Raising Arizona – Monday Night Movie!

The movie that put the Coen Brothers on the map turns 30 this month, so we’re celebrating by doing a LIVE commentary of one of the funniest movies ever! Join us at 6PM PST for all the fun or catch… Read more

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Racer Time: SMB3 Brett vs Chris – World 8

THIS IS IT – the final world of Super Mario Bros 3! Brett’s managed to chip away at his deficit by winning worlds 6 and 7, but can he keep the streak alive and win world 8 as well?

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Laser Time – Worst Raps Ever!

We’re Laser Time and we’re here to say, we love awful raps in a major way. WE SAID A MAJOR WAY! From stupid celebrity raps to sad ads, we’re clowning on bad rhymes with plenty of clips, yo!

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