WrestleMania Snubs: 7 Time Superstars Had Sub-par Spots at WWE’s Biggest Show

4 – Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 27

While it’s a damn shame that Daniel Bryan’s true WrestleMania debut was an 18-second abomination that squandered his skills, at least D-Bry got to have an entrance on the biggest show a few overall minutes of the spotlight. The year before, Daniel Bryan also had a title match scheduled with Sheamus, but the United States Championship match was unexpectedly moved from the main card to the DVD-only pre-show as a Lumberjack match. If that wasn’t enough of a demotion, the title match itself was scrapped when the lumberjacks got into a brawl, only to turn into a battle royal that neither of the title match participants won.

3– Scott Steiner, WrestleMania 19

The numbers definitely lied to Scott Steiner during his 2000s return to WWE. As one of the biggest names atop WCW’s roster during the company’s final years, Big Poppa Pump came back to the WWE in late 2002 and immediately established with feuds against WWE main-eventers like Booker T and DDP had before. Case in point; Steiner’s matches in the months leading up to WrestleMania as he competed in back-to-back Championship matches against Triple H in January and February of 2003. Perhaps due to his sluggish performance in those bouts, when WrestleMania arrived, Steiner was nowhere to be seen. Steiner was injured by the next year’s WrestleMania, meaning the post-tag-team Big Bad Booty Daddy never got to shine at WrestleMania.

2 – Sami Zayn, Big Show, or Braun Strowman: WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 is already slated to be a pretty big show with 13 matches already scheduled for the event on top of extracurricular activities like The New Day’s hosting segments and a musical performance you’ll be visiting the restroom during. However, even with this packed card, the WWE itself has never been more packed with talent as there are three talent-deep rosters competing every week with WrestleMania as their destination. Not every Raw, Smackdown, and 205 Live star can shine, and while the Cruiserweight division itself could fill this feature (let’s just say that The Brian Kendrick, Mustafa Ali, Rich Swann, and Jack Gallagher deserve more than Axxess matches), three main-event stars from Raw deserve more than the pre-show. The Big Show is in the best shape of his life and should have been battling Shaq before those plans fell through. Braun Strowman has shown a ton of improvement over the last year and deserved more than being fodder for the Roman Reigns-Undertaker feud. Sami Zayn’s fortunes are sad when compared to his forever-enemy Kevin Owens and his months-long storyline with Mick Foley has sadly concluded with being one of thirty-plus competitors in the pre-show bout. One of these dudes will likely win the match and make it worth their while, but the other two should have had a much higher-profile ‘Mania moment.

1 – Goldust – WrestleMania 30-33

Goldust has had a career renaissance since returning to WWE in 2013 in the best shape of his life, but it hasn’t amounted to much of anything at WrestleMania. From teaming with Cody Rhodes to feuding with Stardust, to creating The Awesome Truth, Goldust has had many opportunities for high-profile singles or tag matches at WWE’s biggest show. Unfortunately, Goldust will spend his fourth consecutive WrestleMania as one of the cannon fodder during the Andre The Giant Battle Royal who’s eliminated without fanfare long before the conclusion of the match. How are we going to remember the name Goldust that way?

Which stars did you think deserved better at WrestleManias past? Sound off about them below!

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