Laser Time – King Kong vs Godzilla, and Monster Size Rankings!

With King Kong back in theaters, we compare the varying sizes of the big ape and his lizard pal Godzilla, before ranking every monster, from Gremlins to Pacific Rim’s kaiju!


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35 thoughts on “Laser Time – King Kong vs Godzilla, and Monster Size Rankings!

  1. I thought Skull Island was a blast, certainly the best attempt at a Kong movie since the original, and a really good movie in its own right. Plus, with the where Kong is depicted/ portrayed, the idea of him actually being able to stand his ground against Godzilla and not eat shit immediately is more plausible.

    (SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR SKULL ISLAND) That being said, based on the movie, I think it’ll end up moreso being a team-up thing than a whole versus affair.

    1. Mention this on BT. but ehhhhhh the site lists its wingspan as 600 feet, not necessarily its height. So it’s wide af but is it TALLER than Slattern? Only scholars can know for sure

  2. what about that Cloverfield monster, it’s supposed to be pretty big right? I don’t care, you included the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. that made me unbelievably happy.

  3. I thought Skull Island was the fucking dumbest movie Ive ever fucking seen, I have no fucking idea why everyone loves it and its ratings are so high, so many jokes failed, most scenes and characters were pointless or just poorly edited/directed, awful just fucking awful. A michael bay Transformers movie has more logic, it was the biggest piece of shit.
    Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston have no purpose being characters, it just shouldve been about John C Reiley and Sam Jackson since they were the only good parts and plot.
    The peter jackson one may be long and indulgent but at least its coherent and characters have purpose. Godzilla(2014) seems way better now by comparison, and the soldiers arent fucking unfunny imbeciles. I hope Godzilla just kicks this Kongs fucking ass for being such a shit movie.
    Just awful by how bland and mediocre it was
    Ruined my good movie streak of 2017, Lego Batman-great, Get Out-great, Logan-great, but this was a piece of shit

    1. I love you, but man could I not disagree any more. Unlike 2014 Godzilla I at least care about ONE of the characters (Reily). And Hiddleston and Brie may be a bit nothing, but at least the movie doesn’t focus on them as much as 2014 did on Taylor-Johnson who was THE fucking worst in Godzilla. Hiddle and Brie are just inoffensive. Most of the mediocre reviews out there seem to lazer in on only one character having dimensions. Were people expecting complex characters from their giant monster movie (and if you were, John C Reilly is goddamn fantastic), or action? And man, the only reason this movie isn’t R rated is because of who’s distributing it.

        1. I didnt expect great characters but I didnt expect characters so bad I didnt care about if they died, Maybe if the film was just John C reileys perspective.
          Hiddleston is the same as Johnson but Johnsons characters skills actually play a part in the movie, Hiddlestons tracking skills are useless besides he knows which direction to go at all times.

          1. THIS I do agree with though, also poor Goodman was chumped out. Waste of an actor.

    2. I’m with TheOneGuy and may have to dust off the old line “were we watching the same movie?”

      Unlike Transformers, which you name drop and I think are up there with some of the worst THINGS in general, I can perfectly see what is happening in the action sequences, the camera lingers on shots (great use of lighting, establishing shots, NOT cutting fights short before they started unlike Godzilla 14) and the monsters had a sense of weight to them (like Pacific Rim, also better than Transformers). The film takes breaks when it needs to and you can’t talk about “pointless characters” then defend Peter Jackson’s version. Skull Island had bland characters, sure (but not offensive or frustrating like Transformers) but it didn’t spend the length of the original King Kong to set up characters who died off without fanfare and forgotten about and/or vanish in the third act like Jackson’s had, just wasting time.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have major issues with the film that we’d agree upon, no doubt, but Transformers level? Hell no.

      1. I felt like the director or editor didnt know when to end a scene, maybe cause the script was so bad.
        At least michael bay movies speed through and and one thing you can say is that he does military right, these guys were so fucking dumb and awfully written i couldnt stand it and could not care less when one of them they died as opposed to the jackson version where when any character died i did care.
        But then again so many things happened and id be like ‘and?” or something so cliche id be like “so what?”

        1. Sorry but I’m still not seeing it the issue and there is literally nothing that can be defended about Transformers for me at least. You want to talk bad script, I wouldn’t bring those films up for comparison and yes, they did speed through but at the cost of coherence and pace (and the Transformers themselves looking ugly as sin).

          As for the deaths, I’m glad you did care about deaths in Jacksons, fair enough but again for me I didn’t and like I said the reason the lack of caring in Skull Island didn’t both me was due to time spent in a nutshell. You can make me care about deaths in movies, few monster movies have so I don’t expect them to… funnily enough besides some of the monsters to be honest, like Kong, which Jackson DID handle well.

      2. And I feel no kong scene was better than the trex fight of jackson, skullcrawlers were so boring.
        And none of the human action scenes entertained me, reiley was entertaining but only on a camp level.
        I like 2014 godzilla because its just people trying to survive in big monsters wake and its way better shot and scenes better edited, who cares if theres little godzilla bc the godzilla you get is great, whereas so many Kong scenes felt drawn out(where hes chained up), pointless(facing larson/hiddleston on the mt.)and confusing(beating chest at the end seeing the helicopters).
        And I dont care if a characters boring if theyre realistic, but i cant stand both dumb unfunny characters.

        1. Ah you see this is a simple case of difference since for me many points are echoed by Chris in the episode, that Godzilla 14 has great moments and ideas (like the way it was shot at times) but it wasn’t enough to sustain the rest. With Kong, it was more to the point. The scenes didn’t feel overly long for me, the last one being the longest because it is the climax after all and I literally don’t know what to tell you regarding KONG beating his chest.

      3. No theres a point when any of the film crew dies in Jacksons Kong and the Jack Black characters keeps saying they wont be forgotten, or its horrific to see any of the ship crew die, They arent in the third act because itd be weird if they were.
        Maybe it was just better cause they could fight back Jacksons whereas guns in Skull Island were completely useless and yet the characters still kept shooting.

        1. Oh I understand why they’re not in the third act, tt worked in the original. But no, the film wasted time where it didn’t need to and made a lot of the build up ultimately pointless. If it was cut down to a reasonable extent maybe I would have been less noticeable. And yes, while Black does repeat his line, which for the while works but like a lot of things went no where.

    1. My problem with pacific rim besides nonsense dialogue, is that all the kaiju looked the same and the reveal that generic looking aliens were making them.

      Also love the brain stew godzilla remix, best thing to come out of that movie.

  4. So, one thing to keep in mind is that John C Reilly’s character said the Kong in the most recent movie is still growing, so it’s not inconceivable for him to be much bigger when the movies need him to be.

  5. I think the Lasertime crew are wrong about the bathroom healing scene in Predator 2 and miss the point. Things like the xenomorphs are just animals, like being attached by a wolf or a bear. The Predators aren’t like that. They’re not mindless monsters, they’re an intelligent race. It was actually kind of a neat detail that they have field medicine they use on a hunt, just like a human on a safari would carry a first aid kit and make use of the natural herbs and other elements in the environment if they get injured.

    1. I do like the scene, it’s just played for laughs against the old woman watching Jeopardy, which is amusing but is kinda goofing up the otherwise dead serious lives of the Predators. I think it’s funny either way, just would’ve maybe liked it more if the field medic moment was more dire or something

  6. Great episode! I’ve always loved size comparisons of various kaiju and it’s great to hear you guys delve into it. I’ve been a life long Godzilla fan and finally got to see a Toho Godzilla in theaters last year with Shin Godzilla. A few of my non Godzilla obsessed friends were a little bored by the talking bits, but I thought the whole movie was great. I agree with Brett that the “surprises” in Godzilla’s appearance and moveset just made him that much more weird and terrifying. Anyway, more Godzilla stuff please!

  7. I thought Godzilla 2014 was okay. I enjoyed it at the theaters, possibly because I was starved for a new Godzilla since 2004, but who knows. I’ve been avoiding a rewatch because I know I won’t like it as much as on the first viewing. I like the “suit” design and the acting was decent, but Godzilla doesn’t get a lot of screen time and the fight/destruction scenes are few and short and mostly at the end. I feel like most other Godzilla movies don’t have the same pacing issues. They usually show him early if not right at the beginning, and there’s usually 2-3 fight scenes throughout the movie.

  8. No mention of the worms from the Tremors movies? Though not “tall” they were long and pretty scary, at the the first movie

  9. I know I already commented but I just want to say that this episode was GREAT and a blast to listen to. Fascinating and fun topic, and a lot of talk about movies that are always interesting to me (mostly because the more I get into them, the more I found out there are to track down and watch). Props to Brett (and whomever else) for putting this together. Probably my favourite episode of 2017 so far. Cheers, y’all.

  10. This was a fucking excellent episode, you guys. Episodes like this make me wish you guys would have longer shows on occasion because I could listen to you guys talk about this forever.

  11. I own the giant special edition of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, with 3 or 4 very expensive, CGI-heavy bonus scenes. It very conveniently splits the movie into two disks: one with everything before Skull Island, and one with everything after they get there. Somebody knew what they were doing with that.

  12. Talk shit about all kong movies not the 33 version. Talk shit about prometheus. Missing the point of the bathroom scene in the superior Predator movie. maybe you just have shit taste in monster movies.

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