Inside the Laser Time Studio: Refrigerator Unboxing [EXCLUSIVE]

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT: Get ready to go on a guided journey inside the most important piece of technology in the Laser Time studio…

WARNING: This is dumb, and an April Fools gag, yet still well worth preserving for posterity. I’ll try and make the description as brief as I can, because it still makes very little sense to almost everyone. It was April Fools Day 2017. While we labored over yet another stupid Thirty Twenty Ten gag set in the wrong time period, the wonderful bastards on the Laser Time Facebook Community were up to something a little more elaborate. Now, this part is real: Admin extraordinaire, Daniel, occasionally reviews popular search terms within the Laser Time Facebook Group specifically, and on more than one occasion, one keyword rises above all others: Refrigerator.

For real. And no one really knows why, but it’s seriously happened more than once. If the data is to be believed, more people are searching the group for goddamn fridges than wrestling memes, anime recommendations, threads where I’m rightfully called out for being a jerk, and of course, the ever popular “tshits” showcase. (In case you were wondering, this is absolutely a plug for the Laser Time Facebook Group. It’s one of my favorite places on the internet.)

So… LTC group members always have a bit of fun with the disturbingly resilient “Refrigerator” search dominance, usually with an occasional, ironic celebration of the monument to cold storage. But on April 1st, 2017, they pulled out all the stops. Daniel changed the group’s name to “Fun Fridge Facts” as dozens of people began singing the praises of the monolithic appliance, taking kitchen selfies, and live streaming the contents and specs of their goddamn refrigerators. It was glorious. And like an old man, I sought to top the joke/ run it into the ground and ruin it for everybody. I’m not sure I’ve ever done something that’s so simultaneously low rent yet ridiculously elaborate in my life. And in spite of the stupidity of posting this uncontextualized for all to see, I cannot tell a lie: I’m sincerely proud with how well this video turned out. Like, to an almost absurd degree. This makes me wanna do more rough and dirty video crap around the “studio,” but you tell me what you think.

Here’s some stupid stuff we’re previously done in the LT Studios.


4 thoughts on “Inside the Laser Time Studio: Refrigerator Unboxing [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Chicken sausages…mmm. Chris, the Switch goes in the freezer. Processor runs cooler, less frame drops.

  2. Hahaha! Wow, that whole story is so dumb and hillarious, ditto for the video itself. Well done Chris!

    Thank you for posting it as well as providing context for lazy fucks like myself XD

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