Serpentine Streamin’ with Snake Pass

Yes, we know Persona 5 is out today, but unless you want to watch us read dialog for two hours it ain’t gonna make for a great launch day stream. So instead, we’re gonna try out the Switch version of Snake Pass, an adorable puzzle-slitherer from Sumo Digital.

Tune in at 3pm Pacific to watch along live! We’re going in somewhat blind and coasting on all the good vibes the game seems to be getting online. Is it actually good? Hope so, otherwise I’m out twenty bucks!

One thought on “Serpentine Streamin’ with Snake Pass

  1. Despite the obvious learning curve frustration I see it causing, I am thoroughly charmed by this, and will be scooping it up for sure.

    However, I need something to play on the Switch which doesn’t feel like I’m constantly working my ass off in order to wring some fun out of it. As an antidote to Breath of the Wild constantly kicking my ass, I’m not sure this is quite the relax-and-unwind alternative unless I can grasp the control scheme pretty quickly…

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