Citizen Kane, Talking Simpsons and YOU!

Can’t believe so many Simpsons fans have been so defiantly opposed to watching Citizen Kane, but we finally have the solution!

So here’s what happened: Talking Simpsons, Laser Time’s chronological exploration of the The Simpsons, just covered the episode “Rosebud”, and Chris promised to run¬†Citizen Kane on Laser Time TV at some such date. And of course something got fucked up. In our defense… Shut up? You’ve had over 75 years to watch Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, and your primary motivation was a podcast about a 30-year-old cartoon show. You have no culturally-superior leg to stand on. *Ahem*…

CITIZEN KANE WILL RUN ON LASER TIME TV (below) @ 12AM, 3AM, 9AM, 2:45 PM, and 7PM on SATURDAY (March 11th) and SUNDAY (March 17th)

You’ve had three decades to enjoy the context for this episode. WHO IS THE REAL MONSTER HERE?!

But since we still want to make good on our promises, here’s what’s going down: We’re going to run Citizen Kane, in addition to a bunch of Simpsons stuff, all goddamn day on Laser Time TV today, Saturday March 11th. And because most of you don’t check the site, our Twitter, our Facebook, our YouTube channel, or even remember our fucking birthdays with any regularity, we’re going to rerun the whole shebang NEXT FRIDAY, March 17th, because we’re just that magnanimous. You’re welcome. And for fucksake, watch Citizen Kane. It’s every bit as amazing as it is free. Or buy it on Amazon.

NOTE: Laser Time TV is a bold experiment we probably shouldn’t be bothering with
-Time Zones are designated to you. NO MATH REQUIRED!
-Programming a channel is hard. We probably cant keep this up. 
-You can watch this on your television via almost any web browser. Fire up you Xbox One, PS4, Etc., hit the fullscreen button, ENJOY


3 thoughts on “Citizen Kane, Talking Simpsons and YOU!

  1. You guys should take some volunteer help for programming if it becomes too much of a timesink, because I looooove lasertime tv and really want to see it keep going!

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