Talking Simpsons – The Last Temptation of Homer

Homer is attracted to another woman and doesn’t know what to do, while Bart becomes a nerd overnight. All that, plus we dig deep into Hogan’s Heroes history in this week’s podcast…


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85 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Last Temptation of Homer

  1. “Well, looks like we’ll be going down together… er, getting off together… or…” is one of those things I obviously didn’t get as a kid but I LOVE that joke now.
    The ending of this episode always seemed like a fantasy sequence in a sense, Marge’s sudden appearance almost seemed like Homer imagining that so he could tell himself he wasn’t cheating (or maybe I had an insane imagination as a kid).
    And I throw my vote in for Mindy as the hottest Simpsons character (I never thought I would be saying these words together in a sentence).

  2. “Insufferable…A sour jerk.”

    Really, Henry? Your key defining traits, what people will reminisce about during your funeral, is what you’d call Zappa out on?

    1. Nailed it. You should stop listening to this show right now! Just never listen again and be done with this Henry guy.

      Good lord…

  3. “Frank Zappa was insufferable” says the guy who wishes death upon people multiple weeks in a row on this podcast.

    Also he has FOUR children – Dweezil, Ahmet, Moon Unit and Diva. If you’re going to criticise a guy, at least know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    1. It’s always amazing what pinches a nerve in these episodes (and how the solution to “rudeness” is to be a dick).

        1. I’ve read some rock stupid comments on here but that one is in the top of the bunch. I guess I should map out Trump’s family tree before I comment that he’s an awful, awful man.

          1. My point was that if you’re going to criticise someone, you should at least be knowledgable about who you’re criticising and why.

            If he makes a basic mistake like not even knowing how many kids the guy has, what else is he getting wrong?

            Just making blanket statements from an uninformed position doesn’t make you look smarter or cooler.

    2. Oh come on. Frank Zappa was insufferable as a human being. He made some great music and was brilliant at studio work but man was he a pretentious asshole. Most people who knew him said that.

  4. If Hogan’s Heroes was an outlet for WWII vets to work out their trauma and mental anguish, then Hank shouldn’t be hating on it when this podcast is the same kind of vehicle for his own daddy problems.

    It was also a very pot calling the kettle black moment, when Hank theorized that Mindy had daddy issues. Hmm…

    1. I mean, just because something is an outlet or social commentary, that doesn’t mean it’s quality so making fun of something like Hogan’s Heroes is fair game IMO. The Gus Van- ant Psycho remake is trying to re-interpret the plot with gay themes, but that doesn’t mean the movie itself isn’t awful.

      1. I totally agree that the virtuousness of a work of pop culture doesn’t make it exempt from being made fun of. The only reason I posted my comment is because I feel like the hosts of this show feel that their tangents that heavily detract from the quality of this podcast are above critique. I’m as liberal as they get, but hearing Henry drone on and on every week about how much he hates his father does diminish the discussion of the Simpsons episode listeners download this podcast to hear.

        Basically, I view Henry’s dad whining as the elements of the Mark Maron podcast the hosts of this show openly dislike. The only problem is I can’t skip it nearly as easily.

        1. Fair enough, that was a much more reasonable and pleasant call for less tangential discussions than every other one has been.

  5. Another example of a woman working at the power plant would by the employee (Miss Simmons I want to say) Homer scans during “Principal Charming” while looking for a man for Selma.

    1. Shit that’s true, good call. Went and looked it up, and it’s Ms. Finch, but that was still another female employed by Burns.

  6. This is the second episode in a row with a guest star from one of the shows I saw a lot on my UHF station that turned into Fox. McHale’s Navy and Hogan’s Heroes (as well as F Troop) were on UHF (we got it all) after school in the mid 80s before they started stuff like Tracey Ullman.

  7. Aw man, I love Dancin’ Fool! It’s not uproariously funny, but as a song about a creepy bar-crawler who sucks at dancing, it’s not bad. It’s also a good example of the fact that Zappa could write a solid pop song when he could be bothered to.

    I also kind of like Mandy? I’ll own up to it. I presume this was recorded before Manilow came out?

  8. Given the comments, it seems like most listeners want a spoken plot summary of any given Simpsons episode. No commentary allowed!

    1. It’s not that, but the Simpsons are fun. A show about the Simpsons should be fun. Not a platform for just constantly shitting on people you don’t like.

        1. That about sums it up. No one they’ve discussed in a negative manner is unworthy of criticism, given that they range from jerk-ass person to someone involved in unjustifiable killings and treating their country’s people as trash.

          1. That’s THE FUCKING POINT.

            What the fuck does politics have to do with the Simpsons? Why have a Simpsons podcast if you’re just going to continually bash things in the periphery?

            I don’t give a fuck about anybody’s politics. However, since politics are *everywhere* these days, and it’s so filled with vitriol, maybe some of us would like to listen to something to take our minds OFF of what’s going on. That’s what a Simpsons podcast should be for.

            They *are* capable of doing good episodes. Look at the Bill Oakley interview. They were thrilled to have him and they were geeking out. It was great.

            *That’s* the kind of show I want to listen to. I want to hear them get excited about the Simpsons. I like when they talk about the directors and their style and how it fits the show, because it’s informative. I like it when they geek out about the show. They’re clearly excited about the show and it comes across that way. I just wish they would make that kind of show all the time.

      1. “What the fuck does politics have to do with the Simpsons?”
        Dude, The Simpsons is one of the most politically charged shows on TV. Where do you think all those jabs at Fox News and HW Bush come from?

        1. I mean yeah, HW Bush had that whole “be more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons” bullshit when he was in office and the show was on, not to mention the host of other people decreeing that the Simpsons was ruining society and a immoral monster, so I think some politics has its place on Talking Simpsons. After all, it was a show that people got mad at BECAUSE it was critical of society and politics.

          1. “We’re just like The Waltons. We’re praying for an end to the Depression too.”
            Season fucking one, bruh.

  9. Daddy issues? Really, Henry? You really want to go down that road? Mindy is college educated, working a good job and being relatively well behaved. Not acting out inappropriately as you would typically see in a case with Daddy issues. Lurleen- Daddy issues. Mindy – not so. As Mindy’s long lost twin (I am also Homer’s age, college educated, have red hair and my favorite things are drinking, ordering an obscene amount of food and watching TV), I feel I have to defend her. I feel confident that Mindy has sincere affection for Homer for all the right reasons- they have many common interests, Homer is affable, they spend a considerable amount of time together and if Homer ever made Mindy laugh, it was over for her. The brain is truly the largest erogenous zone and the endorphin release when someone makes you laugh is powerful and Homer is a natural clown. Mindy may have plenty of options, as Henry postulated, but if they are all traditionally “good looking” guys, she is probably over it. In my experience, those guys are typically smug, ego centric, tactless shit for brains. Mindy still being single at her age probably makes her focus on things in a potential mate that are more important than aesthetics. Maybe Mindy thought it was fate that put her there. I felt Homer and Mindy were a good match and am still bummed they didn’t pull and Brad/Angelina deal. Life is too short, sometimes you have to follow your heart<3

    1. Yeah, I was a little confused where daddy issues was coming from. Interesting counter-point to that (and it’s nice to see that it wasn’t just hate-ranting and actually offered an insight).

      1. thanks My own psych degree likes to rear it’s ugly head when I hear guys, as well meaning as they may be, try to pyscho-analyze love and lust from the feminine POV. I adore Mindy and probably projected a little of my own hurt for her when I felt she was insulted.

  10. Good thing you’re not a shock jock, Henry. 😂 Christ people, it’s commentary, get over it. And yes, Zappa was overrated. I worked at a station named after his ‘White Port Lemon Juice’. Yuck.

  11. I have now UPPED my monthly Patreon contribution specifically to hear Henry and others at LT say and criticize who andwhat they want. “We’re through the looking glass, people!”

  12. Talking Simpsons would be better off changing the hosts.

    The Fandom guys seem to be hate filled trolls. I have tried to get other Simpsons’ fans to listen to this podcast and the compliants have always been either of those two guys.

    Ideally they could start a podcast on their fandom site and their defenders could enjoy LaserTime and the new podcast.

    Just a wish from a long time fan wanting this site, podcast network to see more success. I am sure people will think this is primarily because of their political leanings but I enjoy the actual LaserTime hosts regardless of issues I do agree and disagree with.

      1. Don’t want to listen to a hate filled podcast? You must be a hate filled right-winger!

        That McCarthyist bullshit is ridiculous. Grow up.

    1. “The guys from Fandom should start their own Simpsons podcast!” Oh, you know what, they did! It’s called Talking Simpsons, and it’s part of the Laser Time family of podcasts.

    2. The Fandom guys. You’re not a loyal zombie of Colin Moriarty are you? Bob and Henry have been integral to the show since day one, and their discussions on cartoons from other Laser Time shows are why we wanted this show in the first place. Honestly, if you don’t like it, it’s not for you.

  13. I gotta call you guys out.
    The Charlie that Homer rats out in Moe’s Tavern from “The Trouble with Trillions” is clearly the same Charlie from this episode that gets tubed off to India.

    How is that not the exact same person? I chose screenshots with very similar expressions, and the only differences are the clothes and no bags under the second Charlie’s eyes.

  14. Oh, Cousin Merle (and co.), really?! You bunch of whiny, nit picking mother**kers. It’s not hard to understand; you need to get on-board because we are right(ous) and you are wrong. End point. We’re talking about a serious podcast about the serious thing that is the Simpsons. An animated show that’s run for 25+ years; where none of the characters have aged in that time, people have yellow skin and three fingers and no one dies from various comedic accidents for some reason. Serious shit. Dated 1990 references (from a show that originally aired in 1990) are so tone deaf am I right? Those idiot writers and animators. And did they think we wouldn’t noticed all the underlining character traits? Guffaw I say, Guffaw.
    And obviously current events come into play when you’re discussing such a serious cartoon animated feature. I mean where else are you going to hear about the current political climate? The news, internet, Facebook, twitter, friends and family? Where do you expect the hosts to get stuff off their chests? The news, internet, Facebook, twitter, friends and family? You just want a fun look-back on a cultural touchstone for generations? You ask too much sir. To much. What’s that? It’s getting tiresome you say? Well it’s their job to be repetitive. Their job. Their job. Repetitiveness is their job!

    Also just to save you time, we’ll let you know which rape/gay/death/women jokes are and aren’t funny. Pro tip: If we’re making it, it’s fine. You know what, stealing too is fine. Not from us, some richer person. Some corporation or something. And yeah, we can’t just not like something. We hate it. It’s the worst; comparably speaking of course. There are worse things; it’s relative. God it’s like talking to rock with you people. Before I forget please don’t misconstrued any request for input as an actual input; just pay what you can, get on board you bunch of dummies. Anyway, the take way from this, like I said before we’re right(ous) and you’re wrong. So very, very wrong. I think it’s easy being this snide and condescending AND passive aggressive? It’s not; the first two alone… I need a Power Sauce bar just thinking about it. We’ve worked hard at creating this echo chamber fun light-hearted (but at the same time very serious) podcast. We can’t have you (obviously) Hitler-loving troglodytes have a difference of opinion on things that are (obviously) facts. Bunch of f**king snowflakes…

      1. This is the sanest thing ever; there’s a certificate that says “Not insane” and everything so don’t even pretend. And the grey legal area of theft is very important to learn. Why do you think we listen to all those “Talking Simpsons” podcasts? For fun? Well, I didn’t hear anybody laughing. Did you?

        1. Man..please get some rest. I’m concerned. I’m not sure I exactly understand what you are trying to say. I hope you find peace or at least turn out become harmless.

          1. Triggered… yes. I wasn’t sure what term could be used to easily dismiss an expression or opinion. “I was triggered.” that works. Thanks.

    1. Sounds like a lot of frustration for nothing on your part, and yet they’re the snowflakes! By the way, saying that term really makes it seem like you’re an alt-right Nazi, so… are you an alt-right Nazi? If so, feel free to stop listening. If not, also stop listening. With the nonsensical rambling of this post it makes me wonder, Donald, is that you? Would you mind shutting the fuck up? Stop listening if it irks you every week, instead of coming here to bitch each time there’s a post. And if you have a problem with people discussing these things, maybe you’re just not a liberal person and don’t agree with being pro-people so why are you even here?

      1. I was calling the complainers snowflakes. Was that not clear? I’m on your side. These complaints of the show going of topic are ill founded. Anyone who as a problem with the opinions expressed here are clearly in the wrong. Really thought that was clear.

          1. Well…that’s good. I think some things were lost without context. Glad you are not Trump.

          2. Yeah, I think there’s a bit of miscommunication with what you were meaning with that original post, so my bad.

  15. I enjoyed the episode (as always) and I just want to say: People who complain that they love a show except for the hosts, well, they just don’t like the show at all. You may as well just watch your DVDs of The Simpsons at that point.

  16. Just want to put in a vote for Zappa that isn’t also criticizing the podcast.

    I love the podcast and I love Zappa. The guy was a curmudgeon but his music is epic. Give “Inca Roads”, “Peaches in Regalia” or “Watermelon in Easter Hay” a try and tell me it isn’t great. (You may, Zappa isn’t for everybody!)

    1. *IncaN Roads, and Watermelon in Easter Hay might be an advanced Zappa track actually… just skip to the solo!

  17. Oh, I meant to also say: the main joke with “Madam Chao’s” is revealed in the establishing shot of the restaurant – that the name is spelled, well, like chaos. That it also sounds like “chow” is something I never considered, but it works on so many levels!

  18. As a longtime Lasertime fan (dating back to Talkradar), I’ve learned to let shit slide, because everyone (including me) says dumb shit all the time, or talks out of their ass. And to do it on a weekly show is something that’s even more insane- these shows are unscripted after all.

    With that said, as long as people leave constructive criticism, that’s always welcome. Shitting on people or namecalling them NEVER works- it just emboldens them. So be nice!

  19. apparently the phrase “daddy issues” is like some clarion call for mentally disturbed reactionary Simpsons fans. who’d a thunk it???

      1. I’m messin’ around, I actually do like some of his music and agree that his influence is a good thing. But stop raggin’ on the hosts, bud. Maybe just listen to a different show.

    1. He also wrote some pretty shameful songs about homosexuality and bondage, and much later in his career at that, so it’s a bit laughable to pretend he was a paragon of progressivism exactly.

      Let’s be real: Zappa was a smart dude, self-taught on guitar, and a studio wizard. He also liked to write rock operas where people got fucked by kitchen appliances.

      1. And he also about the dangers of the rise of the religious right in the 1980s and went in front of Congress to speak out on the dangers of it and the PMRC. So to pretend he wasn’t progressive because something he wrote rubs you the wrong way is disingenuous at best.

  20. You guys might as well go full Chapo to see how many heads explode. The death threat segments would be epic!

  21. My little sister and I spent an entire summer watching Hogans Heroes, and Batman 66. my mom thought we were crazy but also found it interesting that we liked it. We also really liked Recess, which was the Disney version of Hogans Heroes. I love Recess. And the theme songs are very similar. That must’ve been early nickelodeon or maybe early TNT? idk…

  22. Man. I need to avoid the comment sections on these episodes. I’m about as liberal as you can get and there are a LOT of whiny assholes complaining about NOTHING.

    If you react to Henry claiming that Frank Zappa was an asshole (and he fucking was), what happens if you accidentally watch a clip of Alex Jones or Glenn Beck? Does your heart explode?

    Grow up. If you want ZERO social commentary you might as well just skip podcasts altogether and just read the Simpsons Wiki.

  23. I was named after Frank Zappa… and I don’t give the slightest shit that someone took a dig at him (maybe even justified, I don’t know, music is a minefield of personal stories and opinions), this was a great episode of Talking Simpsons for a great episode OF THE Simpsons. I noticed the 80+ comments before clicking on here and thought “sigh… what pointless drivel will this be?”

    I’m glad you highlighted that Mindy wasn’t being portrayed as a bad person, not only were these early Simpsons episode funny but the writing was not hack since I swear most writers want to make the new female in a show the “invading homewrecker” by default.

  24. Great episode. I was surprised that you guys didn’t play the clip of Homer reading from his sweaty palm, though. I thought it was really funny and strange that after somehow reading “Murphy, you are an elf, uncontrollably, I think…” he capped off his misreading with “nyam ryoho renge kyo”. A buddhist phrase, chanted during meditation. It roughly means “I am capable of overcoming any obstacle”. How the hell Homer accidentally misread his own writing as that, I don’t know, but it’s weird and hilarious. It’s funny to think of who on the writing staff thought to include that phrase and why.
    It seems like an even deeper cut than name-dropping Israels 6th prime minister.

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