Talking Simpsons – Homer The Vigilante

Springfield is struck by a crime wave and Homer is out to save the town through vigilante justice. Can he find Lisa’s saxophone, only beat people with knobs, or will it all break down into a film parody? Find out in this week’s podcast…


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28 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer The Vigilante

  1. It’s great that Henry manages to work his sexuality into every show, this one was a real stretch to find something even vaguely relevant. How was he ever in the closet?

    This may be my favorite Simpsons episode, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World was the first VHS tape my family rented when we rented a VCR, and I love the parody ending of this show. I think the Mad Mad World variation of the Simpsons theme is the best one, too.

    1. Isn’t it a great feeling knowing the hosts of this show will instantly determine you to be a raging homophobe based on your completely valid comment? It’s amazing how capable they are of analyzing nuance in the Simpsons, but completely headstrong when it comes to critiques of their show. We’re nothing but “haters.”

      1. I’d be interested in a show where Henry discusses being gay, and various aspects of the “gay lifestyle,” but he really does seem to have a “gay agenda,” even if everyone who’s gay doesn’t. Getting into homophobia because Nancy Kerrigan got whacked seemed really out there in this episode.

      2. Isn’t it great when the hosts of the show can instantly determine when somebody is probably a shitty person based solely on their comment AND username? Not really, but it does happen.

  2. Great simpsons episode, great Talking Simpsons episode.

    Good sound clips and a good explanation of its a mad world. Its worth a watch.

    Long mostly irrelevant message ahead.

    I decided to comment again, Henry I mostly enjoy and have laughed at and with since Talkradar. I liked Cape Crisis despite not being a comic fan, the musical episodes were my favorite.

    Bob I can enjoy but not his twitter persona or writing. I tried a few times and even recall agreeing with you about disliking of Funko pops.

    Not that it matters much but I would like to apologize for calling The fandom guys hatefilled trolls before.

    Brett’s departure made me realize how much I enjoy LaserTime and use it as an escapist entertainment. Mostly the shows are positive and upbeat while taking shots at many different topics. The soapbox angry tangents weren’t fun for me to listen to and felt so out of place for a Simpsons recap show.

    Thanks for the show Bob, despite not being a fan of you I can enjoy your show.

    Thank you Henry for years of entertainment. Life isn’t so bad.

    Thank you Chris, been a Patreon since the day you launched it still going strong. Would support if you had to leave SF and do podcasts like this over skype. (No More Whoppers is a fantastic semi-regular podcast that maintains great audio quality despite the hosts living in seperate countries)

      1. Left being a part of the patreon because of a sudden job offer at Capcom, but he’ll still be around on the shows like Henry is.

  3. did you notice that the Rapmaster 2000 beat is extremely similar to the music Moe uses during his Funk Dancing For Self Defense class?

    1. I would guess it’s like a British Indian Army uniform, which I can’t decide is better or worse than having Apu suddenly being Sikh

  4. Guys no offense but off all the soapbox tangents youse guys have done(which I love and hate agnostic of personal view depending on my mood) your “Don’t buy diamonds rant was one of the more “jack off” motiony again no offense it just VERY Laura Prepon on HIMYM who out douche bagged the cunt ass lame main character.

  5. First time commenter to be obnoxious about wrong or missed facts!

    1. Slim Pickens did dozens and dozens of westerns before and after Strangelove, mostly playing small comic roles or a sheriff. For a more serious side, check out Brando’s One Eyed Jacks where he’s forced on his hands and knees with Brando wielding a gun at his ass at crotch level. Or his small heartbreaking role in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. But, he replaced Sellers as I believed Sellers broke his leg before shooting. There are promo shots of Sellers as the pilot.

    2. The beatniks miscorrectly quote the line “nowhere / zen New Jersey” from Allen Ginsberg’s Howl.

    3. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is not in Cinemascope with an aspect ratio of 2.35 like Bob mentioned. It’s actually in Ultra Panavision with the more ridiculous and rare 2.75 asoect ratio. This was most recently used for The Hateful Eight.

    Anyways, love all ya!

  6. I figured it was a reference to something, but never knew that the episode’s last few minutes were based around It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. That “dig up, stupid” joke gets me every time. Like you guys said in the episode, the plot kind of goes off the rails, but damn this episode is so funny that I don’t mind one bit.

  7. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but am angry for some reason

    Dear Talking Simpsons, I am disgusted at the way old gay people are depicted on this podcast. They are not all vibrant fun loving sex maniacs. Many of them are bitter, resentful individuals. Who remember the good old days, when entertainment was bland and in offence.
    The following is a list of words I never want to hear on this podcast again: Number 1: Trump, Number 2: Gay Agenda, Number 3: Family jewels.

  8. What? Dr. Strangelove pie fight ending is on youtube? I think you’re mistaken, Chris. I’m pretty sure that ending is either lost, or locked away in a vault where no one can see it. I can’t find it, anyway.

    On a different note, who let the jerks into the comment section?

  9. I think Homer is supposed to be some sort of generic “Safari Guy” and maybe someone just didn’t do the model quite right and made his hat more tan instead of the classic bright-white pith helmet that I assume it’s supposed to be.

  10. I really enjoyed the personal stories about stolen stuff. I think Talking Simpsons is at its best when the hosts view their own lives through the lens of an episode. So much has been spoken and written about The Simpsons that the last really vital viewpoint on it is through personal anecdotes like these.

    My nephew had his 2DS stolen from him a few years ago by a kid he desperately wanted to be friends with. He enjoyed the 2DS well enough but it meant a lot to us too: we picked his favorite color (blue), and when it looked like we weren’t going to be raising him anymore, we loaded it with eShop games we knew he liked or would like (he was into Sonic at the time, so we downloaded the Master System Sonic the Hedgehog, and we put Cut the Rope on there, among others). The so-called friend stole it and sold it to someone at his school for 10 dollars. 10 fucking dollars. And my copy of Super Smash Bros for 3DS was in it to boot.

    We chalked it up to his rough circumstances and gave him another chance. The next time he spent the night with our nephew, he tried to steal our other 2DS, and right then and there we dropped him like a hot potato.

  11. Hey there, first time caller, long time listener.

    Just wanted to comment on one thing that was different between the original airing of this episode, and the following episode ‘Bart Gets Famous’. And that thing is, I wasn’t born yet. Hi, how are you. Hope you don’t feel too old.

  12. Love all the hosts and want to thank you for all your hard work. Especially those of you who aren’t getting any financial kickback from this. I can’t believe you put up with so much crap from angry fans of the show . Never stop voicing your opinions. Never stop being yourselves. I know you’ve talked about being less political on various shows as its simply off topic and I can respect that but don’t feel like you have to censor yourselves or do something to appease the handful of people leaving angry comments.

    These complaints really just highlight individuals insecurities. If it were merely that you felt the hosts were going off topic your doing a terrible job at conveying that. The over all impression of those complaining is that simply they hate hearing about sexuality or political view points other than their own. If that’s not the case simply stating you feel the episodes are running long, off topic, etc would suffice.

    Anyway just want to say I love all the hosts and people involved in the show. I enjoy hearing your own personal takes on thigns even when I don’t agree. As I’ve said before I actually became a patreon supporter after hearing a host not only say something I didn’t care for but dismissing another host who tried to correct him. I caught myself before I made a similar rant and realized how many hours of quality entertainment I’ve enjoyed from these hosts with so much of it being completely free.

  13. So, I find myself in the awkward position of liking the show more for the personal anecdotes and semi-related tangents. As a person on the internet, I feel like a total failure for not having anything to be angry about. I will search harder for something to hate next week.

    Fair warning- I am half box, so do tread carefully when discussing the merits of the box factory field trip. I fear that an anti-box agenda will undue the many of hours of entertainment you have provided me with over the past two years.

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