Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Inner Child

OH MY GOD! Homer gets a free tram-amp-oline, Marge gets self-help, Bart inspires people, James Brown shows up, and other things happen in this very weird but super funny episode for this week’s podcast …


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Inner Child

  1. Ooh boy, Brad Goodman may be my LEAST favorite character design ever on The Simpsons. I never understood who he was supposed to be modeled after, and looking it up it seems he’s an original creation which may explain why he’s so grotesquely plain. I hated his breathy voice, his sloping brow, and weird grimace. It was like someone combined Snake with Jacques, just a combination of unpleasantness. It was weird sitting through this episode and how LONG the talking sequence actually is.

  2. Bob, re: the infomercial huckster on the beach….. was it DON LAPRE? my friends and I were obsessed with those commercials in highschool

  3. You fellers should mention the couch gag and chalkboard thing for each episode, too. I know these additions would risk an exponential increase in tangents and nostalgic stream of conscious odysseys

  4. I remember loving the few precious moments of trampoline play I got at my cousins house bc as a kid you’re invincible although I was always weary of the spring edges and bouncing too high

    But now thanks to YouTube videos all I can think about is what if my ankle or leg rolls and the force and weight of my body coming back down breaks my bone and pushes it through the skin ah I can’t even write this without wincing

  5. In Bob’s defense, for some reason I thought Lion King when Chris said Jafar, too.

    It was around this time that my mom got into psycho-babble, and we were supposed to tell each other how everything made us feel. It didn’t last very long.

  6. Hey Guys!

    Store bought hair cut isn’t referencing a toupee, imo. It’s implying that Moe cuts his own hair rather than going to a barber. It struck home to me because I used to have to suffer those when my parents couldn’t afford a trip to the barber.

    1. My parents tried that once on me. No idea why since we had enough money to cut my hair despite the weird poor act my parents play sometimes. We stopped cause it was taking too damned long for anyone’s patience.

  7. Krusty may as well be terrible with money to keep living in a suburban house. Why else would he keep doing this show since the 1950s?

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