Austin Powers on Game Boy Color – Crappy Anniversary Stream!

Austin Powers turns twenty next week, so we’re “celebrating” with a stream of AP’s godawful Game Boy Color adventure. Join us LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST or forever afterwards on YouTube!

Before we discuss the flick on Thirty Twenty Ten, check out the SHAGADELIC action below, either via a LIVE Twitch stream or the YouTube archive. Either way, the video is below!

Looking for another poorly-dressed bloke who loves to shag? Watch our archived stream of Leisure Suit Larry on Xbox 360!

One thought on “Austin Powers on Game Boy Color – Crappy Anniversary Stream!

  1. There are enough games based on Mike Myers franchises to make a Vidja Game Apocalypse episode

    Austin Powers GBC
    Any of the Shrek games
    Wayne’s World for SNES
    The Cat in the Hat for XBOX
    The Love Guru Video Slots for PC

    That last one is a stretch, but that’s 5 different Mike Myers franchises in videogame form. Terrifying.

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