The Fast and The Furious: Fight of the Furious Fantasy Fight!

With The Fate of The Furious racing through theaters, we’re bringing six of the Fast and Furious series’ biggest stars in a fight just as crazy and twist-filled as the franchise itself!

We’re all amped for Fate of The Furious (Patreon subscribers can hear our thoughts on Tuesday’s Bonus Time), but before then, you can watch us geek out about the series as we pit six of the series’ biggest characters in a Battle Royal! Appropriately enough for Easter, some of them have risen from the grave for the occasion, and there’s a weird act of God that happens at the end of the match, too!

Looking for more Diesel power? Watch us a Fantasy Fight featuring Vin’s various hit movie characters throwing down! We also have a longplay of Vin Diesel’s Wheelman and The Fast and The Furious: Showdown!

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