Laser Time – Ad Wars!

When companies fight, we win. We look at the pettiest (and best) ad wars, whether it be for fast food, soda, cell phones, or video games!


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42 thoughts on “Laser Time – Ad Wars!

  1. Fuck Pepsi, tastes like shit.

    Coke (and more specifically the Natural Coke brand with sugar cane sugar) is much better.

  2. Speaking of game commercials, I learned about responsibility via an N64 commercial I remember some jagaloon was working at a fast food place and when duder gets his paycheck for $100 he looks at his boss and says “I quit” it then jump cuts to some jamoke screaming something along the lines of “N64 is now $100 get one!” this was maybe 2001? I would’ve been 10 and I somehow knew “What about sales tax? HE’d also need to get games this is a bad idea to quit his job!” At was at this moment I sorta became an “adult” and am still kinda proud of little kid me, I knew even then “you gotta work to enjoy life” I know it’s dumb but it’s something I still live by.

  3. Soda steams are fantastic for carbonating tea. I drink diet soda but am trying to cut that back too since I know it’s still not super healthly. Carbonated tea can be sweet depending on the flavour, I have one that is watermelon flavoured that is great for the summertime.

    1. I’ve got a SodaStream as well and I love it. I don’t use it for tea, but I make plain carbonated water and mix it with fruit juice – usually somewhere between 2 and 3 parts carbonated water to 1 part juice. It’s much better for me than soda but I still get the carbonation, which is what I love. Got the habit from a trip to Germany where I drank schorle on the occasion that I didn’t have a 2-liter mug of beer in my hand.

      I’ve also made a variety of homemade syrups over the years, from lemon-lime to hibiscus or blueberry. Most of them take less than five mins of prep time and it’s super easy, although I admittedly like to cook anyway.

    2. We have a Soda Stream in the house, and while I don’t prefer it to regular soda (if I happen to drink it, I’ve decided to kind of quit drinking soda) it’s still pretty decent. It especially makes a mean cranberry soda type deal that I enjoy.

  4. So about 20 years ago I worked for Papa Johns, and while working there our company tried to sue Pizza Hut for their slogan “the best pizza under one roof”. They lost. The funny part is after that happened Pizza Hut sued back for our slogan “Better ingredients, better pizza” and we lost. We immediately had to get all new uniforms that had that slogan removed. Hilarious

  5. if you don’t know who George Clinton is, i want to physically fight you. google Maggot Brain, and smoke a joint. god DAMN

  6. You guys know there’s diet soda right? Just responding to Chris weight loss subject, course soda isn’t healthy for your bones.

    Diet Pepsi is better than Diet Coke and Pepsi overall tastes better when warm, however Cole zero taste better than Pepsi max But Diet Pepsi is the only diet soda that is aspartame free.

    The better at warm temp always makes me think of mt dew in relation to slurm from futurama.
    Mello yello can fuck off.

    Mt dew kickstarts are pretty good but I have them up for Powerade zeros and Xyience energy drinks since it has zero sugar

    Also only a few years ago did I realize that the design on diet my dew cans is that of little mountains

    I want to go out and find the desolate remains of rc cola vending machines

  7. I remember a couple years ago, Burger King made a plea to McDonalds to combine the Whopper and the Big Mac on World Peace day.
    It was such a funny exchange, McDonalds lorded it over them like assholes.

    1. YES during the FANTASTIC high school reunion episode. That shit was GOLD, from Mac being Ronald MacDonald, to Dee being the Aluminum Monster, and Dennis being an absolutely insane fucking serial killer “I need my TOOLS. I like to bind, I like to BE BOUND.”

  8. Can confirm that in Canada, we have the Verizon/ AT&T/ Sprint ads despite the fact that we cannot use ANY of these companies for cell phone service or data plans, but oh well. I also remember that Coke/Pepsi redux ad from a few years back. If I had to choose, I’d go with Coke because Pepsi just tastes like straight up syrup, but both of them are pretty horrible for you so I rarely drink a Cola if ever.

  9. Mitchell and Webb are fairly big over here in the UK. David Mitchell has appeared on nearly every single panel show on the BBC and they did a sketch show together, but they’re best known for being the stars of Peep Show, the longest running UK sitcom. The entire series is filmed from the POV of the characters. The first series is visually a bit jarring but they smooth it out after that.

    It’s very very funny, quite dark in places and there’s nothing else like it. Although I know a few people think it went off a cliff nearer the end. Would still highly recommend it, it should work for any non-UK viewers too, not too many specific cultural references as opposed to Alan Partridge.

    1. I love Peep Show but it’s got a long way to go before it beats Last of the Summer Wine for longest running sitcom (37 years).

  10. Chris, I’m in the Alameda/East Bay area and Pizza Hut isn’t that expensive…it definitely must be something w/ SF…I think for 2 large supreme run about 40ish. 60 dollar pizza is usually something Roundtable.

    1. I order Pizza Hut about once a month here in Iowa. 2 medium pizzas, any crust any toppings for $7 each. After tax, tip and delivery fee it comes to just over $20 for 2 pizzas.

  11. Someone correct me, but I’m pretty sure this kind of advertising shit-flinging isn’t allowed in Canada? I don’t remember who told me this or where I read it but I’m under the assumption that if you air an ad in Canada you can’t directly name your competitor when they say they’re better. They’ll often say “the other leading brand” or “the competitor” but I don’t know if I can remember a time where an ad in Canada has directly called out another brand or company by name.

  12. I actually have a Sodastream. In addition to the reduced sugar I really enjoy having control over the process because I can always use a little more, or a little less syrup when I feel like it, plus mixing and matching flavors is kind of fun. You can also carbonate any drink, I’m particularly fond of fizzy cucumber water.

    Also, the orange flavor syrup they sell makes my all time favorite orange soda.

  13. $60 for 2 Pizza Hut pizza’s? You have GOT to get out of SF, cause that’s a fucking ripoff.

  14. I bought a Soda Stream a couple months ago. I mostly bought it for my roommates, because they drink an ass ton of carbonated water. I use it for the occasional mt. Dew. One big plus is that you can overcarbonate the shit out of drinks. My biggest complaints is that you have to exchange the tanks at the grocery store for 15 bucks every few weeks. For someone who lives in the city and does most of there shopping at mini marts and bars, it’s kind of inconvenient.

  15. The guys from the UK version of the ‘I’m a Mac/I’m a PC’ ads are Mitchell and Webb aka Mark and Jez from Peep Show, the greatest UK sitcom of the last 15 or so years. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Seem to remember them getting a lot of shit for doing the ads, though.

  16. If you guys hate those Chevy ads, you should check this out:

    As for Pepsi… pretty much the only reason a restaurant carries Pepsi instead of Coke (aside from Pepsi owning the place, that is), is because Pepsi is cheaper that Coke. That’s why so many small business and Mom & Pop places serve Pepsi. The theater I worked for in the 90s was owned by one of the most cartoonishly cheap persons you can imagine. We served Pepsi. But when it came time to open our second location, he wanted to find a cheaper alternative. Coke was out, obviously. And that left… RC Cola. Yes, we served RC fucking Cola at our fountains.

    The response was interesting, to say the least. Most places you go, when you ask for a Coke, they will say “Is Pepsi okay?” and vice versa. But when you throw an “Is RC okay” back at a customer, they are perplexed. The typical reaction was a quizzical scrunched face, as if to say “Does Not Compute.” Or like the confused dog who cocks his head a bit. Most everyone was okay with it. There was something of a “Oh, yeah, I haven’t had that in years” type of universal response. Or they would just get a Dr Pepper, cause we carried that too.

  17. So I own a sodastream. But it’s interesting you guys mentioned brewing your own beer, because that’s how I treat it. I don’t make soda with it using the little syrup bottles, I make my own fruit syrups from scratch. I’m a hobbyist of soda making and fancy craft sodas, and indeed treat them the way many people treat beer; one nice one at the end of a long day just to relax.

    This is of course something I do to enjoy the process of it, like all cooking and sweet making. If I just want fizzy sugar water to go with my burger, I’ll get whatever brand name stuff is in the fountain (if admittedly caffeine free only) like everybody else.

  18. Comparative advertising rules in the UK are quite restrictive so we were fortunately spared the vast majority of these. The Pepsi Challenge did make it across the pond, but with no mention of the competition –

    I’m glad the console wars nonsense was restricted to the US market, That obnoxious 90’s badical ‘tude that they were aiming for is hard to stomach. The most attitude we got was the Cyber Razor Cut ad for the Mega Drive (, and even when the competition heated up, Nintendo went for comedy (, while Sony went, well, weird (

  19. Chris, what the hell are you doing paying $60 for two Pizza Hut Pizzas? Their large pizzas should be standard $10 everywhere, and they usually have online deals for 2 medium pizzas at $8 a piece.

    I live in Wichita, where Pizza Hut started. The original Pizza Hut is on my alma mater’s campus, Wichita State University. The corporate headquarters were here for a long time, before moving to Texas, and we were often used as a test market for new products, like stuffed crust pizza and Reggie’s infamous Big Foot pizza.

    Moving on, though, you guys should definitely know Mitchell and Webb from those British Mac/PC ads. They have a very successful British sitcom called Peep Show, but they also had a sketch show called That Mitchell and Webb Look, which was absolutely fantastic. Look up the many Numberwang sketches, they’re beautiful.

    1. That Mitchell and Webb Look began as “That Mitchell and Webb Sound” on Radio 4. I think there are five series in total. Some sketches are shared with the TV version, but a lot of it is exclusive.

      Back in the early 2000s they had a sketch show on short-lived digital TV station UK Play, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, which is available on Youtube. I think it was the first TV work they did, so it’s a bit rough but there are some gems in there too.

      It’s also relevant to this LT, as the opening features one of those tangerine toilet seat iBooks that Chris was talking about.

  20. The Starbucks menu in fact does change with location. Just thought I would correct you guys on that.

    My surreal experience in London consisted of me, craving a coffee after getting to our hotel and getting the most distraught and utterly confused reaction from one of the baristas when I simply order a “white chocolate americano misto… with an extra shot on top”. After the seemingly endless long silent pause after my order and the barista doing her best to decipher my strange Canadian language, she asked, “Where you from? We do not have that”.

    I quickly came back with many questions with what titles they give to Starbucks’ household drinks. Long story short, they do not have many syrups at all, yet when I compromised for a regular coffee with cream, they had to inquire why I would want whipped cream on my coffee.

    My final order was a “white coffee” (“as opposed to brown?” was my joking comeback, which they did not understand or find humorous in any way).

  21. I feel I have to preface this comment by saying that I am a college-educated man not generally prone to falling down while dressing himself.

    I didn’t get that the catchphrase was supposed to read “You are not ready” until, oh, 2014?

    I literally looked at it, saw “U R NOT e,” accepted that the phrase “You are not E” was a valid advertisement slogan, and moved on without ever questioning the reality being presented to me. A goddamned black cat could have looped in front of me five times and I’d have never caught on that I was in The Matrix, evidently.

  22. Growing up, I always preferred Pepsi over Coke. I don’t drink soda, any more, but that didn’t start as a health thing. It started because I loved Pepsi Blue, so when it was deemed a commercial failure and discontinued, I figured, “What’s the point?” and swore off soda entirely, from that point on.

    To your point about Pepsi being nigh-invisible, I currently live in South Carolina, and Pepsi is much more visible here than it ever was anywhere else I’ve lived, especially Georgia. There are billboards and shit everywhere emblazoned with Pepsi logos that say, “Born in the Carolinas,” and lots of the long-standing local restaurants exclusively serve Pepsi products. So it really just depends on where you live.

  23. I can’t stand Coke or any Coke products, they have a harsh burning taste that isn’t refreshing at all. Its really unfortunate that Coke has a near monopoly on franchise food chains, franchisees are forced to carry Coke products, and because Coke knows this, they offer really shitty service, because a small business franchise that owns a few stores has no other choice on what to carry.

    I’ve always preferred Pepsi, and since Pepsi started offering the “made with real sugar” option I always go for that. I also used to really like Lemon Lime Slice, then liked Sierra Mist (also made with real sugar the last few years), but am sadly disappointed they changed again to Mist Twist, which has the harsh bite of Sprite (and is made with high fructose corn syrup).

    I do really like Dr. Pepper though, and thankfully since Coke distributes Dr. Pepper in almost every market, its almost always available from anyone that sells Coke products (whether by choice or are forced to).

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