Cartoons 101 – MST3K’s FIRST Revival Was Animated?

Did you know that the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn’t the show’s first attempt at a revival? Did you know the first reboot was animated? Did you know it was absolutely terrible?

You do now!

Way before Kickstarter, the Netflix show, or even Cinematic Titanic, (but slightly after Rifftrax) the former owner of the MST license tried to bring the bots back as an internet cartoon. And as we learned from The Critic, Looney Tunes, and that all DC superhero ladies show that never works! But this may be the worst example of the trend. Find out why in the new Cartoons 101!

Come back next month for AniMAY! All through the month of May, every Cartoons 101 will be anime and manga related. Got ideas for topics? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks for watching. I love you!

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