The Best New Amazon Releases: Dangonranpa Fences

One of the Vita’s best story-driven games arrives on PS4 and an Oscar-nominated movie hits Blu-ray, this week on Amazon!

As we hit the mid-point of March, we’re going big! We’ve got a new Laser Time about King Kong and Godzilla, a must-win Mario 3 race for Brett, and a Fantasy Fight featuring WrestleMania’s biggest celebrities. We hope you take the time to check out this stuff this week, as we’ve got a bit of a light week for new games and movies in this brief post-Zelda/Horizon, pre-Mass Effect. window. Still, we have pretty good headliners for the games and Blu-ray departments, even if the undercard is a bit lacking (can you tell we’re looking forward to WrestleMania)? Remember, unless otherwise noted, new games and pre-orders come with a launch-window 20% discount, and that anything you buy during the same visit to Amazon after clicking one of these links puts nickels in our pockets, meaning YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING HERE, JUST BUY ANYTHING DURING THE VISIT TO HELP LASER TIME. Got it? Good.

Danganronpa 1-2 Reload
Ah, Dangonronpa. It’s been touted by many Laser Time regulars (like Hank, Grimm, and Carolyn), but the sad fact of the matter is that yours truly (Dave) hasn’t really dug his claws into the series on account of my exceptionally low Vita usage. Now that the series has been collected and improved for PS4 with a budget price to boot, I might finally check out this murder mystery ahead of Dangonranpa 3 release this fall. Even better than the already low price is that Amazon Prime knocks another 20% off the deal. You’ll be getting away with murder for this price.

Styx: Shards of Darkness
I don’t know much about Styx, except that they’re Adam Sandler’s favorite band in Big Daddy. AND WE’RE NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT THAT STYX. This Styx is a stealth action-RPG that garnered decent critical acclaim some four years ago (you might own it on Xbox One via Games With Gold a few years back). Had this game come out during the December dregs, I might give it a whirl. Still, I’ll keep an eye open once I clear out my March backlog. But if you’re in the mood for Styx now, you’ll save 20% if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Another March week, another top Oscar movie hitting home video. If you didn’t listen to our dissection of Fences during Oscar Time 2017, it’s a pretty great acting showcase for the likes of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis (the latter of whom won an Academy Award for her role). It’s based off a play and is similarly underwhelming in terms of set, but if you want to see some major family drama unfold, give a peek over these Fences!

Hmm… while I haven’t seen Passengers, the premise seems a bit on the creepy side and I don’t think America’s funny hunk Chris Pratt has the chops to pull off a lonely dude pulling an unwitting woman out of cryostasis. But I can’t deny that Pratt and J-Law are among the most charming actors working today (plus I’m a sucker for actor-driven sci-fi like this, Arrival, and The Martian) so I might hop on for Passengers.

Red Dawn
Blu-ray? More like Red-ray, am I right?! I’m not quite sure why 1984’s Red Dawn is getting an HD re-release in 2017, but seeing brat pack actors wage war in a depressing Russian-ruled hellscape should be great in 1080p with some neat bonus features (including a 70-minute making-of documentary) and cool box art. If you want to see the stars of Dirty Dancing shoot commies, here’s your chance!



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