Duke Nukem in Bulletstorm Remastered: Watch Duke’s Dialogue!

When gaming’s most outrageous shooter star becomes the star of one of this decade’s craziest FPS games, the results are hilarious! Check out Duke Nukem’s best lines in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition!

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is out today, and we’ve been having some fun with the game thus far. Even though the original came out well over five years ago, the combo-based shooter gameplay is as insanely addictive as ever, but the real reason we got back on the bandwagon early? Duke Nukem himself as a pre-order bonus. While Grayson Hunt brought plenty of humor to the original 2011 release, Mr. Nukem brings his own je ne sais quoi to this remaster. Check it out below!

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One thought on “Duke Nukem in Bulletstorm Remastered: Watch Duke’s Dialogue!

  1. Wow that is some properly stilted dialogue for Duke for sure, love it. Love the scoring mechanic in this game, I need to get around to finishing it.

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