Laser Time’s Resident Evil 4 Black Bass Longplay Highlights!

We recently concluded a WACKY playthrough of one of the greatest games ever, toting a giant fish in a suitcase while slaying not-zombies and cracking wise about Resident Evil 4 and pop culture in general. Watch the best parts, as collected by Laser Time’s resident highlight-gatherer!

Before heading back to Capcom, Thirty Twenty Ten & VGMPire host Brett Elston recently commanded a squad (usually featuring Dave Rudden, sometimes featuring Chris Anista, but rarely featuring both) to save the president’s daughter and get to the bottom of a strange new outbreak in Resident Evil 4. Thanks to Brett’s expertise, it actually went pretty swimmingly and you can watch us (mostly) breeze through RE4 via the playlist below!

But say you’re a bit apprehensive about jumping into one of our longplays; we understand. Double digit hours of us playing a survival horror game might be a bit too big of a barrier of entry? That’s where our favorite highlight-collector Robert Beach comes in. As he’s done every month this year, RB culls hours of our streams into highlight videos that run shorter than a sitcom episode! Here’s Beach’s collection of our wackiest moments in Resident Evil 4, including Chris’ cameLuigi toe, jokes about stinky fish, and the rare instances of undead creatures actually scaring one of the LT LP dudes (usually Dave).

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2 thoughts on “Laser Time’s Resident Evil 4 Black Bass Longplay Highlights!

  1. This is so great! I am currently on a Normal difficulty campaign run of RE4 HD for the Xbox One with a Large Black Bass, just like you guys! I think I’m at the part where you try to slip by the guys with the trebuchet fireballs. What’s LaserTime’s next game with an 18 part walk through? “Don” LaFontaine Voice: “This Spring…from the creators of TalkRadar…comes another epic playthrough of one of the greastest action adventure video games of all time…” haha!

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