It’s over! After seven months and 18 videos we’ve finally blown up the bad guys and jet ski’d our way to freedom. Tune in for the conclusion or watch the full playlist!

Slight spoiler regarding the fish, though. It started as a fun gag, always having this huge honkin’ bass taking up precious inventory space, but in the end he was spared and we must assume Leon released this guy back into the wild. Otherwise it’s still sitting in his giant briefcase and that’s just weird.

Thanks for watching!

One thought on “Resident Evil 4 PS4 COMPLETE BIG BASS RUN

  1. And now I’m gonna watch the whole run from start to finish.

    I replayed this game, 5 and 6 before I played RE7 this year (they’re all pretty short- 4 ironically is the longest of the three), and RE4 holds up as my favorite of the “shooter” subsection of the series, followed by 6.

    I also love gimmick runs of 4. My last playthrough was “acquired weapons only”- I could upgrade my guns but I could not every buy anything from the shopkeeper. And yes, that means you just have to shoot the regenerators a billion times.

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