Laser Time – The Fastest and Most Furious Car Chases Ever

Laser Time’s resident wheelman Mike Grimm pulls into an episode where we chat about the coolest car chases in movie history!


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37 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Fastest and Most Furious Car Chases Ever

  1. You guys want a hot take? Fast and the Furious and Transformers are the same level. People give F&F a pass for dumb fun and shit blowing up and don’t give it as much shit because they lack the nostalgia for it. They didn’t grow up with a cartoon designed to sell toys and have nostalgia for that universe and therefore shit more on Transformers. Movies are roughly the same, dumb fun and shit blowing up in insane situations. The writing and story suck in both. One of the gayest things in cinema history is the relationship between Vin Diesel’s character and Paul Walker’s character. And how the fuck do you go from stealing DVDs to becoming international criminals and working to bring down the world’s most dangerous criminals? A truck transforming into a robot and kicking ass is more believable. It’s dumb as fuck. Just as dumb as two racist transformers and Wahlberg helping save the world. Same level of dumb shit.

    It’s hypocritical to like one as a “dumb action movie” but grill the other one over its writing and stuff when they’re targeting the same audience. These people exist and they’re full of shit.

      1. If you don’t have “much attachment for either franchise”, perhaps you aren’t the best person to dictate why people are being “hypocritical”.

        1. Yeah I have to agree with Zap here. This comment is a bit of a cheap shot, as if it’s some atrocity that Laser Time posted an opinion that Itchy does not approve of.

          Hypocritical? Seriously? You can’t possibly classify Fast and Transformers to be in the same league. The Transformers movies have masturbation jokes about teenagers. They are 2 hours of absolute drivel and one fantastic set piece at the end.

    1. I have a high tolerance for garbage (hence my username) but the difference being, I would rather kill myself than sit through a second watching of a Transformers movie. F&F is dumb but it isn’t on the level of painful tedium that is Transformers.

      By all means, enjoy Transformers but don’t tell people they are hypocritical just because you happen to like a franchise more than other people.

    2. Because I enjoy watching both franchises, I agree. I love the Fast/Furious series. I love the Transformers movies series (including the animated 80’s one).

      They both are literally the same type of trash to me, and I watch them in theaters on opening weekend and not another time afterwards. I’ve only rewatched Furious 7 because of the Paul Walker stuff.

      But this idea that one is higher art over the other is ridiculous. The only thing I give Fast/Furious credit over is the cast being so fucking diverse for a Hollywood movie and the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny feel to the series.

    3. The good Fast & Furious entries don’t spend 90 minutes in a movie about robots making jokes about Shia Labeouf wanting to get laid/ being a dumb ass, or about how Mark Wahlberg’s daughter is underage but her boyfriend looked up the laws about it. F&F is goofy action that isn’t overlong or pretending to be more than it is, and the action scenes don’t go on for so long that I get nauseated or sleepy. It’s fun campy racing and fighting schlock. Enjoyable schlock =/= factory developed garbage. It’s all about the execution.

    4. To understand the difference between these two franchises you need to have taste. Something you obviously lack.

      But let’s make it simple:

      Fast and the furious is: Silly

      Transformers is: Immature

      Silly =\= Immature

      Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

    5. I actually kinda agree with you. the level of nonsense is similar and they both had Tyresse in.

  2. I love that Grimm is SO into cars. He brings something great to the LT fam and just makes y’all more well rounded. Each of you has a single thing that you love more than anything and it’s just great!

  3. I will always go to bat for Speed Racer! I saw it in the theater when it came out with a group of college buddies and we were over the moon for it for weeks after.

    I finally got it on Blu-Ray for dirt cheap a few months ago and I had a group of nonbelievers come watch it a few years ago (I tempted them with snacks and booze) and people were on their feet during the last race. It was amazing! I’m so glad people are still discovering this wonderful film.

  4. This was an excellent episode all around, and is making me think about taking a walk over to ye olde neighborhood dvd trade-in. Love Grimm’s defending of Speed Racer, but I would venture that there is an argument for Josie and the Pussycats as one other example of a decent live action adaptation of a cartoon. It can be read as a subversive commentary on product placement and corporate infiltration of art, and it’s not like the source material set a very high bar for it to overcome.

  5. Just last night I watched Dr. Gooldfoot and the Bikini Machine, which ends with a car chase through San Francisco, with Vincent Price chasing Franky Avalon against rear projections that make the cars behind the actors look huge, while berating his hapless assistant. It wasn’t great, but it felt about as good as most car chases I’ve seen, they all seem long and boring to me.

    Watching Cannonball Run reminded me why It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World was so long, there’s a bunch of crap going on with all the different characters at the beginning of Cannonball Run, but they run out of time and there’s almost no racing across the entire country shown in the movie. If you’re going to have a bunch of groups they need to have time to do something. Deathrace 2000 with David Carradine is a pretty decent example of making that idea interesting.

  6. Oh my god a Grimm car cast. Oh hell yeah! How about the worst car chases? Mine would be from the movie Driven where Sly Stallone dodges flying CG manhole covers while tearing ass on city streets in an indycar with gratuitous pedal work in cowboy boots. Plus the story that he tried to get access to F1 cars for the movie and the teams told him to fuck off is pretty funny.

  7. I’m not sure if it counts, but the chase through the Movie Back Lot at the end of Pee Wee’s Big adventure is a laugh riot chase scene.

  8. 1. Speed Racer is awesome

    2. Quantum of Solace has the best Bond car chase

    3. Quick cool thing about the Casino Royale flip, they wanted the car to flip ONCE and were having trouble with the explosives they had. So they were like “Fuck it, just load it up” and then they accidentally broke the Guinness World Record for most car flips ever.

    4. Also the best Bond car stunt was the amazing corkscrew flip in Man With The Golden Gun even with that goddamn slide whistle. That was also the first movie stunt plotted out by a computer which is why it ends up being so perfect that it almost looks fake. So so good.

  9. It’s hard to pick my favorite car chase, but a cool chase from an underrated movie is the one from Out For Justice with Steven Seagal and William Forsythe. It’s cool because it is so raw and rough and the cars look like they are really taking a beating.

    1. You guys brought up Convoy – which is a legit good movie, directed by Sam “The Wild Bunch” Peckinpah, about a bunch of truckers who have had enough of getting harassed by the police, so they pull a huge convoy to protest (more or less). The stunts and truck photography are pretty spectacular. It’s a borderline “Stick It To The Man” exploitation movie, but a solid one nonetheless.

  10. My favorite car chase scene from recent memory is Bourne Supremacy. The one where Bourne is driving a taxi and along the way, his car gets thrashed around and audience kind feels every hit that the car takes. By the end of the chase scene, his car no longer works after he t-bones the buy chasing him.

  11. This already great threesome just sounds more amazing with Grimm added. He’s really the Green Ranger to the podcast. The Rock to the Furious Franchise. The Rodan to Godzilla and chums… trying to tie it back to recent LT topics but you know what I mean!

    I LOVE GRIMM. I love bread. I love lamp.

    Also, love that The Dark Knight got a shoutout but I love that chase scene in Batman Begins more. They didn’t use any miniatures during that sequence, just good ole Tumbler weaving through some cop cars through Lower Wacker dr. in Chicago.

  12. Rad!
    My Dad had one of the original Dodge Demon’s from the 71-72. Thing was forever in our garage growing up til very recently.

    The original Gone In 60 Seconds was pretty boring to watch. Full movie is on YouTube:

    Blues Brothers might have my favorite chases.

    Speed Racer rules and no-one remembers it.

    Mad Max Fury Road rules (duh)

    There was a live action Initial D movie. I remember it being stupid fun. Tons of not great for the time CG.

    Taxi (2004) was as terrible as you would expect. I remembe watching the beginning of “Queen Latifah” on a motorcycle. Her stunt double in full cycle gear and helmet looked nothing like her.

    Mother, Jugs & Speed (starring Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch & Harvey Keitel as the titular characters) ….never seen it. The poster is probably way better than the movie itself.

    That Fast & Furious vault scene ripped off the Trailer Park Boys

    Best line from the Fast movies: “What is this guy sandwich crazy or something?”

    1. If you have a hatred of the French car industry you should probably watch the original Taxi (1998). I’ve never so many Peugeots and Renaults get killed on screen.

  13. ‘Most people in the UK don’t own a car’. Eh?

    The only place that statement might be semi-accurate is in major cities like London.

    1. Sorry if that comes across as a bit snide – it just made me prick up my ears when it was said. We have smaller cars and roads, sure, but as in the US pretty much every family owns at least one car.

  14. As one of the resident JAMES BOND experts, a few choice car chases from the series include: the ice chase in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS; Bond driving a Citro├źn 2CV downhill in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY; and the parking garage shenanigans in TOMORROW NEVER DIES. Bonus chase to the big rig chase that occurs near the end of LICENCE TO KILL.

    Incidentally, one of the best “car chases” that doesn’t actually involve cars would be the boat chase from the opening of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

  15. Totes on ‘To Live and Die in LA’ and Blues Brothers
    something Vidyagame related the movie, theres an awful movie ‘The Driver’ from the late 70s that
    much inspires Driver the videogame alongside every other 1970s car chase scene

    The pompous belligerent southern sheriff trope is older than Buford T Justice, even in major Films theres J.W. Pepper in ‘The Living Daylights’ see these old Dodge TV commercials

    “get in here and stir this gabbago” so theres just a fucking giant boiling pot of Capicola in the kitchen?

  16. Am I the only one that found Ronin to be mind-numbingly boring?

    I really wanted to like it too, since I love most of the cast involved and usually enjoy heist films. But i dunno, from the get go it felt too self serious and a slog. Maybe i just wasn’t in the right mindset?

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