The Best New Amazon Releases: The FounDark Souls

One of this generation’s most difficult games gets the GOTY Edition treatment, a fast food biopic, and M. Night Shyamalan’s return to form round out this week’s Amazon wares!

It’s a big week here at LT for… reasons you’ll see on streams and shows throughout the week, but we’re already screaming out of the gate with some cool content. To celebrate Fate of the Furious we have a new Laser Time about the best car chases as well as a Fast and the Furious Fantasy Fight, and to celebrate this week’s most LT-friendly release, we just posted a playthrough the Disney Afternoon Collection’s Ducktales campaign! Over on Amazon, there’s some sweet stuff to be had, as some neat indie retro-themed game releases pair well with some Oscar-nominated movies hitting Blu-ray for the first time. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, remember that you’ll save 20% off all new games and pre-orders unless otherwise noted. Also, even though we’ve collected some great games and movies you don’t have to buy any of these products to help Laser Time. Simply buy anything on Amazon after clicking one of these links and you’ll help out LT. Anywho, now onto this week’s best new stuff!

Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition
It’s been just over a year since Dark Souls III release (watch our Dark Souls III how-to stream), which means its high-time we get a Game of the Year Edition for this much-loved punishment-delivering action-RPG. As you’ll get with most GOTYEs, The Fire Fades comes with a year’s worth of DLC, though if you know Dark Souls well, you know it’s far different than just checking a box on a menu. Even accessing DS3:TFFE’s extra content is a challenge in and of itself, and Dark Souls fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Anywho, if you’ve yet to consume Dark Souls, there’s no better package than this one, which ALREADY brings everything together in a discounted package, not to mention the 20% discount that comes with Amazon Prime.

The Disney Afternoon Collection
YOU BETTER BELIEVE The Disney Afternoon Collection is going to be the subject of some chatter around Laser Time HQ this week; we’re already big fans of the cartoons and their NES adaptations, but TDAC makes many of these rare 8-bit classics easily (and legally) available for the first time in decades. On top of giving us rarities like Ducktales 2 and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers 2 available for $20 instead of triple digits, TDAC also comes with some cool new additions like a rewind feature for some of Ducktales’ tougher sections and a boss rush mode to relive the biggest battles in Disney game history. Anywho, while this digital-only release might not come with the customary Amazon Prime discount, are you really going to look this sextet of classic Capcom Disney games in the mouth for $20?

The Silver Case
Grasshopper Manufacture may not have the most spotless track record in game development history, but you can’t deny that the company always brings the weirdness with every new release. Unfortuately, western audiences never got the chance to experiences Grasshopper’s first jump into gaming with 1999’s The Silver Case, but we can now see the genesis of future weirdness thanks to the PlayStation 4 re-release of Suda51’s text adventure. If you’ve enjoyed Grasshopper’s work since, from Killer 7 and No More Heroes to to modern strangeness like KIller Is Dead and Let It Die, you owe it to yourself to see where it all started. You’ll get to see on the cheap, too, as Amazon Prime members get a gold-level discount of 20% off!

The biggest twist that M. Night Shyamalan may have ever pulled off is making a second twist that audiences will remember fondly. Everyone and their mother can quote The Sixth Sense’s revelation, but even when MNS’s subsequent releases were structurally sound (Unbreakable, Signs), the ending twists oftentimes were the low point of the picture. Imagine the surprise when Shymalan’s latest release managed to not only be a solid flick on its own (due in large part to the lead performance of the always-solid James McAvoy), but it delivered a twist that fans enjoyed but didn’t get ruined by constant references as Haley Joel Osment’s was some seventeen years ago. Still, you never know when a spoiler can make itself known, so if you’re a fan of horror, you owe it to yourself to see Split ASAP!

The Founder
Michael Keaton is this decade’s Robert Downey Jr. Well, without the drugs and all that sadness. RDJ had a career renaissance in the 2000s thanks to a string of great roles, including a smattering of heroes (Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, in this case) but also by sticking with what brought him back to prominence. Michael Keaton, who had success as Batman before, earned plenty of awards reflecting on his comic book past with Birdman and is continuing to serve his heroic roots via Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it’s roles like The Founder that will ensure he becomes one of this decade’s biggest comeback stories. The story of the messy beginning’s of America’s prominent fast food franchise is an interesting one, and I’ll definitely be checking out this WHOPPER of a story soon. Oh, that’s a Burger King sandwich? Whatever, you know the deal.



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