The birth of DVD and rebirth of TMNT, plus Carrey Lies and Stone Cold turns antihero – Mar 17-23

This week in ’87, Robert Townsend told the black actor’s story in Hollywood Shuffle. Liar Liar and Toonami debuted in ’97, plus Stone Cold’s infamous battle with Bret Hart changed wrestling history. Then in ’07 we witnessed a one-off Ninja Turtles film.


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48 thoughts on “The birth of DVD and rebirth of TMNT, plus Carrey Lies and Stone Cold turns antihero – Mar 17-23

  1. Has it ever been explained why music is the last segment for the 80’s, then the first for the other two decades?

    1. I like to end and begin a segment with music – we come in with the main theme so we go out with 80s music. then we come into 90s with a 90s song and tend to exit the 90s with a 90s song, then come into 00s with a 00s song and so on.

      1. It’s always seemed a little odd to me to switch the formats around, but it works fine. And every time I hear the new, shortened opening I’m glad it was done, and wish the other shows didn’t still have half a minute of music at the beginning of every show.

  2. Rastan was part of a Master System commercial that I saw a lot in the days when no one had a Master System anyway. It also R-Type, I think, and Golvellius, and others that don’t spring to mind.

    1. That ad was the first place I ever heard of Ys! Years later when I saw a Rastan machine in a hotel lobby, my thought was “Oh, it’s like Legendary Ax or Astayanax” because I’d experienced the games that iterated on it before the original.

  3. I won’t leap to the defense of either Adam Sandler or Reign Over Me on the whole. But, man, his monologue near the end of that film broke me in half. I remember my then-girlfriend coming into the family room just after that scene had ended, asking me what was wrong, and I couldn’t find words for a moment. I just pulled her onto the couch and held onto her for a moment instead.

    That said, I have no desire to revisit the film.

  4. Sigh my parents still refuse to watch anything widescreen. I recall The Wedding Singer being the first DVD my family owned and I would bring my ps2 downstairs so they could watch it. This practice continued for 2 plus years until I got them a DVD player for Christmas ’04

    1. Whenever I get a DVD today that says it’s been reformatted to fit my screen it fills me with rage, I have a 16×9 TV, this film has been formatted away from fitting my screen!

  5. OOOHHHH DDDDOOOCCCTTTOOORRR, LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver” is such an amazing album. While the Bravery comparison Brett labelled to their first album is fairly apt, on their 2nd and 3rd records the band sound much less like “an of the moment” 2000s dance-punk act and more of a revivalist project steeped in older electronic dance traditions, but with a real emotional core that provides them with a unique artistic identity.

    Off of Sound of Silver, go listen to “Get Innocuous!” “North American Scum” “Someone Great” “All My Friends” and “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”.

    And off their 2010 followup This Is Happening, the essential cuts are “Dance Yrself Clean”, the very Bowie-inspired “All I Want” “I Can Change” and “You Wanted a Hit”.

    LCD Soundsystem are one of my favorite bands of all time and highly recommend you check them out if you’re at all into (mostly) band-performed electronic dance music.

  6. This is the week I turn 10, 20 and 30 (and 40 on Tuesday), but aside from a 10th birthday full of bad C64 games I don’t have any strong memories to share (I was stuck in my parents’ house alone for my 30th).

    I’m way more interested in talking about the DVD launch. I spent months saving up for a DVD-ROM drive I bought in 1998, because they were barely half the price of standalone players, and running a video out to my TV. I had a friend who could afford laserdisc Criterion Collection movies, and the idea of getting that level of crazy extras for $20-40 instead of $100+ (and for movies like Blade that Criterion wouldn’t touch) felt like a revelation. It took me a while to understand why anyone wouldn’t want widescreen, but working in the movies/games department of Best Buy for the PS2 launch made me understand; I had a 25″ TV that I had invested heavily in, but a lot of PS2 buyers were stuck with a 19″ or even smaller screen, so buying a movie that would only play on a third of that wasn’t at all appealing.

  7. Also, that Turtles movie is FUCKING AWESOME. I was literally the only person in the theater when I saw it, but it’s SO much fucking fun.

    1. (sorry to reply to my own comment, I accidentally hit post). It’s definitely a sequel to the live-action movies; Shredder’s still dead from TMNT2, and the trophy case shown at the end is all props from those two films.

      1. That’s right, Splinter’s trophy case has Shredder’s helmet from the first movie, the ooze canister from the second movie, and the time traveling scepter from the third movie.

  8. “¡AYYY, SELENA Y LOS DINOS!” Selena is a really solid movie, I highly recommend it. I grew up in Texas, and if you take a Spanish class in high school in Texas, you’re going to watch Selena at least once.

    I only know Sound of Silver because Stephen King spent a whole page splooging on it in Under the Dome, which was annoying, but far from the worst thing about that book.

    Also, in addition to my unofficial title as literature consultant, I’d like to appoint myself jam band consultant and say that Leftover Salmon’s Euphoria came out in this timeframe (March 18, 1997) … I’ve never listened to it, but go back and listen to “Pasta on the Mountain” from 1993’s Bridges to Bert if you ever need to be reminded why you hate hippies and jam bands. (I personally love jam bands, and when they’re on, highs don’t come much higher—pun intended—but the lows are lower than just about any other kind of music.)

  9. I loved The Charmings as a kid, to the point that when I first heard about Bill Willingham’s universally lauded comic book series, FABLES (aka, what “The Wolf Among Us” is based on), my first thought was, “Oh, it’s like The Charmings, but more adult.” And, at a very base level, it really is. (A possible inspiration?…) I’m sure the show doesn’t hold up for me at 40, but at 10, I loved the premise and caught it every week.

    I also remember loving Roomies — not who was in the cast, though! Wow.

  10. ATARI TEENAGE RIOT!!! Yeah, one of my favourite bands of all time. It inspired me to make a zine about punk/electronic music and I interviewed Alec Empire three times between 1998 and 2003. ‘Deutschland Has Gotta Die!’ is freaking awesome.

  11. As someone who grew up in southern Florida, we had Univision or CBS on either side of the dial. There was a quiet agreement between kids in the neighborhood that channel 3 (the spanish channel) had a “better feel’ and looked sharper for whatever reason.

  12. Turtles Forever is a goddamn farce! i know i’m a dumb stupid Turtles fan, but the ’89 Turtles are treated like lame assholes compared to the super cool and correct 2000’s Turtles. they steal, they run from combat, it is a smear piece against the ’89 Turtles. at one point they hide from danger by hugging the 2000 Turtles.

    the new show that had a Trans-Dimensional Turtles ep had a shred of respect for OUR Turtles, and it was a lot of fun, with all the original voices. It’s hard to hold a grudge against a cartoon crossover, but the new crossover at least respects what we used to love.

  13. Wrestlemania 13 was on my 15th Birthday. I went to a parents friends house to watch it since they had a cheater box.

    I remember when Bret Hart came back from his 6 month break in 1996 and came back and said “Now that I’m back the person I want to wrestle is Steve Austin” I remember thinking “YES, these guys are going to have an awesome match”. That match was great but this match was even better.

    The Austin 3:16 glass covering the tunnel and shattering as Austin’s music started was also a great low budget effect.

  14. My buddy Corwin was an intern on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job during the first season, and he not only appears on-screen briefly in this week’s episode (as the man confused by glow sticks), but the immortal Corwin’s Crouch dance move was named for him.

  15. I’m really enjoying these episodes lately because my wife and I started dating almost exactly 10 years ago. Even though The Hills Have Eyes 2 is a bad, forgettable movie, I remember it fondly because it was the first movie we saw together in the theatre. Nothing says romance like inbred killer mutants.

  16. Have not written a comment in ages, but with the mention of Reign Over Me, a tale must be told. In highschool every gym teacher I had always stopped caring once we hit the health section, leading us to pretty much solely watch movies. As a slightly culturally aware Highschooler this led me to being the only person ever seeing the Godfather which came up during a screening of You’ve Got Mail…because relationships?, I was mocked for this as in the movie Tom Hanks insinuates that it is a true mans movie. This leads me to yet another health class screening this one being the immortal Reign Over Me in order to teach us about mental illness (yeah my school sucked). Eventually we see the videogame Adam Sandler is playing, why it is one of my favourite games Shadow Of The Colossus, I immediately get elated and shout out the name of the game. Only to get mocked by all of the very 80s jock stereotypes in my class, who said “of course Andrew would know that movie”*inset laughter*”it’s nowhere near as cool as Call Of Duty”. High-school sucked, but at least I had Talk Radar, cheers and thanks for the hard work.

  17. The plot Chris has created for Hills Have Eyes 2 is more interesting than the actual movie–it has no real connection to the first movie other than the villains and is just a really boring “what if military people fought them this time” movie.

  18. When Hollywood Shuffle was brought up, and Chris was pondering what happened to Robert Townsend, I knew it was my time to shine. Post the Parent’Hood Robert Townsend has directed mostly forgettable movies save Carmen a Hip-Hopera, a modern retelling of the classic opera. But there are two notable things on his resume. In 2004 he became the program director for The Black Family channel, a rival to BET, which focused on family friendly entertainment. The only notable show produced for it is one of the worst game shows of all time, The Thousand Dollar Bee. It was a spelling bee for children, with the grand prize at the end of the season being a 1000 dollar college scholarship, not the end of each episode, the grand champion at the end of the season walked away with 1000 dollars. The entire prize budget for the show was 1000 dollars. The channel folded in 2007. In 2014 he directed another comedy special that was debut on Netflix at the end of the year. That Special was Bill Cosby 77, which was pulled when the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault allegations began to surface in October of that year. Robert Townsend’s importance in the history of cinema is not recognized nearly enough, and its sad that The Thousand Dollar Bee and Bill Cosby 77 are his most high profile projects of the past 15 years.

  19. TMNT as a whole was an okay movie, but I do have a story with it. For the most part I enjoy seeing movies with at least one other person, but when this came out no one else wanted to see it. I had recently dropped a course and to fill the time I was supposed to be in it I decided to go see the movie instead, all by myself. I’ve been a huge fan of the turtles ever since the 80″s cartoon and I loved the 2003 revival, but it became quickly apparent that this movie was not for me. I was one of the first people to enter the theater, and because of that I watched the cavalcade of parents bringing in their kids or groups of kids. Every time they would see me or catch a glimpse of me I caught a very definite, “Why are you here, are you some kind of pervert,” look. I got a few looks like that when I saw Meet the Robinson’s in theatre, but that was near the end of it’s run while this movie was brand new. Ever since then I stick to my, “Never see a movie by yourself,” rule

    1. Seeing movies by myself is the only way I can see most of the art or indie movies I ever see. I do try to maintain a policy of not seeing animated movies in daytime. One time I had to break it was when I was getting my PS3 fixed (stupid yellow light) and they said it would take 2-3 hours. The only possible way to pass that time was to go to the theatre and the only showing that worked in that time frame was Tin Tin in 2D. Throughout the entire screening a child in mother’s arms kept kicking my seat. When I finally called her out on it she simply proclaimed “What do you expect? He’s a child.” There was definitely a subtle insinuation that I shouldn’t even be there.

      This was NOT by choice!

  20. Wow, has it been 10 years already? I remember, in middle school, while on the way to the movies to watch TMNT with some friends, two other friends were hanging out in the alley between the school and the theater. They offered me my first puff of good ol’ Mary Jane. I remember being really into the movie after that.

    Also, Chris, I had a similar time in school where I refused to talk to anyone. I was a half hispanic, half asian punk kid with long hair and jackets covered in patches and studs going to a school with a 90% white population, most of which only shopped at Hollister or Abercombie. That was my freshman year of high school. It really makes it that much more special when you find friends you truly vibe with, which I did when I switched schools. Cheers to lonely punks who made it through high school!

  21. Okay…I hate to be this guy, but as a HUGE Ben Folds fan, I have to correct something here: Underground was on their self-titled 95 release. The big single, and probably their biggest ever, from Whatever and Ever Amen was Brick, the abortion song. Regardless, it was still nice to hear BFF get some love on the show.

  22. Big ups to bringing up Atari Teenage Riot! So glad they got some recognition in this weeks episode! I discovered them through MTV’s bastard child electronic music video show, “AMP” when their most well known song, “Speed” (Which you’d hear in “The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift” as well as the game, “Lolipop Chainsaw” in part of the final stage) was broadcast to us all there. I got their first American release, “Burn Berlin Burn!” (which was put out by the Beastie Boys “Grand Royal” record label!) which was actually a weird mix of their first two albums, “Delete Yourself!” and “The Future of War”. I’m sure a bunch of listeners will recognize them better from the “Spawn” motion picture soundtrack, as they had a track on it with Slayer called, “No Remorse! (I Wanna Die)” (which was also featured in an SSX commercial.) and was the only track on it that WASN’T IN THE MOVIE WHATSOEVER. They had one more release after that, “60 Second Wipeout” and after years of touring, kinda broke up. Then their MC, Carl Crack, died during a psychosis episode mere DAYS before 9-11-2001, which put the band on a 10 year hiatus (though I’m sure Alec Empire beefing with Hanin Elias helped that along). Listeners might also recognize them after their comeback, as their newer track, “Black Flags” was used in a PlayStation Vita commercial. I left out a bunch of shit, but it’s not as important as what I’ve gotta tell you about next…

    …Now, about the singer, Selena…I was a few years into living in Houston, TX with my mom, and I remember I was just out one day doin’ whatever, and I had to come back home for something. When I got home, my Mom called me up to her room to tell me, “Kenny, Selena died!”. I was distraught immediately, and wanted to know what happened, and before I could ask, she then added, “Yeah, the singer!”, to which that whole distraught bullshit became outright confusion and all I could muster up was, “Wait, WHO!?!”. See, I thought she was talking about my COUSIN, Celina, at that point, as she was the only person in my life with that name (until a few years ago) so I had no idea who this singer was. Cut to the following weekend after her death, in which my best friend Sean, his sister Freeah, my Mom and I, went to Six Flag Astro World (RIP), and it was at that point that we found out just how big this death actually was. I shit you not, every single Mexican girl, from toddler to senior, and every white teenage girl that hung out with mostly mexicans, was wearing a Selena shirt. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Thousands of them…and the four of us had no fucking idea who this woman was! I found out from friends eventually, and then down the line the announcement that she was getting a movie was made. I remember there was a casting call in Houston for Selena’s child, and teenage roles, but when it came out that J-Lo was playing Adult Selena, Mexicans were PISSED! See, there’s this inexplicable beef that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans have with one another (Don’t ask me why, I’m Black and Panamanian.) so for someone from the “Rival Team” to play one of their brightest stars was something of a smack to the face…but they watched that movie anyways!

    It was just sad though…to think the fuckin’ president of her fan club would take her life like that. The Mexican community lost a legend, but the rest of the world wouldn’t ever know how much more legendary Selena could’ve become.

  23. Probably the best time to bring up that my favorite thing about the Hills Have Eyes series is the bizarre lawsuit that surrounding its porn parody. In 2008, a man made a low-budget film promoted as an “Appalachian Comedy” called “The Hills Have Thighs.” Two years later, HBO is promoting his movie for a late night airing on TMC. In the TV listing, he is attributed as the director. All the actors and the movie’s description indicate his film. So, as any aspiring filmmaker would, he goes on Facebook to announce to all his friends and colleagues to tune in at 1:30am. I found an article that describes what happened next:

    Then the appointed hour arrived, with a surprising plot twist: “I saw a set of thighs and realized instantly that wasn’t my movie.”

    Instead of his “hysterical Appalachian comedy,” it showed the film directed by Jim Wynorski, a longtime cult favorite and director of exploitation films with plenty of skin and risque turns on popular movie titles, such as the “The Da Vinci Coed” and “The Witches of Breastwick.”

    Mr. Cromer endured a long night of answering emails and phone calls from angry associates, including at least one state politician. He sued HBO/Showtime (who denied ever promoting the film) for defamation and emotional damages.

  24. Wow, I totally remember The Last Mimzy. I hated that movie. Unfortunately, my little sister loved it so I saw it more times than I wanted to. Also, I tried watching the TMNT movie pretty recently, and I found the over-serious tone and really dated animation (especially in the textures and backgrounds) really hard to watch. I didn’t finish watching it because I was with my friend who has a very low tolerance for bad movies and she demanded we stop watching it about 20 minutes into it.

  25. Long time follower, rarely get time to comment.
    Thank you again for vindicating me. My wife and I have been together for 12 years, but to this day she still steadfastly refuses we saw that TMNT movie in the theater together when it came out. I remember it because her birthday is in March, we both are fans of the Turtles (we both watched the cartoon as kids), and in 2007 had been living together in Queens, where there was one crappy, 5 screen theater walking distance from our apartment. To this day, even after I used the podcast as evidence, she still has no recollection of the movie and insists I saw it with someone else. Which tells you exactly how forgettable you can make a movie about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles putting aside their abandonment issues to fight Cthulhu.

  26. I feel that I must come and defend the honor of Whoopi Goldberg and the specific trilogy of movies Diana mentioned: Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Burglar, and Fatal Beauty.

    I grew up watching these movies a bunch, mostly because my aunt was a huge fan and that’s how I discovered them. They basically came out right after Whoopi broke out and went truly mainstream. And there are some moments in the movies where the studio probably said “Make sure Whoopi acts like Whoopi” with the result being some outlandish humor that doesn’t really fit (think Jim Carrey early on when he did a bunch of out of place slapstick).

    That said, I really enjoy the movies, mostly because they are really well made and have solid supporting casts that really help carry the movie. Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a solid cold-war spy caper with one of the earliest depictions of internet chat that I can remember.

    Burglar is a good action comedy that is set in SF and costars Bobcat Goldthwait at maybe his most “Bobcat” outside of Police Academy. I probably watched this one the most because of HBO, plus, I just thought it was funny.

    Fatal Beauty is the odd man out. It is straight up a Lethal Weapon level bloodbath. Pretty much a straight action thriller with Whoopi dropping a few one-liners. However, she does have a scene that shows just how good an actress she is. Late in the movie, it gets pretty fucking grim, and she tells a story about a burned out drug addict who’s addiction cost her the life of her child – and the story is about her. It’s a pretty powerful scene that is much better than the movie deserves. That said, it’s still a solid 80s action movie.

  27. And welcome to Soap Opera Corner…
    The Bold & The Beautiful is considered a sister show to Young & The Restless as they were both the brain child of William and Lee Bell – they would also have cross overs with some characters visiting LA or Genoa City – B&B was about fashion designers and Y&R had a cosmetic company so it makes sense to have them cross over. B&B is also super popular in other countries.
    The soap it replaced was Capitol – which ended its 5 year run on a freakin cliff hanger – one of the main characters Sloane being put in front of a firing squad in the Middle East while a radio address played basically saying she shouldn’t be put to death. Did she live? Did she die? We will never know.
    Have I mentioned I know way too much about way too much?

  28. Hello Laser Timers. I’ve never left a comment on 30-20-10, but now seemed like the perfect time. When I was 10 in 2007, my parents took me to see Reign Over Me. Both my father and I loved Adam Sandler at the time and anything he was in was like gold to me. I’m not sure if my parents actually knew what the movie was about though. When we got to the the theater, there was no one in their under the age of 60 other than my parents and my myself. I sat through the entire movie without talking, a first by my parents account. Two things happens after the end of the movie, I asked my parents what 9/11 was and some old woman came up to my mom and dad and told them they were terrible parents for letting me see the movie. The movie didn’t really phase me, it was the conversation about 9/11 we had later on that really sunk in.
    Sorry for the length of this, but I don’t think I’ll ever have an opportunity to talk about Reign Over Me.

  29. First time commenter–long time listener.

    I did a double feature of TMNT and Reign Over Me in the movie theater back when I was in college in ’07. My boyfriend at the time was animate about seeing TMNT and as a compromise, he said we could see a movie of my choice the same day. It was the only time I’ve ever seen two movies in the theater in one day. I remember really liking Reign Over Me, and I remember hating TMNT. I completely forgot about this until you mentioned it. That’s why I love this show so much.. it brings back such strange memories for me.

  30. I’m watching a lot more Toonami recently because I bought a certain Internet service, so I’m catching up on streams and watching more PreFlight. You learn a lot of stuff you didn’t realize about the block. As a poor kid, I only had access to VHS tapes from relatives or beg to go to a friend’s house.

  31. Awww, I was waiting for Diana to bring up the Andrei Tarkovski film Stalker when you were discussing the game. I don’t think the game is very strongly based on the film, but there is a connection in the setting and events leading up to the game.

  32. I’m going to bat for TMNT. I really liked that move a lot, it’s actually my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and although the overall plot is pretty cliche, I think it absolutely nails the characters. The Ninja Turtles are really built on the interplay between the turtles themselves, and how their personalities clash or work together. The complicated relationship between Leonardo and Raphael in particular is absolutely perfect. I was always sad that it didn’t do well enough to get a sequel, and instead we got the Michael Bay Transformers treatment, ugh.

    The genius of the Ninja Turtles is that it taps into that perfect division of personalities into four groups that seems to pop up everywhere with roughly equivalent categories: Leonardo is Winston Zeddemore is Paul McCartney is Gryffindor, Raphael is Peter Venkman is John Lennon is Slytherin, Donatello is Egon Spengler is George Harrison is Ravenclaw, and Michelangelo is Ray Stantz is Ringo Starr is Hufflepuff.

    I saw this movie when it came out with my then-girlfriend. We didn’t date that long, but we’re still friends. She lives in Austin now with her video game designer husband and is a voice-over actress for anime.

  33. I really liked Reign Over Me a lot, I thought it was a very good portrayal of PTSD that didn’t involve military combat, which is still kind of rare in film and television. But my sister is a marriage and family therapist, and she was originally the person who got me to watch this movie because she holds it up as the best on-screen portrayal of a therapist. That is to say, they’re not BREAK THE RULES DIG DEEP like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, and they’re not primed for having an affair with their patients like… well, almost every female therapist in a movie ever. My sister still maintains that Reign Over Me is an accurate depiction of the process someone with PTSD goes through, without any dramatic, all-at-once breakthrough.

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