WrestleMania’s Most Famous Guests – Laser Time Fantasy Fight

Last time Fantasy Fights clashed with WrestleMania, we brought the biggest names to ever step in the ring, but those aren’t the only stars to shine at WWE’s big show! This time, we’re bringing the six most famous faces to show up at WrestleMania in one epic match!

Let’s face it; in many cases a celebrity has to be pretty down on their luck to actually compete in a WWE match, but to show your face for a few minutes in front of tens of thousands of wrestling fans? Heck, the sky is the limit when it comes to the level of celebrity you’ll see endorse WWE at its biggest show. That’s why we picked out six more WrestleMania celebrities for this battle royal, from Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Fred Durst and P Diddy and let them loose in a brutal battle royal. Check it out!


Looking for more WrestleMania insanity? Check out the battle of WrestleMania celeb combatants below as well as our behind-the-scenes look at the big show itself!

One thought on “WrestleMania’s Most Famous Guests – Laser Time Fantasy Fight

  1. I’m starting to feel like these matches would be more fun without player input. It’s getting real easy to predict who will win from the get go based solely on who’s being controlled by Dave.

    I mean, IMO one of the most fun matches to watch was the Final Fantasy match, and that one had Dave eliminated relatively early. No player agency makes more exciting because you really can’t know who’ll win for sure.

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