WrestleMania Celebrities Face Off – Fantasy Fight!

While the WWE’s biggest event attracts its share of celebs, few actually compete within the squared circle at WrestleMania. We’ve picked six dudes that threw down at ‘Mania to see which famous brawler is the highest on the A-list!

Yessir, it’s time for another Laser Time Fantasy Fight, and this time real-world WWE is making its presence felt. We’ve got WrestleMania right around the corner, and to celebrate the upcoming occasion, we’re putting six of the most storied competitors in a single match. Er, six of the most storied *celebrity* encounters, that is. Shaq, Lawrence Taylor, Mickey Rourke, Mr. T, Floyd Mayweather and Butterbean face off in a winner-takes-all Battle Royal, and you can watch the action below!

Looking for more Fantasy Fight fun? Watch the cast of the NES’ Pro Wrestling thrown down! Looking for more ‘Mania celebration? We’ve also got a look behind the scenes at WWE’s biggest event!

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