Racer Time: SMB3 Brett vs Chris – World 7

Uuuuuugh here we go. World 7. The one with all the pipes. No one is looking forward to this. It’s going to sap our will to live. But we must persevere and see if Brett can keep his momentum going!

Things looked bleak as last week’s Racer Time began. Chris was in a commanding, essentially unbeatable lead. And even now, the best Brett can do is tie. But coming back from such a deficit would make for great TV, so let’s rally behind ol’ Bert and make this a real race!

Tune in today at the usual 3pm Pacific!

2 thoughts on “Racer Time: SMB3 Brett vs Chris – World 7

  1. In Mario 3 if you are playing two player and select where the other player is standing, you play a version of the arcade Mario Bros.

    So if their is a tie why not a best of 7 arcade Mario Bros. within Super Mario Bros. 3

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