Watch Laser Time’s Live Stream Highlight Reel!

Intrepid LT contributor Robert Beach culled through our March YouTube video archive, pulling the best Switch launch outrage, inappropriate Quiplash jokes, and a bonus video featuring a vape attack!

If you’ve heard us say it once, you’ve heard us say it a thousand times: we wish you more of you would watch our videos even HALF as much as you listen to our podcasts (though PLEASE still listen to our podcasts). But we understand; while you can easily listen to our podcasts anywhere, the tens of hours of video content we make each month can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start.

That’s where our good buddy Robert Beach comes in, as he’s taken every month of Laser Time YouTube content this year and cut each one down to a brief 10-15 minute highlight reel of the funniest bits of our live streams, longplays, Fantasy Fights, and Patreon-exclusive Quiplash streams! Check out this March highlight reel below!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Apparently we were so danged hilarious last month that Robert went and included 10 more minutes of outtakes, including British pooping and yours truly (Davey) getting a sneak-attack face-full of coastal butter vape smoke whilst wearing a Luigi costume. Uh… yeah!

Now that you know we bring the ha has on the YouTubes, check out all of our new vids by subscribing to Laser Time’s YouTube page, get the highlights by subscribing to Robert Beach’s YouTube page, interact with us LIVE on Laser Time’s Twitch, and contribute to the Laser Time Patreon for EXTRA streams including LIVE movie commentaries and Quiplash parties. Any support is appreciated to keep streams running, podcasts recording, and vape smoke billowing into faces.


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