Full House 101 – The Mystery Of Steve Urkel!

TGIF! In the latest installment of Full House 101 I blow this case wide open! It’s the video THEY don’t want you to see! What is the mystery of Steve Urkel? Watch to find out!

Why doesn’t anyone talk about this? I do this show every week and I must know more about 90’s sitcoms than anyone on the planet. Yet even I don’t know the answer! Is it BIG SITCOM keeping it quiet? Watch below and draw your own conclusions. Let me know your theories in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Full House 101 – The Mystery Of Steve Urkel!

  1. Growing up I thought Steve Urkel was annoying, but had a lot of spunk. As his genius intellect didn’t stop him from having a pollyanna view of the world. As I rewatch Family Matters for the first time in over a decade, I feel sad for the poor guy, as the Winslows was indeed his real family, especially when his parents were d-bags.

    IRL, when I learned about HUD secretary Ben Carson, I actually thought he was Urkel’s father.

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