Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror IV

For the the fourth time, it’s another Halloween with The Simpsons, and we dare say it’s the best one they ever did. We’ve got Satan, gremlins, and vampires, plus the scariest of all… DOGS PLAYING POKER! All that and more in this week’s podcast…


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And here’s the “Oh Boy Bobby compilation we mentioned on the show. Thanks to Johnathan Wilson for stitching this madness together.

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20 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror IV

  1. Me and my friends adopted the Super Fun Happy prefix too! We used it all the time, and superfunhappypassword was my pass all the way through high school.

  2. I believe Chris is thinking of Wackosaurus trading cards, which took dinosaur models and dressed them up in ’80s fashions and put them on surfboards and shit. I had a ton of those as a kid.

    1. And of course, I made this comment while listening and THEN HENRY HAD TO GO AND REFERENCE THIS!

      “Myyyyyy mistake,” – Chris Antista

  3. That Stooges bit during the last segment; I always thought the joke was that Bart was doing Lou Costello, and Lisa just getting it wrong. Yes? No?

  4. Henry needs to check his confidence on vampires.
    1. Vampirism can be interpreted many ways, corruption, parasitism, the other, drug addiction and yes sex.
    2. Bram Stokers Vampire, Dracula while sexualized, is not the first just the most famous, the idea of vampires existed long before.
    3. Jumping to the idea of Burns fucking Bart is weird Henry, just weird.

  5. Baseball cards were originally packaged with tobacco, not gum. They started packaging cardboard photos with tobacco back in the 1880s and it wasn’t just athletes but also war heroes and actors. They started packaging gum with cards in the 1930s to appeal to kids and Topps was the company that really took over in the 1950s.

  6. I had a toy of Homer in the doughnut contraption. Of course you can’t trust me with anything before 25 so it probably got ruined. I hope its not a collectors item.

  7. I’m watching this episode again right now, and holy shit, you guys weren’t kidding about how good it looked. The number of backgrounds, the character models, the fucking camera pans! It’s insane! Also, as a Pennsylvania resident, the cadence with which Homer says, “…country house in…PENNSYLVANIA!” has always stuck with me.

  8. You guys have no idea how thrilling it was to see historical, obscure Philadelphia sports references on The Simpsons. As part of a family deeply ingrained in Philadelphia sports history, it was special seeing that joke about the 76 Flyers (colorfully named the Broad Street Bullies) knowing exactly why it was funny and true. My father was at many of those famous Flyers games from that era, including the Red Army game, and had dealings with many of the players. Despite their reputation on the ice, they are some of the nicest guys you ever want to meet. There several Philadelphia Sports references that kill us every time we hear them like Burns saying he saw Connie Mack play at Shibe Park and when Bart referencing the Cowgirls and the Sheagels. Great reference by Dave Mirkin!

  9. I don’t think Electric Dreams was a blockbuster in any territory, but “Together in Electric Dreams” from the soundtrack was hit in the UK, lasting on the charts for 13 weeks in 1984. I didn’t realise that it wasn’t even released as a single in the US until January 1988, so I expect to hear about it on Thirty Twenty Ten next year.

    The DVD of the movie is available in the UK right now, and it’s getting a Blu-Ray release in June. Looks like licensing issues are keeping it from a US release so for the moment it’s import only. Also, the same director did the 1990 TMNT movie.

  10. I’m surprised how quickly you breezed by the “forbidden donut” line. The “Mmmmm [food]” line was one of Homer’s best catchphrases (second only to D’oh) in the early years and forbidden donut is undoubtedly the best use of it yet.

    Also, as great as that “kill my boss” line is, Marge made me laugh on repeat viewings with “Today he’s drinking blood, tomorrow he could smoking”.

  11. Nixon’s crimes were small potatoes, compared to future presidents who sicced the IRS on their political opponents and used the NSA to spy on congress and presidential candidates.

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