Make My Shit Show Grow – Three Power Rangers Games

So, our weekly Shit Show is usually reserved for bad or confusing games. However, given the wave of Power Ranger nostalgia flowing over everyone, this is as good a time as any to explore three 16-bit titles that range from “just fine” to “wow this is really the game, huh?”

And because our Sega CD game got blocked by all in all but THREE countries in the world, here’s Laser Time’s stream of the Power Rangers’ Sega CD “Game” on Vimeo.

Tune in at 3pm Pacific for a look at two Super NES titles and the infamous Sega CD tie-in game, which is essentially a bundle of grainy episodes playing with Dragon’s Lair style button prompts flying everywhere. Did you remember to hit B when Goldar swung his sword at you? Well, the footage doesn’t change in any way, either way, so who cares!

It’ll be fun!

6 thoughts on “Make My Shit Show Grow – Three Power Rangers Games

  1. Not sure if this is SS material but the XBLA Power Rangers side scroller from January is totally worth a look

  2. I remember the fighting game on Genesis being decent. It was pre-movie also so you had the dragon zord and the original megazord in there.

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