Talking Simpsons – Marge On The Lam

Marge finally gets a friend of her own in this homage to Thelma & Louise, as well as the introduction to ballet, invisible soda, and the introduction of Miguel Sanchez, all in this week’s podcast…


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32 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Marge On The Lam

  1. Why do cutaways in these Simpsons episodes irritate me less than they do in Family Guy? They’re actually starting to irritate me now, watching these episodes again for the first time in 15 or so years.

  2. If you are looking for more of that short story comedy there was a guy in Canada who is famous for it. He recently died so there won’t be anymore new ones but I loved it growing up and it’s for sure worth a listen.

    Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio by CBC Radio

  3. One of the funny parts of Dr Pepper 10 you may remember is that their original ad campaign for it was “It’s not for women.” and was built around a whole “no women allowed at all” kind of vibe.

    1. Funnily enough I haven’t listen to this episode as of yet but I’m going out on a limb here and guess what it is they talked about… I wondered as such too.

  4. I once called into work and said I couldn’t come in because I was stuck inside two vending machines.

    My boss got the reference and laughed her ass off.

  5. Henry, your constant need to make EVERYTHING a gay issue on this show is turning into unbearable territory.

    Could the writers have intended for this show to have a heavy gay subtext on its story? Sure, but to make every minute detail about how Bart said a word, Skinner and Willie having “gay tension” or in this episode: Marge hanging out with a female friend. Not everything needs to be analyzed as such and the thing that really irks me is during the middle of a discussion about a scene, you constantly derail the show by throwing out some barely tangential reach about how this thing is really about homosexuality. If it’s Smithers awkwardly running into John Waters, or one of his erotic dreams of Burns, or even something that showed a hint of things to come for Patty, absolutely point it out and talk about it. Just PLEASE stop doing this for every episode and every new character that pops up.

    “One thing that dates this episode is Ruth and Marge on the run. They should just fuck”

    … What? And..

    “Homer’s jealousy was a bit weird here, is he jealous because he thinks Marge and Ruth are going on a lesbian date?”

  6. I am pretty sure crystal pepsi isn’t even a diet soda (google says a 12 oz has 250 calories, the same as regular pepsi) so idk what the point of it is

    1. Crystal Pepsi has a lime-y taste to it, so I’m assuming it was their attempt at making a lime-y soda before they made Pepsi Lime (which you can still get in some places) but not call it Pepsi Lime for whatever reason.

      1. The current Crystal Pepsi doesn’t even have the lime taste, it just tastes like flat Pepsi. The old one was better.

  7. I’m a fellow “city liberal,” as Chris might say, but even I am getting fatigued by the left wing mewling half of every episode has become. Please guys, just try to match the tone of the The Simpsons itself, which was always left-of-center. Out of our beloved trio, I think Chris has it most nuanced.

    At current, I’m dreading the approach of Homer Badman for the expected meltdowns.

    1. I don’t think either Henry or Bob is capable of that, based on a quick look at their twitter feeds. Maybe they could just bring on a guest for certain episodes to help keep them on track/call them on their bullshit? I feel like Mike Grimm would be a good choice.

    2. Only upcoming episode discussion I can see spiraling into chaos is “The Cartridge Family” mainly because during the actual production of the episode half the staff were pro-gun and the other half were anti-gun and thus tried to make an episode that poked fun at guns while remaining politically neutral and that can be taken by any reviewer who is pro or anti-gun as the staff being “cowards” deserving of long rants.

      1. I could certainly be wrong, but I don’t think gun control is a major trigger for this group. That is one of my favorite episodes, so if they start complaining about Congress or Middle America et al, I will be a bit disappointed.

        My hope is that TS can return to leaning on the informative analysis and charming fan gushing that hooked me in the first seasons.

  8. For someone who has never watched Thelma Louise and no interest but seen endless parodies, why do they drive off the cliff

    1. It’s been a long time but I believe it had something to do with the law being after them and no escape. A potential point of view is it was their true escape from it all; or they were going out on their terms in a blaze of glory. Or “Gay”

        1. Oh. Well you really should just watch the movie but it starts with a creep getting shot, and there’s a robbery in there as well. Again though it’s been a long while since I seen it.

  9. I honestly don’t think this episode had anything to do with sexuality, which is why the whole “they should kiss” thing at the end seems a bit out of place. I think this episode was more about how lonely Marge’s life was. She has a husband (who is an idiot) and kids (who she doesn’t connect a whole lot with) but she doesn’t have any friends and feels lonely. They were parodying Thelma and Louise, sure but I really don’t think the sexual aspect was supposed to be a factor.

    That said, I like the personal anecdotes but boy, we are treated to another story about Henry’s dad kind of being a shitty person.

  10. Garrison Keillor falls into the category of humorist, which I’ve always understood to be secret code for “not funny”.

    Also, I think the Eubanks they’re referring to is Bob Eubanks, not Kevin.

  11. Thanks guys for another awesome podcast. I’ve never been into podcasts as such but Talking Simpsons has changed that! Look forward to it every week (such a damn weiner kid) and always enjoy the analysis; you obviously invest a bit of time researching stuff which is mint. As an avid classic Simpsons fan I think it’s neat… and hey it’s your podcast so keep going with the dialogue you want!

  12. The one thing I’m getting fatigued from isn’t the gay or political stuff. It’s every quick reference turning into a 5-7 minute discussion. I don’t think going into depth about everything is really necessary in order to enjoy each episode. Maybe a minute, tops. But after a while these hour and a half podcasts just seem overlong.

  13. Bob’s right, there are a lot of early 90’s rave tracks that sound like the one in this episode.

    I feel like they were trying to evoke something along the lines of 2 Unlimited’s Twilight Zone (, which is more or less in the right era and commerical enough to be well known.

  14. Honestly i feel like Welcome to Nightvale is our generation’s Prairie Home Companion. It really is when you listen to it and think about what they’re doing, it has the same pattern just a darker more sinistee tone. I enjoy PHC which is why i enjoy the heck out of WtNV.

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