) I loved the Jawas. I can see now that the Ewoks are to your generation what the Jawas were to mine. I’m ok with Ewoks now. In fact one of the best companions in SWTOR was an Ewok. I still hate the Ewok celebration song at the end of the original Jedi.

  19. My family’s familiarity with Joss Whedon began with Angel. We the found Buffy via reruns shown early in the morning. My wife returns home from work a couple of hours before me and I would always find her watching an Angel rerun. Now I find her watching a Charmed or more recently Arrow rerun. I tried to buy the shows and watch them with her but for whatever reason, she must have commercials?

    Stargate, we own every Episode of every series. The movie, SG, SG Atlantis and SG Universe. I fell in love with Amada Tapping. My wife is a big Richard Dean Anderson fan.

  20. The Isley Brothers have been a staple of soul music since the 50’s and released an album as recently as 2006. In 2001 they had a top 20 hit with “Contagious” featuring R. Kelly. Probably they’re most well known song (but not they’re biggest hit) is 1983’s “Betwern the sheets” the song it’s self is instantly recognizable but the melody is, as it is one of the most sampled songs in modern music. It has been sampled by Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, and Common but its most notable use was in 1994 by the Notorious B.I.G. on “Big Poppa”.

  21. The reason he goes “back” to the cabin in Evil Dead 2 is because they couldn’t get the rights to the first film, so they couldn’t do any kind of a recap.

    So they basically remade the first film in about the first 10-15 minutes of the second. The second film picks up where the demon comes through the front door and picks up Ash and pushes him through the trees.

  22. Once, in middle/high school, my sister had a Halloween sleep over and watched horror movies with her friends. I remember hearing them scream a couple of times. She explained to me later that one of the movies took place in a cabin, a guy cuts off his hand, and the hand attacks him. Many years later I rented all three VHS tapes from Blockbuster one night and watched them in a row. *Man I just aged myself.* It was then that I realized that my favorite of the trilogy was what my sister had watched that Halloween night.
    God of War series is one of my favorite and one of only two series that I bought the main story titles at full price and release day. A quick fun fact about God of War 2, Perseus is voiced by Harry Hamlin. If you are a stop motion fan like me then you know that Harry Hamlin played Perseus in Ray Harryhausen’s final movie, 1981’s Clash of the Titans. I thought it was awesome that they got the actor to voice the role he made iconic.

  23. I have had it up to here with your Stargate indifference!

    Just kidding. Seriously though the show is awesome, watch it. Filled with Simpsons references!

    Also Christopher Judge, the new voice of Kratos played Teal’c in SG-1. He also played the Resolution of Hector on Andromeda.

  24. I had to pause this podcast once you got to “Stargate SG-1, is it good?!”


    I don’t know if it has a special place in my heart from watching it with my dad every day after school, but I always liked the ‘realism’ as a Sci-Fi show. It’s a military approach to dealing with an alien technology and discovering that humans are one of many civilizations. And then you have political struggles with who controls the gate, conspiracies, as well as the ties with Egyptian and Norse mythology , etc. It really got me interested in science, general relativity (time distortion/black holes, etc) as a kid and probably played a big part in leading me into a science career.

    I ended up liking rocks as well, so I went for geology. Rocks are cool.

  25. Return of the Jedi Special Edition is somehow my earliest memory of seeing a movie in a theater. I’d assume my dad probably brought me to the others, but I only have definitive memories of Luke talking to Leia before leaving to confront Vader. Given that it released days before my birthday, this would also mean this episode’s 90’s segment marks twenty years of me going to the movies.

  26. Every time I hear Brett talk about electronic music on the rise in the 97 (and 96 at the time) segments, I’m just waiting for him to go on a tirade about how difficult it actually was to FIND the stuff. First you had the hardest time seeing the music videos if those tracks even had one, and even then, who’s to know if the version in the video is a remix? MTV’s AMP almost never told you as much, and neither did the radio when a certain track made it on there, (Imagine my surprise when I heard the Album Version of “Spin Spin Sugar” from The Sneaker Pimps…) Going to your local record store, or Media Play, or Blockbuster / Wherehouse Music or Tower Records was its own little struggle as well. Hip Hop? Rock? Country? HUGE AISLES of the stuff! Looking for Techno? Drum & Bass? Gabber? House? Welcome to the “Dance” section that was maybe 1/16th the size of any other aisle in the record store, where you get a “wonderful” mix of CDs ranging from Atari Teenage Riot to Fatboy Slim to Lou Bega remixes to Gloria Estefan to The Chemical Brothers, to DISCO HITS 2-DISC COMPILATION to Psychobitch to Dieselboy to Goldie to The Prodigy…you get the idea. If it beep-booped too much, into the “dance” section it went! Even worse when they’d call it, “Electronics”, which came off as the “we don’t know what to call this” genre…

    Excellent work on the show, though! Also, the first few times I was listening to y’all, I was hearing Diana’s twitter name was “LessThanANerd” instead of the proper, “LeCineNerd”. WHOOPS!

  27. I’ll chime in as a fan of Stargate SG-1. It’s better than the movie.
    One of the great things about the show was they decided to have some fun with it.

    Example: One of the main heroes, Jack, would compare their main enemy (the Goa’uld), to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. Then, Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer) shows up as a character on the show. And he and Jack have a discussion about the Mr. Burns/Goa’uld comparison!

    I remember one funny scene where a character uses the word MacGuyver as a verb, while the former star of MacGuyver is a main character on the show.

    I liked Star Trek, but smiled more often while watching Stargate SG-1.

  28. For shame! No mention of LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver (3/12/2007)?

    Seriously though, I think it’s definitely one of the best albums of 2007 (if not decade). I love everything LCD ever did, but this was them at their peak power IMO, simultaneously making you dance, laugh and cry, garnering them the critical acclaim and fandom that led to the incredible final show at Madison Square Garden chronicled in the awesome “Shut Up and Play The Hits” documentary.

    Never a better time to check them out since they are supposed to be releasing a new album this year after a 6-7 year hiatus.

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